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Offrez-vous une fete de Noel originale et optez pour une ambiance de celebration moderne avec un ou plusieurs de ces 50 objets deco design pour l’interieur ! Nous vivons a une epoque qui est marquee par de grands changements dans le mode de vie et dans les relations entre les individus. On y pense rarement, mais tous ces details ont des incidences sur la maniere dont nous passons les fetes de fin d’annee.
May 2, 2014 There are two spaces within the home that are incredibly easy to decorate, can change with the seasons, and make a huge impact.
Painting the interior of a tray, frame, or cupboard door with chalkboard paint makes a unique and functional door decor sign.
If the ideas presented so far haven’t struck a chord with you, then you might be the type of person who craves something a bit more out-of-the-box!
I hope these ideas have helped you think beyond the wreath and have your creative juices flowing! Loved all of the creations they are so beautiful, in Ireland you nothing so wonderful like that. In this fall wreath , I used earth toned ribbons in a variety of materials, with a metal leaf and wood buttons to add some natural elements.
The amount of ribbon needed will vary, depending on the size of the wreath form and the width of the ribbon. Trim ribbon ends to approximately 1.5 inches long (use sharp fabric scissors for clean edges) to uncover your pretty ribbon wreath, and embellish using metal leaf and wooden buttons tied with embroidery floss.
With no time or labor-intensive techniques to deal with, this tied ribbon wreath can be assembled quickly and easily. There has been SO many fabulous handmade Christmas ideas shared during our Christmas events. Alors pourquoi ne pas oser une decoration de Noel moderne pour votre salon, pour votre sapin ou pour la table de fete ? Il y a encore 50 ou 60 ans, la majeure partie de la population de notre planete menait une vie centree autour d’un poste de travail et de sa famille.

Ainsi  par exemple, un jeune couple qui est loin de sa famille et qui a un mode de vie tres dynamique pourrait decider d’eviter les longs voyages de derniere minute pour rester a la maison et profiter de quelques jours calmes et relaxants.
C’est ce qui pousse beaucoup de personnes a acheter des sapins de Noel artificiels et a participer ainsi activement a la protection de la nature.
The first space is your mantel (click here to find out how to decorate a mantel) and the second space is your front door! Collect your kids’ old rain boots, an umbrella, or a watering can along with faux flowers and ribbon. Giant letter monograms have been on trend for at least the last five years, and I still love the way they look. Fill your chalkboard with an inspiring quote, welcome message, monogram, or your house numbers.
Faux flowers are of course more practical but can tricky to work with to achieve a realistic look.
How about a painted wooden cut out  in the shape of a wiener dog, a giant  flip-flop, or maybe a polka dot crab?
Most of the door decor ideas were things bloggers just made for themselves and aren’t for sale. Plus, it makes a great stash-buster project, using ribbon pieces that may be left over from previous projects. Les deplacements etaient nettement plus rares et il etait possible de garder le meme emploi pendant l’ensemble des annees de son activite professionnelle. Les jeunes celibataires, quant a eux, choisissent parfois de rester en ville et d’anticiper les celebrations du Nouvel An en organisant des soirees branchees des le 24 decembre. Les entreprises modernes en font de meme en signe de solidarite avec le souhait d’un grand nombre de leurs employes.
While everyone appreciates a pretty wreath on the front door, sometimes you want to go beyond the wreath and decorate that door with something fresh and unique. Place your faux flowers inside your container and secure a ribbon as an embellishment or hanger.

To make your own, you can either purchase an oversized letter from a craft store or you can cut one out using a pattern, piece of hardboard (or even foam board), and a jigsaw. I love this idea because you can change up your sign frequently to fit the season or your mood.
If you decide to use faux flowers, consider using faux flowering branches which tend to look more realistic. To make these door hangers you will need a pattern, a piece of hardboard, a jigsaw, and some paint. La decoration de Noel de style moderne serait un bon choix pour tous les jeunes qui aimeraient s’offrir une ambiance festive et, en meme temps,  originale et facile a mettre  en place dans leurs maisons.
C’est le cas surtout lorsque leur activite est liee a des deplacements frequents qui entrainent des emissions de CO2.
Cover your letter with whatever creative medium you have on hand—moss, twine, fabric, buttons, sea glass, shells, or paint.
Empty frames can be embellished with craft supplies you have around the house such as scrapbook paper, faux flowers,  fabric flowers or even dried flowers.
On voyage beaucoup plus pour des raisons variees, on vit souvent a des dizaines de kilometres de distance de sa famille et on change de boulot pour des raisons variees.
Les sapins artificiels sont une base ideale pour la creation d’un interieur festif de style moderne et ils sont un des objets de deco de Noel preferes durant ces dernieres annees. To do so, attach eye hooks on either side of the frame and run picture wire or beading wire between the eye hooks. For safety reasons, I wouldn’t place pictures of family members on the outside of your door.

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