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Once the concrete arrives you will want to lay it, Spreading the concrete over the area should be done with a rake to distribute it evenly within the shuttered framework, next and ideally there should be two of you using a straight wooden tamp, First of all tamping the concrete together to compact it, Then using a see saw movement to screed off the remaining concrete to the level within your framework.
There are many concrete finishes available, Trowel finish, Brush finish, Float finish, Tamp finish, We would recomend a tamp finish, Not only because it is quicker but if you use a trowel finish and water or condensation gets on to the surface it becomes very slippery and icey, Where as with a Tamp finish you have some footwear grip with a Tamp finish.
You need to think about your project before even ordering your concrete, where is it going to be situated?
As mentioned above checking the weather forecast is a good idea The Met Office aiming for a cool day is a good idea it stops the concrete drying out too fast and you will find the work easier than on a warmer day. Once the concrete has been booked you need to make sure everything has been done to make the job go smoothly, by making sure the formwork has been setup correctly with all measurements correct the job will go smoother and again cutting the risk of the concrete drying prematurely. And all you need to do is to seize the handle of your newly implemented enhance well being. The Log Cabin Company design, build and supply a wide range of garden log houses, weekend log cabins, summer log houses & cottages for residential and commercial purposes in the UK.
We also offer a full delivery and installation service, which comes with a two year guarantee on all materials and workmanship.

Whether you're looking for a garden log house or a number of log houses for commercial purposes(Log houses for Holiday parks, Camp sites, Swimming pool buildings, Classrooms and more), we can help.
The Log Cabin Company design, build and supply a wide range of wooden games rooms, pool houses, summer log houses, timber garden rooms for residential and commercial purposes in the UK.
Our team of experts are more than happy to quote for larger projects, especially where building regulations are involved, as we are fully conversant with all building regulations. Whether your looking for a wooden games room or a number of summer log houses for commercial purposes, we can supply all your needs. Please view some of our quality log houses and smaller log cabin buildings below, together with a full range of standard cabins.
Our company are expert makers of Bespoke wooden containers, you can give us a design to follow or we can design a wooden container for your needs, We have our own kilns on site so our Timber can be heat treated and meet the Ispm15 standard so our crates and containers can be exported anywhere in the world. For one time use or for long term storage, our wooden containers can protect all its contents from bad weather and secure you items from any damage. You will want at least a few days of dry weather after concrete is laid to ensure proper drying after finishing you should cover it with some polythene if needed for a minimum of seven days, more if it's colder weather.

If the surface will need to be cleaned often then a smooth float finish will aid in keeping the surface clean more so than finishes that are grooved or a soft brush finish. If it's outside it's worth remembering that concrete should not be allowed to freeze; additives or insulation during the drying process may be needed. We provide timber rooms and houses for the garden, for holiday parks, camp sites, swimming pool buildings, classrooms and much much more. We can normally turn around and deliver in 2-3 days, We try to help every companies demand and we`re known for not letting our customers down.
Our containers are very cost effective and enviromentally safe, They are also recyclable friendly too. If your project will be situated inside it is advisable to place a polythene membrane down prior to the concrete being laid to prevent damp rising through the concrete to the building.

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wooden sheds for sale nottingham clifton

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