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We say fair well to Stephen Boyce as he moves to new adventures in Dorset and hello to new friends.
Woodshed Embroidery has been serving Everett and the greater Seattle area with embroidery services since 1990. If you have questions please click here to contact me, I will be more than happy to assist you. Built in 2012 by Annabau Architects and located in Brandenburg, Germany the Hauss Crussow is a timber frame home that consists of a main house and outbuildings. The long bank of windows is divided to allow support posts to line up with the ceiling trusses in an uninterrupted and continuous line. The bank of windows is set back from the support structure, creating a continuous surface that can be used either as a place to sit and enjoy the view, or as a display area. Tucked between the window shelving system and the central concrete core is the kitchen area.
Although the bathroom is encased in a central core of concrete is kept light and bright by the skylights that line both sides of the ceiling. The East side of the main building opens up to a central courtyard along the complete length of its wall.
The large central courtyard allows plenty of light to enter the home while retaining complete privacy. The Knotty Pine flooring continues through into the end rooms and with the door open the spaces appear to continue uninterrupted. Just outside the wall of windows is a deck that is approximately 3 meters or 10 feet wide and runs the complete length of the wall.
The corrugated window repeats the pattern of the corrugated fibreboard treatment on the exterior of the buildings.

The end sections to the outbuilding are treated differently then the rest of the structure. The corrugated plastic strip of window on the eastside of the outbuilding and the wall of windows on the west wall of the main building continue the visual balance of the structures. The brief was to build a spacious timber constructed private residence in the eastern Uckermark in rural Brandenburg.
The main house is a large open space that is divided into zones of a living room, kitchen, study, hall and entrance area. Below the wall of windows is a shelving system to hold the owners collection of books and decorative items. The building materials of the room are the design features and the exposed natural concrete, combined with the white fixtures gives the room an organic and spa like sauna feeling. Here, the prefabricated wood posts also incorporate a tapered stance where the tops of the posts are wider then the bottom.
From both this view looking South and the previous view looking North, a door is visible that leads to one of two rooms located at each end of the home.
From this vantage point the single wall galley kitchen is visible tucked in behind the concrete core. A corrugated Fiberboard exterior facing creates an interesting contrast to the laminated wood posts and beams as well as the wood decking and fencing. Across the courtyard is the outbuilding and to create a enclosed area the two spans between the buildings are fenced off with a large gateway for access.
In addition to our embroidery services we provide vinyl lettering and direct to garment printing. These zones are somewhat separated from each other by a solid central core of reinforced pre-cast concrete filigree slabs that house the main washroom and the powder room.

The window wall also incorporates a dropped ceiling that follows the line of the deep sill. The cupboards are clad in the same knotty pine as the floor with the laminated panels running horizontally and opposite to the floor. Standing tall and proud without any visual interruption, the beams become a sculptural feature of the wall. Although the two buildings are not symmetrical they have a sense of balance with their identical siding and roofing.
For more information regarding our embroidering services please contact us at 425-743-9784. This single wall Galley Kitchen is compact and small but appears much bigger due to the open concept of the building. The exposed beams against the corrugated fibreboard create a visually appealing look to this otherwise utilitarian space. The large open area is supported by laminated wooden trusses that span over a 9 meter area (29.25 feet) and create an interesting repeat pattern with the Fibreboard ceiling panels covering the space between them. With the visually broken line of the laminated posts their tapered effect is not a predominant feature.
A Knotty Pine floor is clear coated to retain its natural two-tone colouring and showcase the textural effect of the knots. The space is large, open and neutral, the run of windows along the west wall allow the surrounding landscape to showcase a wall of green.

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