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These Antique Nautical Trunks are easily re-purposed as a Military or Navy Retirement Shadow Box (Navy Shadowbox) to safely display medals, ribbons, awards, flags and uniforms collected over years of military service.
Many Restored Antique Trunks and Models For Sale to Choose From - Nautical Antiques Styled like Sea Chests, Pirate Chests, Treasure Chests.
The Pirate's Lair offers expert information on and is the world's largest single source for authentic Antique Trunks Available For Sale. All Restored Antique Trunks For Sale have been carefully restored and refinished using the same craftsmanship, technique and tools that were used during their original production. It would give us no small amount of pleasure to think that we not only were able to save these old 100+ year old trunks, but that we were able to restore them to be used for another 100+ years! Note the two restored Nautical Antique Trunks (both are Dome Top, Humpback or Camel Back models) in the photo to the left with each being 100 to 125 years old, they are being used as office filing cabinets as they have hanging file folders in them and the lift out trays have all of the staplers, tape dispensors, pens, paper and other items normally used in an office! Many of these antique trunks have patent dates on the ornate hardware and locks which helps to identify the time period when they were made.
Every antique trunk offered has been painstakingly restored so as to be used today in contemporary and unique ways such as a filing cabinet which can hold up to 200 hanging file folders, staplers, tape dispensers, pens, and other office items normally found on a typical desk. These antique trunks after being fully restored have transcended their original purpose in both beauty and function as they are now fine furniture which can be displayed in the most discerning waterfront nautical home decor!
Why take away from the beauty and sophistication of your home or office by having utilitarian looking steel filing cabinets and storage in your home or office when you can have these beautiful richly appointed antique steamer trunks in their stead! Chromolithographs or Victorian Lithographs Found Restored Antique Trunks Here at The Pirates Lair!
Many of our restored antique trunks were decorated with beautifully detailed and colorful Victorian Chomolithographs, or just lithographs for short.
The chromolithograph process is a planographic (flat surface, as opposed to raised or relief) printing method, which is employed in creating multiple colored prints. It then passes through the printing press with a separate sheet of paper to which it is transferred. Dependent on the detail, care and amount of colors, each print may take skilled workers several months to create.
It was a common practice that loyal and productive craftsmen would be allowed to bring their children to work with them to learn a craft, so many of the children in this photograph were more than likely sons of the men shown. If it's a genuine original antique trunk by Martin Maier, Excelsior, Jenny Lind or Lois Vuitton from the Titanic or Master and Commander theme or a Pirates of the Carirbbean decor you are seeking for your home, office or as a unique gift, this is it! Each Antique Trunk or Antique Chest is the exact type used by the immigrants who travelled to and across America in the mid to late 1800's in seeking a new, better life, and adventure! These fully restored Antique Trunks will become your legacy and a family heirloom passed down from generation to generation!
These Restored Antique Trunks would be perfect in a maritime ornautical decor, certainly in a waterfront home situation as they look just like naval "Sea Chests, Pirate Chests and Treasure Chests" we are all familiar with seeing in the movies!
My Business - ARCHITECTURE This 'minor basilica' has morphed from a simple shrine into the current beautiful semi - gothic structure that we see and enjoy today.
November 20, 2010 By: Nada ManleycommentThis is not a topic that I have a lot of experience in, but I’m learning!
Haul and Tote Ride On, $89: This adorable rubberwood ride-on has rubber wheels for indoor use, and a wagon in the front for hauling all his favorite toys!
Converto Silver Retro Tricycle, $289-99: My oldest daughter has a pink Sky King retro tricycle and it is far and away her favorite ride-on! Farm Play Set, $170: This complete farm collection features a spacious wooden barn, a stable, farm animals, vegetable garden, a farmer and his wife. Twin Ball Track, $79: Kids will have a great time assembling this wooden ball track, and then watching the balls zip down the colorful structure. Diner Play Stand, $99: Kids will love playing restaurant with this attractive play stand, and it can be personalized too! 11-in-1 Game Center, $230: Kids will get years of use out of this versatile, well-made game table, which features 11 interchangeable games, including air hockey and table tennis. Tree Fort Kit, $149: Each of these incredible forts is unique and made of salvaged tree branches, and it comes packed with features, from staircases to balconies to a swing and a bridge. Pirate Ship, $149: This elaborate, detailed wooden play ship has everything a potential pirate needs to sail the high seas, including poseable figures, cannons, and wheels to make manouvering easy! THE PIRATES LAIR IS THE SINGLE LARGEST SOURCE IN THE WORLD AND CERTAINLY ON THE INTERNET FOR 100+ YEAR OLD RESTORED ANTIQUE TRUNKS ALL HAVING THAT SPECIAL PIRATE CHEST, SEA CHEST OR TREASURE CHEST NAUTICAL DECORAll Sizes and Styles of Dome Tops or Humpbacks, Flat Tops, and Roll Tops - All Wood Pine, Oak & Pressed Tin - by Excelsior, Martin Maier, Other Famous & Not So Famous 19th Century Manufacturers!
