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The Bi-plane kit shown here is another great product from TimberKits, who offers an extensive line of automaton kits.
These funky hand carved 25 cm wooden Owl in log statues have been personally handmade for Siiren under our strict fair-trade guidelines. My name is Wahyudi and I belong to the Nusa Panida area of Bali, Indonesia.I have been associated with Siiren for the past seven years.
The standard delivery service will take approximately 3-5 working days for your order to arrive. Please be aware that larger items, such as furniture and masterpiece carvings, are delivered on pallets by a freight network. Siiren is proud to announce that we have worked closely with PayPal and HSBC to ensure our customers are 100% secure when shopping with us. We can accept all major credit and debit cards seamlessly online without ever leaving our site. Every credit & debit card transaction on this site is protected by state-of-the-art 128 Bit secure socket layer servers.
In addition to our secure online payment system, we offer our customers the added advantage of paying for goods via the telephone through one of our call centre staff. These wonderful handmade wooden Turtle Karimba or known to some as Marimba, Mbira or FInger Piano, are made from gorgeous high quality Bamboo which is then complimented with a wonderfully hand carved wooden face.
My name is Mumush and I work for the Handoko’s workshop in Bali, IndonesiaI hold specialty in making Ethnic Drums and percussion instruments and I have been working for Handoko and Siiren for the past seven years.
These funky hand carved 15cm wooden Owl in log statues have been personally handmade for Siiren under our strict fair-trade guidelines. Old hand-carved wooden pattern on a monastery door from Romania, with beautiful, traditional textures. My name is Budi and I was born in Bali, Indonesia, I along with three other members in my teamhave been involved in making teak root furniture since we left school. These gorgeous Owl are so wonderfully crafted, especially considering they have been carved using only basic hand tools and not using conventional power tools.The Owl statues and Ornaments we showcase on our site are created for Siiren by a team of 4 hard working and dedicated wood carvers. I hold specialization in crafting the wooden elephant statues that you see.My work is a little difficult as it involves handling of large blocks of wood and molding them into presentable objects.

When checking out our system will inform you if your post code is liable for a courier surcharge. This has proven to give our customers the protection and confidence they should expect when using our online shop. Our dedicated sales team will be on hand to securely accept card payments instantly over the telephone using our Hsbc manual payment terminals. A selection of metal keys are then attached to the Karimba face which are simply plucked to create a variety of unique and rich notes.Siiren’s Range of Ethnic Drums and percussion instruments have been made in the work shop of the ever talented and renowned Handoko. The look is so unique, rustic, and just as full of life as when it was sailing the seven seas. We have been working for Siiren for the past five years, and has been immense pleasure so far.Our work is being recognized, and neither we nor our work is being exploited because of the Fair pay structure they have in place. It certainly is a good example of how to use o-ring material as pulley belts to transfer motion across a distance and to change the axis of rotation. You must make your own arrangements to bring the item into your home as the delivery drivers are not insured to do so. This is not a surcharge set by us, but that of our carrier.**Expedited orders must be placed before 12 noon of that day to qualify for the guaranteed 48 hour delivery. Mumush is one of Handoko's incredible artists responsible for creating the lovely designs you see across our range and also the quality control. Generally when these fishing boats are damaged or have become too expensive to repair and maintain they would be scrapped for iron, the fisherman sell them to our furniture makers, often earning quite a few weeks pay.The recycled boat furniture we sell has been hand-picked by us in Indonesia. My work gives me a great deal of satisfaction, as I am aware that the furniture I create is in high demand somewhere around the world. For more detailed instructions on how to make belts out of o-ring material, check out Number 9 of of my Tips, Tricks, and Techniques article series. The work they produce for us is some of the most difficult carvings we see made simply because of the huge lumps of wood needed to make even a fairly small elephant, to read more information about Wahyudi, one of Siiren’s Artists please click on the artist information tab.Our Owl statues are made from a solid hard wood known as Jampanese. Elephants hold an important spiritual place in many religions of Indonesia, the spiritual inclination of people towards elephants inspired me to craft the elephants.Working with Siiren has changed my life a lot and has brought a great deal of prosperity to my family, the fact that Siiren deals with the fair trade issues is a great source of inspiration to me. If you need to arrange delivery for a specific day, please contact our sales office and we'll be happy to help.

Orders placed after this may not make the courier collection for that day and may take slightly longer to arrive.
The Furniture is personally handmade for Siiren by a team of 3 talented furniture makers to our specified requirements and finish. This is the chosen wood for high quality items owing to its sensational colour and ageing properties. Previously, my clients mostly comprised of local tourists, and I used to get quite a low amount after much bargaining. I feel great pleasure by creating these artifacts for Siiren and the opportunity has truly changed my life!Our region is known for the large presence of teak trees, and a large population makes its living by crafting goods from the teak trees. A wood care sheet is included with every purchase and will provide important information on the best way to care for your item. Local traders also used to exploit the artisans work by paying quite a bit less than i needed to make ends meet. The furniture that I make is totally handmade and is crafted without the involvement of any machinery. Siiren has changed mine and my fellow artisans life in terms of financial well being to a greater extent.In future I hope to continue my work for the Siiren and I am also hopeful that more artissans will join me too as my team needs to expand further. I believe creativity is not a single step of process it is indeed an evolution.The fact that the people recognize my work and expect more from me makes me work harder and I also strive to bring out uniqueness in each and every piece that I create. Although the item pictured is a perfect example of what you will receive, the wood grain and items carving detail may differ slightly from that pictured.
I basically make furniture to earn a living, but the fact that my crafted pieces are in homes around the world is a source of overwhelming joy for me. Each item we sell is a unique hand made piece, crafted using naturally occurring, ethically sourced materials and not mass produced in factory's.

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