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Talk of Woodrow Wilson High School and its feeder schools seceding, in a sense, from Dallas ISD has made its way through neighborhood education circles in recent days. Dallas ISD Trustee Mike Morath addressed the topic with both the Woodrow Wilson High School Community Foundation and the Woodrow Wilson Community Council.
What Morath described wouldn’t be a secession or divorce so much as an amicable separation in which Dallas ISD and a new educational entity still would be joined, but the new entity could operate mostly independently.
From the way Morath described it, the entity would operate almost as a charter district, rather than simply a charter school. Someone asked Morath, who sold his company to devote his time to Dallas ISD as a full-time job, whether he thinks this would be the answer to public education’s problems.
Other discussions are sprouting from a new White Rock ISD Facebook page created by former state representative Allen Vaught.
KERI MITCHELL is an Advocate editor and reporter, and also an East Dallas resident and Dallas ISD parent. There’s a difference between putting money ahead of kids, and not wanting to hand a blank check to people who say they will make the schools better.
I think the vast majority of humanity would agree that children are more important for community than money and property values. I’m not 100% sold on the idea, because I think our schools are good overall and very smart students are well-served by them. Private First Class Troy Dixon, Leadhill, Arkansas, uses a Japanese barber chair to cut the hair of Sergeant John Anderson, Anita, Pennsylvania.
This Monday, April 8, enjoy a Dallas Stars game with your Lakewood friends and raise money for Lakewood Elementary.
Also coming up in April, Lakewood Elementary and the Lakewood PTA are hosting their Spring Carnival. Congratulations to Dallas Independent School District’s Woodrow Wilson High School for winning an Achievement award from Preservation Dallas!  Preservation Dallas is a nonprofit membership organization that works to protect the history and culture of neighborhoods and historic buildings throughout Dallas.  This year is the14th Annual Award ceremony to recognize outstanding development of Dallas’ historic buildings and places. Woodrow Wilson High School was originally designed in 1928 and is located on the eastern edge of the City of Dallas.  With its liberal expanses of glass, elaborate cast stone, and masonry detailing, the school played an important role in defining the identity and tradition of the area. The restoration of the school began with retaining and restoring all of the wooden and metal windows to their original condition.
A thoughtful addition aligns the height of the historic school and connects each floor level via a transition element that clearly defines and separates the old and new.
The renovation and restoration of Woodrow Wilson High School is a bold recognition by the Dallas ISD of the importance of the proper approach to historic buildings as well as a willingness to work with the needs of the campus and desires of the community.
Who would blame Slay if things had worked out differently?  If the story had collapsed into poverty?  If the script had taken a dead-end, minimum wage turn instead of delivering him to Marshall University?  What if the dream hadn’t been realized, and it was someone else’s name that had been called during the 2002 NBA Draft?  What if there had been no trip to the NBA Finals, no opportunity to see the world, no chance to take care of a mother who had sacrificed so much for him? So was basketball, which would fuel his imagination and ultimately provide him with a way out.  It would also be his anchor against the tempest. Woodrow Wilson High School, located in Beckley, WV has a storied basketball program with 16 state championships and counting.
The willingness to work and learn cemented Slay’s legacy at Woodrow.  He would earn All-State honors in ’97 and ’98, winning state championships both years, his career culminating with the Evans Award,  which honors West Virginia’s best high school basketball player. Grind Time: Hard work helped to turn Slay into one of the greatest players to ever don a Thundering Herd uniform.