Be advised we will not be restoring nor posting any additional restored trunks until late December 2015 or very early January 2016. We never put on additional hardware other than to replace an original missing or broken part.
Perfect naval promotion Gifts and uniform storage, this old trunk used as coffee tables and end tables. One of our 100+ Year Old Nautical Antique Trunks can be used for both a Shadow Box and Storage Chest for your Uniforms, Photograph Albums, and Memorabilia!
Huge Assortment are Available to Choose From in Dome Top, Camel Back, Hump Back, Roll Top, and Flat Top, the rare Theatrical Trunk.
These beautifully restored authentic Dome Top (also known as hump back, humpback or camel back) and Flat Top Trunks are circa 1840 to 1900 and many have literally travelled around the world many times over before coming to you! These Authentic Antique Trunks and Chests would make the perfect complement and compliment to any home decor as antique coffee tables, storing military uniforms and military memorabilia, unique family room storage cabinets for videos, CD's, or games, or for your traditional antique hope chest!
It is our hope and desire that the care we have taken in restoring these antique trunks will not only be useful in providing both beauty and function to its new owner, but will eventually become a family heirloom and legacy for coming generations.
During the trunk restoration process we were able to save these lithographs and professionally restore them as well so as to provide many more years of visual pleasure as well as keeping the continued value and monetary appreciation of the trunk.
The technique involves drawing an image onto a stone or zinc plate with a grease-based crayon.
Then, the stone is inked with oil-based paints and run through a printing press in conjunction with a sheet of paper, which is used to transfer the image onto the paper.
If a particular artwork employs a variety of colors, it is not unusual for up to 25 stones to be used in the process.
However, the opposite is also true, if the prints do not employ a great number of colors or detail the product may be easily mass produced in a more cost and time effective manner.
The possible owners and travels that each steamer trunk has taken, along with the high level of detailed craftsmanship in the original production of each and every steamer trunk with that individualized character giving both intrinsic and non-intrinsic value. They stored what little treasures they had into these trunks and set sail for a new world and a new life fraught with both danger and excitement. The Original Cast Iron Hardware Has Been Polished and Retains Much of Its Original Black Japanning and Consists of Original Decorative End Caps, Front Lid Lift, and Beautifully Polished Oak Slat Securing Clamps. The Original Cast Iron Hardware Has Been Polished and Retains Much of Its Original Black Japanning and Consists of Heavy Duty End Caps, Front Lid Lift, Intricate Lid Guides and Rear Hinges.
Lots of character to this trunk and would make a great re-purpose into a Military or Navy Retirement Shadow Box!
This Century Old Seasoned Wood Has a Natural Pine Finish and the Oak Wood Slats Reveals All of the Fantastic Grain, Character, and Beauty of the Wood. This Trunk Has Plenty of Polished Black Japanned Heavy Duty Hardware and Nail Strip Across The Body! This 100+ Year Old Cured and Seasoned All Natural Pine is Finished in a Rich Mahogany and the Oak Wood Slats in a Red Oak Revealing All of the Fantastic Grain and Character of the Wood. Beautiful Grain to both the Pine Wood Body and Oak Wood Slats that Only 120+ Year Old Aging Can Achieve.
Perfect as a Military, Army, Air Force, Marine Corps or US Navy Retirement Gift Shadow Box.

All Original Hardware with Dark Gold Background and Black Highlights Including Rosettes and Oak Slat Clamps.
All Original Hardware with the Classical Iron Banding Still Retains Some of the Original Black Japanning.
The Pine Wood Body and Oak Wood Slats Contrast Beautifully with the Black Japanned Cast Iron Hardware.
The Pine Wood Body and Oak Wood Slats Contrast Perfectly with the Silvery Polished Hardware.
The Pine Wood Body and Oak Wood Slats Have Fantastic Character That Only 100+ Year Old Seasoned Wood Can Achieve.
