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S6 E13 Dec 10, 2012Top Shop TipsMake woodworking faster, safer, and more accurate with some of our favorite shop tips, tools, and techniques from the pages of Woodsmith magazine.
Upcoming Episodes S8 E13 Layout & Measuring Tips & TricksThe editors of Woodsmith show you some great tips, tricks, and techniques for accurate layout and measuring. Japanese-style marking knives have right or left beveled edges and steep angles, giving them a really sharp point — perfect for accuracy.
This Woodsmith Plan is a downloadable PDF file that you save to your computer after you complete your order.
Most of the time, this versatile worktable serves as a compact workbench for all kinds of tasks. This must-have jig allows you to take whisker-thin shavings off the end of a workpiece to fine-tune the fit of a joint. The reason a shooting board is a must-have for the shop is it allows you to take a paper-thin shaving off the end of a workpiece with a hand plane — something that’s just about impossible to do with a tool like a table saw or miter saw. Attractive, practical, and best of all, fun to build -- this table has all the ingredients for a great weekend woodworking project. The elegant look of this small, drop-leaf table is undeniably eye-catching, but also a bit deceiving.
With its modern but lasting design, seating, and deep storage bays, this bench is the perfect place to take your shoes off, and more. This compact and handsome storage project creates the perfect place for your small hand tools. Building a tool chest like this is a good way to hone skills that you can use in furniture projects. Season 6, Episode 13 S6 E12 Dec 3, 2012Morris ChairJoin the editors of Woodsmith magazine as they show you the tips and techniques to create this heirloom Morris chair. Season 8, Episode 13 S8 E12 Tambour Tool CabinetExpand your woodworking skills with this stylish storage solution from the editors of Woodsmith for your most treasured hand tools.
However, one drawback is that they don't come with handles, so they're awkward to hold onto.

But pull-out extensions expand the table to support a full sheet of plywood when you need to break sheets down into more manageable pieces. And the optional sanding “plane” slides along the base to fit a joint or simply sand a surface smooth.
In the process of building this relatively small project, you'll learn about working with veneer, cutting small parts accurately, and building smooth-sliding drawers. Season 6, Episode 12 S6 E11 Nov 26, 2012Roll-Top DeskIn this episode, the editors of Woodsmith show you how to build a classic roll-top desk with slide-in storage unit. Season 8, Episode 12 S8 E11 Cherry SideboardIn this episode the editors of Woodsmith magazine show you the key techniques for building a traditional sideboard featuring half columns. Season 6, Episode 11 S6 E10 Nov 19, 2012Patio CartLearn how to construct a long-lasting outdoor project and apply the right finish as the Woodsmith editors build this stylish patio cart. Season 8, Episode 11 S8 E10 5 Cool Joinery TechniquesJoin the Woodsmith editors as they cover five types of joinery you can rely on for your next shop or furniture project.
Season 6, Episode 10 S6 E9 Nov 12, 2012Our 5 Favorites Shop JigsTo get more out of the time you spend in your shop, the Woodsmith editors share the handy jigs and fixtures they use every day. Season 8, Episode 10 S8 E9 TV Lift CabinetWoodsmitha€™s editors cover the key details as they build a TV cabinet with built-in lift using basic plywood construction and solid-wood trim.
The copper rings, or ferrules, on the ends not only help hold it together, but give the project the look of a traditional Japanese woodworking tool.
Season 6, Episode 9 S6 E8 Nov 5, 2012Campaign ChestThe editors of Woodsmith show you how to combine dovetail joinery, inset brass hardware, and a time-tested design to build a classic campaign chest. Season 8, Episode 9 S8 E8 Box-Jointed Tray & VaseSuccess is guaranteed when the editors of Woodsmith build a silverware tray with angled box joints and an elegant bandsawn vase. Season 6, Episode 8 S6 E7 Oct 29, 2012Classic Tool ChestThis tool chest is built with basic joinery and solid-wood panels. Season 8, Episode 8 S8 E7 Dartboard CabinetThe editors of Woodsmith magazine walk you through building a dartboard cabinet as a fun addition to any home, or even the shop. It grips the blade firmly, yet allows you to easily change blades or remove the blade for sharpening.

Season 8, Episode 7 S8 E6 Demilune TableClassic details and elegant curves take center stage as the editors of Woodsmith magazine build an heirloom demilune table. In addition, you can flip the blade around and slide the beveled end of the blade into the handle when you're not using the knife. Season 8, Episode 6 S8 E5 Slat-Wall Storage SystemThe editors of Woodsmith take a look at a unique shop-built, slat-wall storage system that adapts to your changing needs. Season 6, Episode 6 S6 E5 Oct 15, 2012Contoured Keepsake BoxA small project, like this keepsake box, is a simple project that you can see the Woodsmith editors build step-by-step. Season 8, Episode 5 S8 E4 Heirloom Music BoxLearn how to work with small parts safely and accurately as the editors of Woodsmith magazine build an elegant music box. Season 6, Episode 5 S6 E4 Oct 8, 2012Modular Wine ServerThe modular design of this wine server makes it easy to build. Season 8, Episode 4 S8 E3 Curved-Front Wall CabinetThe Woodsmith editors create coopered doors and use templates for the curves on this beautiful wall cabinet. Season 8, Episode 3 S8 E2 Power Tool BenchThe Woodsmith editors build a plywood and aluminum bench to make the most of the power tools you use in your shop. Season 6, Episode 4 S6 E3 Oct 1, 20125 Cool ToolsThe Woodsmith editors talk about five tools that transform the way they work in the shop.
Season 8, Episode 2 S8 E1 Slant Front DeskJoin the editors of Woodsmith magazine as they build a solid-wood case and dovetailed drawers for an heirloom desk. Season 6, Episode 3 S6 E2 Sep 24, 2012Book Rack and Mantel ClockWatch the editors of Woodsmith demonstrate how to create a stylish book rack or an elegant mantel clock in a weekend.
Season 6, Episode 2 S6 E1 Sep 17, 2012Workbench BasicsJoin the editors from Woodsmith magazine as they show you the must-have features you need when choosing the right workbench.

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