Slay’s NBA experience all started with a phone call from fellow West Virginian Rod Thorn, a legend in the Mountain State who had taken over the Nets and had just been named NBA Executive of the Year.
The Nets would return to the NBA Finals in Slay’s rookie year, a bookend dream come true and a perfect juxtaposition to hearing his name called during the draft.  Slay would spend two seasons with New Jersey.  Were there lessons learned?
After his two year stint in New Jersey, Slay found himself in a new uniform – but not for long.  After eight games in a Bobcats uniform, Slay’s NBA career was over. There’s an old adage that says when one door closes, another one opens, and for Tamar Slay, being waived by the Bobcats meant a brand new beginning, and opportunity to broaden his horizons.  Not that it would be easy, or come without adjustments. New Beginnings: Slay continued his basketball career in Europe, a journey that would expand his horizons in ways unimagined. After twelve years, Tamar Slay is retired from professional basketball.  His new focus is on helping kids develop their basketball skills and, more importantly, helping them understand how to overcome life’s challenges. Slay leveraged a unique NBA development program as a springboard for his new venture.  The program helps former NBA players transition from the hardwood to the boardroom, and Slay found it timely.
Slay’s business card is telling:  He lists himself as a life coach first, and then a trainer.
After playing basketball all his life, what is it like to be on the other side?  What was it like to have a whistle around his neck? Tamar Slay has spent a lifetime embracing adversity and all its challenges, and he has grown stronger with every test.  He credits his mother for helping shape his remarkable character. Now that Slay is back in West Virginia, he’s reminded how special the people in his home state truly are.  They fondly remember his playing days as a member of the Marshall Thundering Herd. Tamar Slay is no stranger to it, and he’s long since learned to take those experiences that were so difficult in his life and use them for positive change.  It’s only as we’re set to wrap the interview that it hits me – we’ve danced all around the subject, but I’ve not asked him how he does it. How does someone who’s gone through so much in life succeed, when so many others are either dead, broke or addicted? How come he’s not that guy – you know the one, your former high school classmate who’s flipping burgers and drinking beer and going on about what might have been?  If only.  If only. He emphasized that it would be difficult and costly — both to to make the idea a reality and then to run the entity — so at this point, he’s bringing up the topic as a way to gauge whether the neighborhood even wants to explore the idea. He responded that because one of the problems with public education is governance, this could be an answer. More control would give neighbors the ability to decide things such as which teachers to hire or how many students should be in a classroom, he says. Then and now, even though he hasn’t been in office since 2010, people have come to him frustrated with DISD and asking how to enact change. Vaught presented himself as a public education supporter while a state representative but then flaked off to private schools.
While this would insert a layer of hopefully talented management, ultimately the top management would still be inept. Boys and girls from East Dallas area schools will compete in a wide range of individual and team events, ranging from the purely athletic to the wildly funny.
The carnival, A Space Odyssey, needs sponsors and donations for on-line auction prizes (see the list of suggested items). This year, join Woodrow for its rendition of “Funny Girl,” the entertaining story of famous comedienne Fanny Brice, from her start in New York vaudeville to her rise to fame as star of the Ziegfeld Follies.

Hexter Elementary School is looking for volunteers to work 2.5 hour shifts in one of five mid-century and modern homes on the White Rock Home Tour coming up April 26-27. The awards committee will present BRW Architects with one of 11 awards at the Reception on May 15th, which is located at the recently completed Dallas City Performance Hall in the Dallas Arts District.
Historic metal lanterns were refurbished or replicated in the same bronze and brass materials in which they were originally forged.  Where classrooms were rehabilitated, the character-defining woodwork was preserved and new acoustical ceilings were installed near the height of the original ceilings, preserving the full height of the original windows.
The new building provides state-of-the-art science and performing arts classrooms while sharing a material and color palette with the historic school. Your comments are subject to our Terms of Service and the privacy policy and terms of service of your social network. Morath cited Austin ISD and Spring Branch ISD in Houston as places in Texas where something along these lines has happened. Yeah, I’m going to go ahead and make that an absolute and say that children are always more important than property values. In the case of Dallas ISD, a school board member in Dallas ISD represents more people in his district than a city council member at City Hall.
There will also be food, beverages and entertainment on hand to create a festive atmosphere of community camaraderie.
Fanny falls in love and marries Nick Arnstein, a handsome gambler whose luck eventually runs out. Among several other necessary improvements, the auditorium was restored and the front hallway was modified to look more like its 1928 appearance. If you do not want to comment with a social network, please consider writing a letter to the editor. Parents and neighbors in the room expressed that they at least are interested in exploration, but the educators were hesitant, saying they need more time to think and discuss. Lee got top marks in recent TEA rankings (and was exemplary under the prior system) and has a dynamic principal, originally from the U.K. The events will take place at Lake Highlands Park, at the corner of Buckner and Lake Highlands Boulevard. The musical includes memorable songs such as “Don’t Rain on My Parade,” “I’m the Greatest Star,” “The Music That Makes Me Dance,” and the iconic hit “People.” Woodrow Wilson High School Auditorium is located at 100 S. The students in Dallas would be better served by breaking up the district into a dozen of small districts. That way real people can have a hope of truly effecting their district’s policies and best serve their kids in their neighborhoods. Someone with a kid at WT White shouldn’t be making rules for students 25 miles away at SOC.

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