Late 19th Century (1870s - 1880s) All Wood Dome Top Antique Trunk with a Nice Sought After High Arch Giving it that definitive "Piratey" or Treasure Chest Look. Has all of the features which a collector or user would want: all wood, liftout tray with stay up feature, working dated lock AND key! The Silvery Polished Hardware Contrasts Beautifully Against the 100+ Year Old Woods and the Leather Trim!
The Heavy Duty Blackened and Polished Silvery Hardware Contrasts Beautifully with the 100+ Year Old Seasoned Pine and Oak Woods. This Restored Antique Trunk is Also Simple and Elegant in its' Design and Offers Blackened and Polished Silvery Hardware Contrasting Beautifully with the 100+ Year Old Seasoned Pine and Oak Woods.
Has a Rich Medium Golden Reddish-Yellow-Brown Finish to the Pine Body Contrasting Beautifully with the Red Oak Wood Slats. An All Wood Small Size Late 19th Century 1880s-1890s Roll Top Antique Trunk with a Rich Natural Dark Golden Reddish Patina to the Pine Wood Body Finish with Red Oak Slats! This trunk would make a great Military or Navy Retirement Gift and Re-purposed into a Unique Shadow Box Idea! Some Remnants of the Black Japanning is Found on the Heavy Duty Hardware and Metal Banding.
This could make a great document or treasure chest for a small office, or perhaps even an end table. The Trunk Has Lots of Silvery Hardware and Unique Front Latches with Stamped Patent Dates of July 9, 1872 and March 16 18XX. The trunk has a Fantastic Finish and Patina that only 130+ Year Old Cured Oak Wood can Achieve!! Large Classic Civil War era All Wood Antique Dome Top Trunk with a Rich, Even Medium Dark Brown Finish. Over the years, devotion and love for Our Lady have helped scores of people  contribute towards its development and upkeep. First of all, we have been shopping for lots of adorable little boys lately (Mason, Dylan, Will), and, with a godson and nephew on the way, we have many more boy birthdays in our future!
This wooden workbench is packed with tools and makes an attractive addition to a boy’s room. Your little guy can create an airport, train station or garage complete with wooden vehicles and roads. Plan City offers infinite possibilities for expanding and adding on as your child grows up, and there are lots of cool accessories.This parking garage is a great way to start his collection. Parents will love the price and the eco-friendly design, and kids will love the speed and great details. I am bursting with all sorts of fun stuff to share with you, and I can’t wait to get started.
Scroll Down To Review All 100+ Available Restored Antique Trunks Each with a Trunk #, Mulitiple Photographs, Description, Measurements, and Price! Unless otherwise noted ALL of the liftout trays, special hidden compartments, Victorian lithographs, pressed tin or cast iron hardware, and locks are all original to the antique trunk as it was constructed over 100 years ago. All of these restored antique trunks whether large or small all have the same piratey appearance and nautical decor as your traditional "pirate chests, sea chests, or treasure chests" we have seen in movies and heard described. Anyone who has restored these antique trunks knows that it truly is a labor of love, every one of them being different and unique. Lithographic technology was developed in the 19th century and the process was extremely labor intensive, but the results were fantastic.
What a great treasure to give someone who has just moved and relocated here to the United States! What better way to honor and remember those who settled this nation and have come before us! This 120+ Year Old Antique Trunk has Fantastic Character and a Magnificent Grain Along with Original Cast Iron End Caps and New Leather Handles. This 140+ Year Old Antique Trunk has Fantastic Character and a Magnificent Grain Along with Original Cast Iron End Caps and New Leather Handles. 130+ Year Old Seasoned Natural Pine Body, Wide Red Oak Slats with Decorative Grooves, and Circular Impressions on the Inside Planks From the First Cut at the Saw Mill. The Victorian Lithographs of Women in Period Dress are absolutely beautiful and perfectly detailed. The Victorian Lithograph of John Tyler by Nathan Currier (of Currier-Ives) is Extremely Rare.
All Original Polished Heavy Duty Hardware Includes Edge Guards, Lid Lift, and Heavy Duty Front Latches and 3 Dated Rear Hinges: "June 10, 1879". This Century Old Seasoned Wood Has a Natural Pine Finish and the Oak Wood Slats Reveals All of the Fantastic Grain, Character, and Beauty of the Wood that Only 120+ Year Old Aging and Curing Can Achieve. The 130+ Year Old Cured and Seasoned All Natural Pine and the Oak Wood Slats Reveals All of the Fantastic Grain, Rich Patina, and Character that Only a Century Old Aging and Curing Can Achieve. All Original Polished Cast Iron Hardware with Heavy Duty Slat Clamps with a Beautiful Casted Stripe Design. Original Mid-19th Century Period Rosettes Adorn The Front and Top of the Trunk with None Missing! The Victorian Lithograph on this one is rare and would be PERFECT for that hunting enthusiast! Original Decorative Cast Iron Dated Hardware and Brass Lock (May, 11 1875 and Jan 11, 1874). This would be a focal point in any room or as an accent piece in any contemporary home or even for a mid-19th century decor. Original End Caps with Built-in Lid Guides, New Leather Handles, and Original Leather Tie Downs.
