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Utter the word “Apprentice” and perhaps for many it conjures up wistful emotions of times past, a master passing on knowledge and values consigned to history.
My great grandfather began his wheelwright apprenticeship in 1909 and his was the very traditional “indentured” apprenticeship (that’s the document you can see within this post). My father completed his carpentry & joinery apprenticeship in 1970, after the 1964 shake-up which saw a drive to bring a greater consistency to training. What is also pleasing is that there are even world events where people in the early stages of their career can compete against each other.
So while the face of training has changed a great deal over time, the talent of the next generation is still there and being encouraged and inspired.
As a little extra I’ve transcribed the text within the document shown here to give you a flavour of the time when it was signed. Until the full end and term of six years thence next following to be fully complete and ended. And the said Francis John Buckingham doth hereby covenant with the said William Haydon his executor and administrators to pay the said apprentice George Haydon one shilling per week for the first year and an increase of one shilling per week for every year after until the end of the said term of six years.
And also to teach and instruct his said apprentice in the art trade or business of a wheelwright which he uses by the best means that he can, shall teach and instruct or cause to be taught and instructed.
And the said William Haydon for himself executor and administrator doth hereby covenant with the said master to provide for the said apprentice sufficient food, wearing apparel, washing, lodgings and medical allowances during the said term and also the necessary tools. Trade apprenticeships still exist, but they’re a bit different than the traditional ones. Being a history buff, I was proud to go through the process, knowing how many did it before me. I find it interesting they did not execute the contract until about eight months after it started.

Christopher Schwarz has helped many of us solve some pretty frustrating problems over the years. However that most traditional sounding method of training still exists today and it’s doing rather well. It was a serious document reflecting the fact the duration of training was in this case six years. My great grandfather started the business I work for now in 1926, and my Grandfather simply worked alongside him.
Last year one of our team was lucky enough to represent the UK in World Skills Americas as a guest competitor. Couple that with passionate and skilled enthusiasts around the world writing, making and teaching, woodworking skills should be with us for a long time to come. During which term the said apprentice to his Master shall he faithfully serve his secrets, keep his lawful commands everywhere gladly, he shall do no damage to his said Master nor see to be done of others but to the best of his power shall prevent or forthwith give warning to his said Master of the same. I’m retired now, for almost 6 months, but back in 1973 I was accepted into the Pipefitters apprenticeship in Chicago.
I know that union carpenters and electricians go through an apprentice period, which includes schooling.
I have personal experience of completing an apprenticeship and from my family’s perspective, we have throughout the last 105 years experienced the changing face of training the trades. Indentured apprenticeships still exist but they are less flexible and I have not personally met anyone who has completed that type. I’m not sure why he never undertook the formal training, but I assume they both felt it unnecessary. I’ll be sharing some info on them soon, as it’s pleasing to see some of the appliances discussed in the mid 20th century are no different than those used by a popular French bloke from the 18th century.

And while the trade of cabinet maker has become less part of the picture, bench joinery still offers a great way for the next generation to access traditional skills. To become a code certified electrician, I had to have at least 900 hours of school and had to pass the ICC code exam. Signing a pretty contract certainly did not prevent his becoming life long and very talented woodworker.
Sadly my certificates have none of the charm of wax-sealed documents, but they are nevertheless special to me. There is more than one or two famous woodworkers who completed joinery apprenticeships, the most obvious being Thomas Chippendale.
He shall not do any act whereby his said Master may have any loss with his own goods or others during the said term. We are supposed to take the exam every 3 years but I haven’t take in since 2008 because I no longer am in a situation where I need to pull electrical permits.
Without licence of his said master he shall neither buy not sell nor absent himself from his said Master’s service day or night unlawfully but in all things as a faithful apprentice he shall behave himself towards his said Master and all his during the said term. Not a big loss really as providing for those around us is perhaps one of the biggest victories in learning anything.

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woodworking apprenticeship ontario

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