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These handmade jewelry boxes made of exotic woods from around the world make the most unique gifts for women. On either side of the box there are two side doors that, when closed, are nearly undetectable. To order an Angle or check availability of this or any other of my boxes, please use the form below to contact me. For more real-life testimonials from my customers, please click here to visit the Testimonials page.
We stocked up on a bunch of kitchen goods like wooden spoons, a utensil holder, a cutting board and napkin rings. Finally, we used the point tool to create itty bitty polka dots on one of our wooden spoons.

This is one of my handmade wooden boxes that works just as well as a mens jewelry box as it does for women (to see the other design that works well as a mens jewelry box, click here). This box can be designed as a mens jewelry box or a watch jewelry box; I can add watch or bracelet "pillows" made of the same SuperSuede that lines each box. This box makes for great handmade unique gifts; since every piece of wood is different, no two boxes are ever the same. Try out each of your bits on a wood practice board. To switch bit attachments, turn off your burning tool and let it cool down completely before unscrewing and replacing bits.
That’s it! Hand wash your wood-burnt objects in between uses and treat with mineral oil for a lasting design and sheen. You can create stripes, chevron patterns or pretty much anything that involves straight lines.

Use it on the handle of a wooden spoon or to add a touch of personality to a cutting board. Share photos of your creations to Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr or Twitter using the hashtag #31DaysofDIY. From DIY basics like Sewing 101 to learning to design and laser cut our own stencils, we hope this month of making inspires you to make all year long.

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wooden gifts to make for girlfriend 2014

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