While I know that you are obligated to purchase piles and piles of plastic, licensed toys with Thomas the Train, Toy Story, and whatever else on them, I’m offering some different options. If you don’t have the room for a big workbench, there are several attractive smaller options as well, like this mini workbench, $29, and the Green Toys Tool Box, made of recycled milk containers, $24. This tabletop air hockey will be an instant hit, as will this downsized foosball table, $59, air hockey, $79, and baseball-themed pinball game, $39.
Will hold knives made of any material at any angle, with blades up to 20cm long - suitable for small paring knife right through to a chef knife. These nautical antique trunks were made for storing ones treasures while traveling and in most cases certainly have seen their share of traveling on stage coaches, locomotives, covered prairie wagons, steam and sailing ships in the day of sail.
The Cast Iron Hardware is absolutely beautiful and this trunk was well made with extra heavy duty pine wood planks and oak wood slats. This Restored Antique Dome Top Trunk has Fantastic Grain and Lots of Character with Hidden Functional Compartment Under the Lid. The compartment doors under the lid and on the liftout tray are constructed of wood, not the regular cardbard found on most trunks. The 120+ Year Old Seasoned Natural Pine Body, Wide Red Oak Slats, and Circular Impressions on the Inside Planks From the First Cut at the Saw Mill.

All Original Polished Heavy Duty Hardware, Edge Guards, and Heavy Duty Front Latches with Built-in Lid Lifts. All Original Polished Heavy Duty Hardware with Leather Trim, Remnants of the Original Leather Tie Downs, Lid Guides, Edge Guards, and Heavy Duty Front Latches with Built-in Lid Lifts. This Dome Top has that sought after "Piratey" look which would work well in any nautical decor! Large Swirl Impressions Left in the Wood from the Original Cut of the Saw Blade at the Mill. The Polished Rosettes Look Fantastic and Give this Antique Civil War era Trunk Lots of Character.RARE Dual Working Locks and Key!! PERFECT AS A COFFEE TABLE or perhaps as a shadow box for a military or naval retirement gift! The Original Heavy Duty Hardware Includes Front Latches with Built-in Lid Lifts and 4 Corner Edge Guards.Working Lock and Key!
Has the Original Liftout Tray and Working Hidden Lid Compartment all with Fantastic Victorian Lithographs All of Which Were Professionally Sealed.
I’ve had fun researching these gifts, and tried to find things that had some real value, both from a play and learning perspective and, if at all possible, some aesthetic value as well. I also love this personalized tool caddy, $64, and this ingenious little book, which features seven popout cardboard shapes and ideas on how to use them. If you are looking for a more affordable alternative, Lola’s Sky King trike is also available in red or blue, $178! This would make a GREAT Military and Navy Retirement Shadow Box!Working Brass Lock and Key! The large compartment lid on the liftout tray is not attached but could possibly be or even put into a frame (which would be our first suggestion)! This Restored Antique Dome Top Trunk has Fantastic Grain and Lots of Character with Two Nail Strips Across the Body. All Original Polished Heavy Duty Hardware Includes Edge Guards, Front Lid Lift, Heavy Duty Front Latches and 3 Rear Hinges. Remnants of the Original Leather Tie Downs and Bottom Half of the Leather Straps Add to That Special Authenticity. An arch above the main portal has the emblem of the Basilica – AM, initial letters of the famous greeting of Angel Gabriel to Mary at the time of the Annunciation, in Latin: AVE MARIA. Much of the Original Black Japanning and Some Gold Gilting on the Hardware Remains.Working Brass Lock and Key!! Original Henry Likly Manufacturer's Brass Badge on the Exterior and Paper Label on the Interior. This Antique Trunk Would Maike a Perfect Airforce, Army or Navy Retirement Gift Shadow Box Idea!
Detailed Flower Design on the Lock with Patent Dates of: Oct 2 1883, Dec 1 1885, Mar 2 1886.Working Lock and Key! The Grain and Overall Character of the Wood on this Trunk is Fantastic!Working Lock And Key.
