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Valioliigaspesialisti Sneakers.fi seuraa tiiviisti taman hetken suurinta jalkapallouutista, toimituksen suosikin eli italialaisen Mario Balotellin siirtoa joukkueista kauneimpaan, Liverpooliin. Useimmiten tyypit joita dissataan spedeiksi tai kusipaiksi, saattavat olla kiinnostavia ihmisia.
Liverpool on pitkan historian omaava jalkapallojoukkue, joka nyt kovasti taistelee oljysheikkien sponssaamia okyseuroja vastaan, voittaen nuorella ryhmalla miltei mestaruuden viime vuoden Valioliigassa. Odotamme innolla tulevaa kautta ja varsinkin Champions-liigaa, jossa Liverpool saa vastaansa koko maailman huippujoukkueet.
Located in the TCU area of Fort Worth Woodshed has a cool location right on the Trinity river across from the Zoo and Colonial Country Club. Over All: All in all I feel woodshed is a great place to come drink a beer on a comfortable summer night and eat some of the tenderloin served cold.
I live in Fort Worth these days and my significant other is all about food (cooking and eating).

Silla jokaisella on jokin syy, miksi kayttaytyy, niin kuin kayttaytyy, eika ikina saa tuomita ketaan ensinakemalla.
Myos Sami Hyypian pitka ura seka Jari Litmasen pelit punaisten paidassa tekee tasta joukkueesta monelle suomalaisellekin suosikkitiimin. This is a sit down BBQ joint on the nicer end of most BBQ’s I’ve been too and by far the most modern.
One rib is fine even though I’m a big eater, not bc of its size but the rub sets in differently and is a bit strong in the long run. Balotellin overiydet menevat niin yli, etta mukana on pakko olla jo iso ripaus sarkasmia seka nerokkuutta.
Kesan MM-kisoissa naki paljon Liverpoolin vareja, silla Englannin maajoukkueen aloituksesta yli puolet olivat Poolin janttereita. It’s funny because as I walked in it had more of a Dallas feel which in Fort Worth can be considered a bad thing.

I showed him this post and he said “we are definitely going there once I’ve earned it” (meaning he’s trying to be healthy and shed a few pounds and this won’t help). Unfortunately I will always prefer Southern crispy corn bread over that fluffy stuff, but I could make a meal of all these meats anyway. Huikea ja erikoinen persoona, Balo on tervetullut lisa valilla niin vakavaan fudismeininkiin.
Luckily I visited on a Texas August day when the temps somehow are about 80, that is NOT ordinary and I wonder how it would be to eat here in a deep heated sweat. If your looking for a fancy modern BBQ place and don’t fancy flavor as much, Woodshed is the place.

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woodshed bar & grill new baden il

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