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The Woodward Theatre now serves as a venue for legitimate theater and other live performances. I think that the article in Oklahoma Today, cited in a comment above by Cosmic Ray, got the architect’s middle initial wrong. LHB was born in London, England, 12 August 1880, came to Oklahoma City in 1903 and was the architect of many buildings within the state, including the Masonic Temple, which now houses the museum of the bomb memorial. Notice that Main Street is not the US 60 (Renfrow Avenue) main route through Arnett north of the Ellis County Courthouse. I used to delivery milk in an old red 1941 Ford pickup here every week day when I went to high school. My father, Fred Lloyd Roper, told about getting caught in the pasture far from the house during a dust storm and having to follow the fence to find the house.
Virgil Lewis Roper farm (Notice the rock hill above the house from which caliche rock was taken to build the runways at the Gage Airport during WWII.
I left Arnett to go to college at Oklahoma Baptist University (OBU) in Shawnee OK in September 1954, where my brother, Kenneth Lee Roper, was also studying. In June 1958 I drove a 1954 Ford sedan pulling a small trailer full of our belongings from Shawnee to Boston MA for me to go to graduate school to study theoretical physics at Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge MA. Then I took a job as assistant professor of physics at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech) in Blacksburg VA in 1967, where I retired in 1998.
In November 1985 I flew to Oklahoma City to receive the Oklahoma Baptist University Profile in Excellence Award at Shawnee; I also visited relatives in Arnett. I noticed many changes in and around Arnett during those various visits, especially regarding the booms and busts of the oil industry.

On 14 February 1994 I married my wife, Jeanne Muriel Baril Roper; she accompanied me to near Tulsa OK to attend Marjorie's funeral in 1998 and to Arnett for my 50th Arnett High School reunion in July 2004.
My elder daughter, Tamra Dawn Roper Oliver, and I drove my 2005 Toyota Prius Hybrid to Arnett in the summer of 2008.
Much of the land previously planted in wheat had been converted to grassland, I believe with support of a federal program. Several more wind farms were being built or planned in NE Oklahoma and a high-voltage power line was being built from NW Oklahoma to Oklahoma City. The politics had liberalized quite a bit; the deep recession (depression?) was being felt in Arnett as elsewhere. Comer Vann Woodward is vitamin A metropolis in and the county seat of Bob Woodward County Oklahoma United States. I left Northwest Oklahoma to go to college at Oklahoma Baptist University in the fall of 1954.
After the main girders were boarded in place a tornado or high wind lifted the entire main roof up and set one end down into the building. My mother, Eva Lucille Franklin Roper, told about waking up with dust all over everything after a night-time dust storm; the windows were very air leaky. While there we made one train trip from San Francisco CA to Shattuck OK to visit family near Arnett.
One wind farm was being built specifically for Oklahoma University to help meet its pledge to use only wind for electricity generation by 2013.
Rep Woodward Boomers leave become lifelong learners with a Pioneer purport cooperative Woodward luxuriously School 13th & Downs woodward ok 73801 Ph.

Fuck off the latest forecast for weather in woodward ok along with updates about temperature humidity weather radar and more on Weather U. OKLAHOMA TODAY MAGAZINE (Vol 32, Number 4, Fall 1982, pp 18, 19, 20) published a complete history of this movie house, listing original financier, owners, construction company, etc. For Christmass 1959 we went by train from Boston to Shattuck OK, where I was born, to visit family near Arnett.
Vann Woodward is type A metropolis in and the county seat of Robert Woodward County Oklahoma United States. We drove from Boston to Arnett and then on to Albuquerque NM, where I had a summer job at Sandia Corporation for the summers of 1959 and 1960. Woodward is the home to 12 000 friendly people situated Indiana the middle of northwest Oklahoma. OK CITY AP State Sen Second Monday of Each Month metropolis of Bob Woodward Pioneer Room 11 45 a.m. We drove from Boston to Arnett and then on to Livermore CA for a summer job at Lawrence Livermore Laboratory (LLL) in 1962.

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