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We had a pet squirrel on the farm who visited our bird feeder regularly - we coaxed it to come nearer with peanuts. The greatest obstacle to our advance [at the "Bloody Angle" at the Battle of the Wilderness] was a young artillery officer, standing in the breach, rallying his men so courageously that [I] did not have the heart to order my sharpshooters to pick him off. The 22-year-old Captain mustered out of Lee’s Army of Northern Virginia on April 9, 1865 at the Appomattox Court House.
After the war, Captain Cunningham returned home and sometime between 1925-1930, he purchased the Hillrose in Brandy Station, where he kept Shetland Ponies on the farm.
When he died in July 1939, he was 96, and the highest ranking surviving field officer of the Confederate Army. Today, Brian and Melody appreciate and understand their unique role as owners and caretakers of this wonderful old kit home. Thanks so much to Brian and Melody for allowing me and Wayne to spend a couple hours oohing and ahhing over their grand old home. And here's a photo of Captain John Miller Cunningham, the highest ranking surviving field officer of the Confederate Army. The French Doors that separate the living room from the parlor also retain their original finish. Turns out that State Line Road is so named because it marks the boundary between Indiana and Ohio.
The reason I’m so enchanted by this house is that it appears to have its original siding, windows and porch - three big pluses.
Now, if we just knew someone who lived close enough to get us a few good pictures of this Hillrose on State Line Road! Read more about the $1,000,000 Hillrose (built about 15 years ago in West Lafayette, IN) here.
In the last few days, I seem to have crossed the Rubicon with search engines, and am now consistently getting 1,500+ hits per day, and sometimes more than 2,000.

The Hillrose has long been one of my favorites - and apparently is several people's favorites! According to this image from the 1916 Sears Modern Homes catalog, there are also Hillroses built at Griffith Indiana, Alvado Ohio, Stratford Iowa, Waterman Illinois and Houghton New York. Three years ago (November 20, 2012) I did a blog on my first foray into the world of solar energy.
This Spring, we had a new roof put on the house and shed, and after we had that work done, I couldn't bear to put those solar panels back on the pretty new roof. And mounting it on the side means I didn't need to drill fresh holes in that expensive new roof. Shown above is the PWM (pulse width modulation) solar charge controller than came with the 100-watt Renogy panel. The old solar set-up was a lot of fun, and it lives on at Milton's house (my buddy and next-door neighbor).
By all accounts, the diminutive horses were treated more like pampered pets than livestock. As you’ll see from these photos, the house is lovingly cared for, and the 100-year-old oak and pine trim inside the house retains its original finish, and there are even a handful of original light fixtures scattered throughout. This old pedestal sink (now relegated to the Hillrose's basement) has a casting date of January 1920, telling us that the house was built after January 1920. The original intention was that linoleum or some other traditional moisture-resistant floor covering be used. Nonetheless, a crummy picture is incomparably better than no picture, so I’m very grateful that Rachel was able to find this image.
With the holiday season, there is no time, so I thought it was time to do a truncated version of that time-intensive blog.
It's a historically significant home, located in a historically significant city, and formerly owned by a historically impressive Confederate war hero.

In the kitchen, the hard-rock maple floor is flawless, and down in the basement, Brian has salvaged and preserved other original fixtures from the house, with the hopes of restoring them. I've been in countless Sears kit homes where the homeowner removed layers of old flooring to expose the original maple. This is the site of yet another Sears Hillrose, which Rachel Shoemaker found with a little detective work. This model has a feature (probably undesirable to many) that after the arm is pivoted into position, it can be tightened into place so it never moves again. The battery on the floor is the one I use for my trolling motor, when I go out on the lake. Sparks, farm house and sears, first prize paid in gold, first prize paid in Gold Coin, foursquares in ohio, friends in Ohio, George M.
Cunningham, the highest ranking surviving field officer of the Confederate Army at the time of his death in 1939.
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Sparks was a 50-year-old man with a 30-year-old wife (Daisy) and three children, 12, 10 and 2. And interestingly enough, I discovered this glorious house thanks to a comment left at my blog!

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