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A few months ago I was tired of running into my kitchen table while sneaking through my house to get a midnight snack.
I have written that I unexpectedly got substantial color variation on the back of my FDR chair, something I hoped would be corrected by stain.
Peter has finished the first draft of the text, and Megan Fitzpatrick (how many Megans are in my life?), is polishing it before we send it to the designer. Next month I’m driving to North Carolina to pick up the wood for the two workbenches that will be featured in our first letterpress book.
I wanted to post a quick notification that The Slightly Confused Woodworker blog will be going on a (hopefully brief) hiatus.
The good news, at least for me, is that I’ve actually gotten in a relatively large amount of woodworking time over the past few days. So if everything goes well and things level off at work a little, I should have the blog up and running again by next week with several new posts, photos, and possibly a short video. The front bedroom needs some built-ins in the alcoves to right and left of the chimney breast. I built the cabinets with birch ply and have routed out the rear to accept a ply back board.
All the sheet stock is now prepped to size and I lipped the shelves with tulipwood, so that you don’t see the raw ply edges.
Only other decision is whether I should attached the doors to the face frame, or size the face frame so it’s nearly flush and add hinges to the inside of the box in the conventional way. Yes, we are indeed sold out of our share of letterpress posters from “The Anarchist’s Tool Chest.” But don’t despair. If you have subjected yourself to my adventures in the past, you may remember the Hillbilly Hobby Tansu project. CS outlines a method in his book for roughing  these tenons in by hand that involves a saw and some chisel work. This discussion primarily applies to PVA glue, which most woodworkers use for these joints.
I wanted to extend the short tables on my thickness planer, but I don’t have room in my shop for a large, permanent setup. This is the Beds and Bedroom Furniture category of information.This woodworkers list of woodworking plans features a collection of bedroom furniture pieces, in particular, beds.
Adjustable Twin to Full Bed  Build this adjustable bed with these free woodworking plans. Ann Marie Twin Daybed  Ample storage, designer style, and simplicity of design all make this bed a fabulous solution for any of your kiddos or perhaps a guest room that needs a bed to double as a sitting area as well.
Any Size Bed Frame  This tutorial is for building your own bed frame including a cut list for a king size, queen size and twin size bed frame. Arch Queen Bed  This is a link to a Google 3D SketchUp drawing for a queen size bed with arched headboard and footboard. Arched Door Armoire  This is a link to a Google 3D SketchUp drawing for an arched door armoire in the Amish style. Armoire  Build this large two-piece armoire for extra storage using these free step-by-step woodworking plans. Armoire  Although an armoire is often thought of as a bedroom piece of furniture, these days it can be found in any room of the house. Bamboo Platform Bed  This step-by-step is for king sized platform bed, but you could adjust the size for something smaller.
Bed and Headboard  Build this rustic bed frame and headboard using this free tutorial. Bed frame, Building a  I figured [it] would be nice for a headboard for a bed, and I wanted to build a new bed frame anyway. Bed Frame, Willow  Building a willow wood bed frame for home, including construction tips, braces, bending, spokes, side rails, tools and materials list, diagrams. Bed with Storage  Maximize the space in your bedroom with this bed and matching nightstand. Bed with Storage  This is a link to a Google 3D SketchUp drawing for a bed with lots of storage made with pine and quilted maple headboard panels. Bed with Storage Queen Size  This is a link to a Google 3D SketchUp drawing for a queen size bed with a bookshelf in the headboard and six drawers under each side of bed. Bed, Built-In - Bedroom Makeover (PDF)  Complete plans to build a built-in bed and seating bench. Bed, Double  If you use an online translation tool this German site offers a building plan. Bed, Four Poster  If you’ve ever gone shopping for a top-quality wooden poster bed, you know they can be quite expensive.
Bed, Four Poster  Build this classic, Early-American style bed in any size -- from twin to King -- to suit your needs. Bed, Full Size  While slightly larger than the twin bed, this version is still a fraction of the cost of a store bought bed, and can painted or stained with any color you desire. Bed, Mahogany  This beds design is based on time-honored frame-and-panel construction with convenient rail hangers so the bed can be easily disassembled. Bed, Mission Style  At UNIQUEPROJECTS we focus on providing our users with unique project plans. Bed, Murphy (PDF)  Materials and Cutting list for this project as it appeared in Workbench magazine Issue 289 Vol 61 No 3. Bed, Pencil Post (PDF)  Australian Woodsmith is a practical magazine for all woodworkers. Bed, Pencil Post - Testor (PDF)  In the old days, pencil post beds served a practical purpose.
Bed, Platform (PDF)  Here’s a project I’ve been looking forward to building for some time. Bed, Platform (PDF)  Here is a project I have been looking forward to building for some time.
Bed, Platform (PDF)  Australian Woodsmith is a practical magazine for all woodworkers. They have a presence that's hard to ignore, something about the fine details and scale makes them stand out. I’m not entirely sure why I chose to be sneaky considering the only other living creature in my house was the dog snoozing on the couch. When I went to put the bottom of the first tray in the box, the top runners were a silly mm too wide.