These letters are mounted on a crown and enriched by two stems of lilies, symbolizing Mary’s queenship and her virginal purity.The third floor consists of four windows, and a prominent circle with the inscription ANNO JUBILAEI 1904 – the golden jubilee year of the promulgation of the Dogma of the Immaculate Conception, and the year of the inauguration of this new Basilica.
So here, in no particular order, are the items that would be under our tree if we had boys! Brass Exterior Maker Badge and Interior Paper Lable Reads: "Henry Likly, Rochester, NY".Working Lock and Key!
When rung in unison they sound heavenly?      ?                              The Ave Maria emblem is clearly visible, 'Bandora' then 'Bandra' now                                          This bell is still rung daily                                                                                                      At each corner of each tower a stone pillar with Corinthian capitals is marvelously made to stand erect.
Please contact us using this form, or by calling 0844 264 0320 if you need this by Express Delivery.The Packaging Our packaging has your products safety at the forefront of its design - closely followed by the environment. Our goods are shipped in sturdy cardboard boxes - fragile items are packed full with either bubble wrap re-used from suppliers, biodegradable 'green' bubble wrap which we purchase or 100% biodegradable tissue paper (And incase you didn't know, normal tissue paper isn't biodegradable!).
In addition to the main entrance, there are four side entrances, and above each of these doors there is a large window throwing light into the nave.     The Life of Mary in murals?     The inside walls of this stone structure originally bore some beautiful murals, highlighting the events in the life of Mary, painted during the time of the first Rector.
Since they had faded with the passage of time, they have been replaced by beautiful  fiberglass murals depicting the same story of Mary. We hope you will be able to re-use all of our packaging too!Faulty & Damaged Goods (incl. Glass and Mirrors) Some of our favourite products are fragile - We don't want that to put you off buying them.
Vimala (PDDM) and a group of artists from Goregaon, under the personal supervision of the present Rector, Msgr.
We wouldn't have them for sale if we wern't confident in getting them delivered safely to your door. Nereus Rodrigues.  The Teak wood Workmanship The ceiling of the nave, 42 feet high, is made of teak wood.
If, in the unlikely event your goods, including any glass or mirror products are damaged in transit, we'll replace them for you. The loft rests on either side on four teak wood columns, with fluted shafts and Corinthian capitals. In the unlikely event your purchase arrives damaged, you must contact us within 48 hours of receipt.
We will also require photographs of the damage before replacements can be issued for obvious reasons. We can not be held responsible for items lost in the post, and therefore recommend sending your item by trackable mail. The one to the North, dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, was consecrated by the late Cardinal Valerian Gracias on the occasion of the Consecration of the Shrine, 8th Nov 1954.       Projections Adjacent to the area of the side altars one finds projections on either side. The full purchase cost of the product will be refunded, less any postage and packaging charges. The projection on the northern side, which was earlier a side chapel for private masses, now serves at the Eucharistic chapel.
When one observes this projection from outside one cannot but notice the letters IHS, encircled by a crown of thorns, which are mounted on the outer side of the rear wall. Their products are made exclusively from Bamboo, one of the most sustainable materials available - it can grow at a rate of up to 5 feet per day!
They ensure they only use mature bamboo from carefully maintained forests to ensure deforestation, soil erosion and habitat destruction doesn't occur. A number of liturgical symbols are engraved on the outer body of the pulpit, like the loaves and fish, the two tablets of the Ten Commandments, symbols of Christ – IHS and PX, etc.
A large Crucifix above the pulpit is reverently approached by most visitors.  Mary’s Prophetic Words on the Arch  Exactly above the pulpit, one can see Mary’s prophetic words – “ALL GENERATIONS SHALL CALL ME BLESSED”, prepared artistically in wooden letters and painted in gold.
They occupy a prominent place on top of the semi-circular stone arch that separates the nave from the sanctuary.
High up on the altar is the venerable statue of Mary with the Christ-child that attracts all visitors.
The altar also has a beautiful circular tabernacle to preserve the Blessed Sacrament, with the words  PANIS VITAE (Bread of Life – in Latin) engraved over the door.   This Last Supper is highly detailed and is a must see for visitors  Embedded in the main altar is a marble plaque representing Our Lord’s Supper surrounded by his chosen twelve Apostles. This plaque was inserted later by His Lordship Bishop Longinus Pereira to whom it was presented on the occasion of his visit to the Jesuit Seminary, Vinayalaya, in Andheri.

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