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United States Coins Of The 20th CenturyThe Peace Dollar was minted from 1921 through 1935, and then no more dollar coins were made until 1971, a gap of 36 years! 50-cent Piece (Canadian coin) - Wikipedia, The Free EncyclopediaThe fifty-cent piece is the common name of the Canadian coin worth 50 cents.
Us Silver dollar 2down1921-1928; 1934-1935 First struck in 1921 to commemorate the end of World War I, the Peace silver dollar instantly became one of the most popular coins in American history.

Frajola, April 2006 Introduction The American monetary system was based on the silver content of the Spanish eight-reales coins. 1921 morgan dollar 72 1972 kennedy half dollar, 1974 kennedy half dollar, 2000 d kennedy half dollar.

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woodrow wilson 7 cent stamp

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