We have about a dozen books that our authors are working on, either in the shop or at the keyboard.
We have re-translated the newest revised version of the work, and it is as complex as translating A.J. It is academic, nichy and discusses unfamiliar tools, projects and ways of looking at the world. The text is being polished and will be going to Wesley Tanner, the designer, in four weeks.
Soon we should have a translation in our hands of an early 16th-century codex that will be the basis of one of the benches in the book. I built another “Sellers” box and prepped the material for two more (more on that in my next post), I’m most of the way through a Superior rip saw restoration, my daughter and I made a piece of doll sized furniture, and I got the material prepped and ready to go to build another spoke shave.
So thanks to everybody who reads, comments (even if you are being critical) and puts up with my nonsense.
I’ve already made some plinths, because the idea is to stand cabinets in the holes, rather than try to deal with hanging shelving onto the wall. Not sure they’ll need to be moved much, so might avoid doing the shelf-pin-hole thing. The first method will require some face frame hinges I guess, but would also necessitate face frame material of a decent quality, like maple, for enough strength, something I guess I could avoid if I went down the second avenue.
Another 400 posters – personally autographed like the ones we sold – are going to Lee Valley Tools this week for that company to sell. I had working on that in the back of my mind but other than moving the leg stock around the shop, I did no woodworking on it.
It has a coat of Shellac to seal the Cypress and I expect I'll paint the outside with some color of Milk Paint. And when the planer is not in use, I just slide the frames back and the tables can be lowered out of the way.
You will need the SketchUp software to download this drawing and its freely available online.
My solution is a captains bed with drawers that make use of the space beneath the mattress, along with two matching nightstands that act as mini dressers. The bed we’re presenting to you here is not only considerably less expensive because you make it yourself, but you’ll be assured of its quality because you select the raw lumber and you control its quality. This queen-size bed completes the five-piece bedroom suite that includes an armoire, dresser, night stand, and wall mirror. Soon they'll all be gone, and as much as I look forward to the extra space in the shop and less risk of damaging finished pieces while working, I"ll miss em.I've been posting pics to instagram for a while, frankly it's much more of a hit and run easy way to post, but I just got a new laptop, so here I am in the shop, sitting in my new rocker typing away, hopefully the ease will help get me back in the blog game. Still, I think it’s important to publish and promote it amongst people who work wood (as opposed to historians).
And no matter what sort of woodworking you do (reproduction, contemporary, indifferent), this book is the big one. With making the partitions and trays there is no lifting and grunting, just some ass scratching trying to figure out where everything goes and how big it needs to be.
So here's an update on where things stand.Classic Workbench PlansWe're hard at work drafting the plans for the bench. I also have a secondhand TS55 plunge saw from Festool and these two tools are worth their weight in gold for this type of work. Went as close as I dared with a sharpened plane, before taking it right down with glasspaper.
Since I don’t own, nor plan to own, a drill press, the pro reamer will work perfectly for me. Alternative glues with longer open times include special slow-set PVAs or liquid hide glue. These plans are designed for a twin size bed, however you can simply enlarge the dimensions for a queen, king or full size bed. Those who are interested, can follow along the process of constructing a mission style bed for a client. As you can see in the drawing above, the parts of the testor frame are connected by simple lap joints. The cutting diagrams and materials list are available to download in this Online Extra from Woodsmith Magazine. After running through all the options the best and easiest was to dig out the heat gun and a wet rag to undo the glue up.
I’m about halfway through editing the final translated text (the book is already designed), and hope to have it done next month.
The good news is once the lower tray runners are installed right or wrong it is pretty much a done deal except for deciding on one more or two more trays.For installing runners and dividers inside a box there ain't nothing better than hot hide glue because it is almost impossible to set clamps.
And we’ll have 50 on hand to replace any that are damaged in shipment (and maybe have a few to sell at our storefront on May 14).
Also, John and his neighbor are rolling and mailing these posters, and it’s remarkably time-consuming.
I have the twisted bench, the toolbox, a desktop bookshelf,a  resaw frame, two stair saws, and a clock I can work on. Whenever I need them, I lift the hinged table and pull out a support frame that slides on a set of metal full-extension drawer slides. Second, the tables are bolted to the planer level with the bed, but aren’t attached to the frames.
Please contact individual web sites if you have questions about those woodworking projects. Not all drawings have the measurements displayed but you can use the measurement tool in SketchUp to easily and accurately determine the dimensions of each lumber part. I first cut out the basic shape with a bandsaw, and then put it together with square mortise and tenon joints. You can also easily modify any of the turning profiles or headboard shape if you have some ideas of your own. But when those pieces come together, the result is really striking, as you can see in the photo. This free woodworking plans and woodworking projects page is courtesy of the Australian Woodsmith web site.
We're trying to make these a little unique, perhaps print them on special paper, or make them look like old blueprints.
But it wasn’t in our garage or basement, it was in his custom furniture shop and it was because I was learning a trade.

Next, I level the table and frame and hold it in place while tightening a pair of star knobs.
