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Dear User, Please use the drop downs below to locate your city by first selecting the country and then the state. The Vimanas at the top portion of this wooden temple rest on a thick ledge which is carved delicately with rich floral designs. Coming to the most striking feature of this wood temple, the picture of Lord Shiva in the background, who is a major Hindu deity.
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This Festival also inspires the spirit of giving among family, relatives, friends, associates, staff members, doctors, close acquaintances, neighbours and loved ones. They can range anything from a pen, mobile stands, clock, pen stand, office stationary, religious idols, Ganesha clocks, dry fruit bowls, crystal vases, calendars or any other gift with a festive touch. Small, medium and large companies distribute Diwali gifts to their clients and business associates.
Large corporate companies in Mumbai distribute Diwali gifts to their clients, colleagues and business associates. Diwali gifts are traditionally distributed in person either before or on the festive day itself.
The range of items that can be gifted on Deepawali is left to one's imagination - however a few popular choices include: Greeting Cards, Pens, Pen stands, customised table clocks, visiting card holders, gift boxes, dry fruit boxes, glass bowls, sweets, jewellery boxes, key holders, name placards for desk, or desk set items. Since companies order gifts in bulk quantity, they generally prefer to keep the price range of these corporate gifts affordable. In today's competitive market, every one desires to create a good brand name for their products or their company.
Some moments in life are special and to help keep them that way, Panchtatva brings you a wide selection of creative designed and imaginatively crafted photo frames in a variety of shapes, sizes and forms. Bring alive cherished moments with our unique picture frames that range from the rustic, ethnic, contemporary, table mounted, wall mounted, designer frames to photo frames with clocks and photo frames with key pegs etc. As each picture is unique and has a whole lot to say.therefore the frame too should compliment the photograph. Customised and Personalised photo frames are an excellent gift - as everyone loves to keep good memories alive for ever. If you still can not find your city in the list, please CLICK HERE to submit a request for inclusion of your city.
Lord Shiva, according to Hindu mythology, is also known as the Destroyer or the Transformer. The wood temple’s maintenance is also minimum as it only needs regular dusting and wiping to preserve the longevity of the wood.
These are also an all-time favorite media to revive old business relationships and kick start a new one, being a social and nationally celebrated festival like Christmas in the western nations.

Individuals and families exchange gifts out of custom and love and corporate exchange gifts, thanks to a gesture of extending their relationship with customers beyond business domain.
However, any individual, corporate and professional may also use the occasion to strengthen his or her relationship with clients.
However small business firms not only distribute these to clients, business associates and employees, but also to friends and close relatives. The traditional sweets or dry fruits of yesteryears have been replaced by more innovative and imaginative gifts today. Secondly, the budget also depends on the profile of the company and the number of gifts to be distributed. People pay a lot of attention on the packaging and presentation of Diwali gifts and often these are packed in individual boxes and tastefully wrapped in colourful paper. Businesses therefore aim to attract clients by providing unique and extraordinary Deepawali gifts.
It is a one time investment that reaps brand awareness for whole year and beyond by building not only brand recognition but also interpersonal goodwill amongst corporates and their customers. Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers. One can accentuate this further by including motifs like happy faces on the frame to add a touch of joy to the gift. You could do this by getting this beautiful wood temple for home which we exclusively bring for you designed careful by our skillful artisans. He is usually depicted in various forms but in this Hindu Mandir He is depicted as dancing the Tandava, which is a vigorous dance form and is one of the reasons why Lord Shiva is also known as the Lord of Dance. This wood temple home would be an asset to your home as it will not only inhabit God but also add to the aesthetic feel of your house. They come in numerous beautiful designs with smoothly cut edges and well polished surfaces. This is why Deepawali has risen in significance as a premier festival where everyone - right from corporates to individuals gift something memorable to clients, employees, associates and potential clients. It is a way of thanking the clients for their continuous support and trust with the company.
Individuals distribute these to loved ones, family, relatives, staff members, friends, colleagues, doctors and business associates. These often include utility items like desk sets, pen stands, visiting card holders, table clocks, etc. Normally, people like experiment and change their gift every year - to infuse freshness, surprise factor and novelty of choice. When individuals give these gift items to their close ones, budget is not so much of concern as the numbers are much lesser.

People who realise the benefits of good presentation, do not hesitate to spend little extra on the packaging.
These items are often customised with the company logo that helps companies make a direct impression on the customers' minds.
Deepawali gift items help improve customer relations, encourage repeat sales, improve existing business and create overall brand impact for the company. In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois).
If the decor of the house is rustic, we offer a rustic photo frame and for contemporary decor, there is a wide choice of artistic, elegant and extravagant patterns and themes. The design is inspired from the Hindu style of architecture used in temples which makes this a replica of a Hindu temple famously known as ‘Mandir’.
However, depending on how much they want to spend on their gifts, individuals decide on what to gift on that particular season. This is packaging of Diwali gifts also reflects the corporate image and identity of the company.
It also helps the company or brand to enhance brand appeal, recall and help in brand building. A frame with motivational or a success message can be given when a child has excelled in school. Customised Diwali gifts thus serve as essential tools for marketing and advertising alongwith playing their customary festive role. Picture frames for a drawing room should be more subtle and simple in design and colour scheme. Two pillars on either side stand tall as they connect the upper portion to the lower portion of the temple. For a Kid's room, the colours can be more brilliant and loud to create a bright and happy ambiance.
There is also a storage area where you can place pooja objects like wicks, camphor, incense in the three drawers provided below. Add a touch of individuality to your home with exclusive and never seen before photo frames, while making a lasting impression on others. Photoframes also work as ideal birthday return gifts with the names of the children written on each piece. You too could enhance the look of the temple by decorating it with flowers, leaves etc, to give a personal touch to the wood temple for home.

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