And, third, the assembly is attached to a frame that mounts to the underside of the planer stand. Look for the page navigation link near the bottom of this list as there are many more pages for bed building projects. Most drawings do not have instructions, its assumed you can build it based on the completed drawing provided. That gap would be at the top right side of the drawer opening.asking for problemsI can dovetail this side and I will end up with a slanted drawer side. As you should be able to see in the photo, the lower runners are setting on a spacer as I wait for the glue to cure.Once the glue cures I'll decide on one or two more trays.
We're not sure how that will play out, but we're trying hard to figure it out while keeping the price reasonable.Planing StopWe've been jumping over a few hurdles on this one. This summer I'll be teaching for the first time at Lie Nielsen and shooting a video to boot. If we continued to publish posters like this, John and I would have to take second jobs at Arby’s. The saw till is on the left side of the photo (will be the front of the tool box) and it has 4 slots for saws.
Getting nice sharp teeth in thick steel takes some doing, while keeping the price reasonable. This is not only a good feeling, it also tells me that my reference face is flat and straight. Besides it is a heavy sucker and every time it needs turning over it kicks my ass.Lots of less than perfect work in the making but it is square enough and strong enough to do the job. I don't know how I ended up with an odd number of drawer sides.waxed the scrub plane soleWaxing the sole of the scrub wasn't a super duper deal be all. About a third of the way into the carcass it gets square.time to switch to something else while I thinkMy marking knife set up overnight.
It did make the initial first plane runs easy but after that I didn't notice it being any more slicker than with no wax. Maybe it was because of the scallops the plane left on the first run that on subsequent runs, the sole of the plane wasn't in full contact with the board.
For example, the rear leg of the vise can be built with wings that allow you to clamp the vise to a benchtop with typical clamps or two holdfasts. I tried it and I didn't see anything especially beneficial using wax on it.waxed the #6After the scrub plane, I used the #6 to remove the scallops and get the board reasonably flat and close to the gauge lines. Another way will be to build the vise with an arm that extends back and down off the rear leg, to allow the arm to slip between the jaws of our Tail Vise and be held firmly in position. I can get both stretchers sapwood free but the cross arms I won't be so lucky.the other sideI have time to play with this and get the best layouts I can. Or you can simply build the vise with a plain rear leg for holding in a traditional, open-front tail vise. I had to rely on the what the shavings looked like rather then them and how much resistance I felt pushing the plane.waxed the #4The wax did it's job on this plane too. I had to have stepped off wrong going from one side to the other somehow.tried blue tapeI am using blue tape to get the layout I want. I may try it again when I start drawing social security.the four horsemanThe only plane I didn't wax for flatting the drawer sides was the #7.
If this one is toast I'll remove it and put a clean piece and start over again.now it's even coming both waysplaned a piece of scrap to the same width as the front to practice onI don't like this layout from the blue tapeNot only are there too many tails, the pin sockets don't look good neither. I wasn't impressed with that waxing job and I didn't see any reason to try it on the #7 and not like it too.slight differenceI wasn't sure if I was going to do half blind dovetails on the drawers.
I don't know if it is necessary to use drawer sides that are thinner but the other 2 times I did half blinds, I did it this way.getting a parallel widthI set the panel gauge to a few frog hairs more than the width of the opening.
The chisel layout is good because there isn't any guessing as to what size chisel to use to chop the waste. But I still do it with dividers and I have enough chisels where getting one to fit isn't a problem.some warm up sawingI was going to try and half blind the drawer as it is but I changed my mind. I picked the width.not square - slight gap at the topBoth sides of this bottom drawer aren't square. I planed both sides to fit the opening and I ended up with a snug fitting drawer front.My normal way of doing a drawer would have been making the making the drawer by dovetailing it together based on measurements taken with a rule.
Make a new drawer front and put a rabbet on the ends so that it covers the sides of the carcass. The rabbet will hide the out of square and I can still veneer it.Another option is to make the drawer box with through dovetails and glue a thin piece of wood onto to the front. I am going to do the drawers the way Paul Sellers did the ones on the tool cabinet he is building now. I could add a thin piece of pine on the outside bottom between the drawer side and the carcass to make up that difference.
I'll find out how it works out for me.one down and 3 to godrawer sides fittedThe drawer sides aren't snug. I did them so that they slide in and out without binding.nice to have two workbenchesI cleared off a spot on the sharpening bench so I could set up my shooting board on it.
The other two openings are the same size.doneI made the back of the drawers the same as the fronts.
For these four drawers I'm going to put a groove in the front and drawer slips for the sides.
Maybe tomorrow I can do the dovetails on the big drawer.tried epoxyI had previously tried to fix this with a piece of wood using it like a wedge.
If this doesn't work I don't have a plan C as of right now.I want to retire this oneAs a back up marking knife this is ok.
This is the one I have been using since I started down the road on my hand tool only journey.
I miss the feel of the wood of the one I fixed.veneer hammer glamour shotsSix coats of shellac on the handles and 8 on the heads. Still haven't decided whether or not to add wax to it also.glamour shot #2bit of a gapNot only didn't I get a gap on the brass squeegee bar, my handle didn't come out quite as good as the bigger one.

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