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This year there will be a large focus on shop safety, so please make sure to review the documents, videos and quicksheets on the Safety Page on this site.
Pens for Peacekeepers is in full swing, so get turning and bring the pens into the shop when finished. The Durham Woodwroking club undertook an initiative to build 90 mailboxes for a local retirement home. It's easy to help your child develop skills with tools in woodworking -- and have a huge amount of fun in the process! We're talking about real hammer-and-nails woodworking here, not just gluing pieces of wood together. To show our commitment to the better understanding of child development, we will donate a portion of the proceeds from every Young Woodworkers kit to help research the causes and treatment of autism. Pens for Peacekeepers - We have almost 100 pens already and more to come, so please keep turning. Wig Stands - Hearth Place is in need of more stands, so get some kits from the shop and get turning.
Chris Lapine - Chris discusses the installation of his Pine Log steps installed at his cottage.
Frank Pellow and Ethan Harris - Frank (pic) and Ethan (pic) did a presentation on carving and the making of Bentwood boxes.
Mike Kellar - Lots of new Books and Magazines have been added (ShopNotes and Woodsmith) etc. Don McFarland - Wigstands are still ongoing, there is lots of wood available at the shop so please get turning. Don McFarland- Don did a presentation on the different type and styles of Scrollsawn Christmas Ornaments. Don McFarland - Don Mcfarland talked and presented information about creating Cheese Boards. Wood Types and Information - Do you have a piece of wood that you are not sure what type, or if you know the type would like to know the characteristics of the wood, please check out this site for lots of wood information.

Don McFarland and Denis Lalonde - Don Mcfarland talked and presented information about combining scrollsawn and turned Christmas Ornaments. Rick Sullivan - Rick is investigating options for a large banner for the Club that can be used at shows and demonstrations. Tom Loftus - Tom talked about a new Box building competiiton that Canadian Woodworking is having and wanted to know if anyone is interested in participating. Also, Oshawa open Doors is on October 27th (10am until 4pm) and we are looking for people to come to the shop to provide demonstrations during the day, please contact Tom if you are interested. Don McFarland - Cutting Boards are being re-ordered, so please make sure you let Don know if you are still interested. Denis Lalonde - Denis talked about Safety Issues in the shop and one of our main focuses this year will be around shop safety, so please be sure to check out the Safety page for Videos and Safety Information. Wig Stands - Hearth place is looking for more wigstands, so please pick up some wood at the shop and keep turning. Cutting Boards - We will be continuing the cutting board project this year, so if you are interested in making these great gifts, please sign up at the shop. Pens for Peacekeepers - Pens for Peacekeepers will be running again this year so get ready to make those wonderful pens for the great people who keep our country safe. 2x4 Challenge - We are still debating whether to have the challenge again this year and are looking for your feedback to see if the members are interested.
Colleen Samila - President of the Woodturners Guild of Ontario and the Society of Canadian Woodworkers - Colleen was in our shop to talk about the new woodworking insurance plans and what that means to the clubs who participate. Kade Bolger (Teaching Assistant), Donna Panther, Maurice Roy, Brian Whiten, Pat Mawhinney, Rory Bray, Denis Lalonde.
Wayne Peden, Gord Dowsley, Gord Tilly, Doug Smith, Chad Shaw and Denis Lalonde (instructor).
SawStop, Powermatic, Jet, Laguna, Kreg, Rikon and others ready to be loaded onto your vehicle. Entires were judged in two major categories (turned items and non-turned items) and overall Best in Show.

At the home, the papers always ended up on the floor and some folks are just unable to bend over to pick it up, so these mailboxes will be installed in the residence to accomodate the newspapers and to make it easier to access. We call it the Young Woodworkers Kit Club, and it's a wonderful series of woodworking kits designed especially for kids 7-12 years old. Their personal sense of pride and confidence will SOAR as they discover their new-found skills!
There's no special knowledge or skills required, and each kit includes all the pre-cut pieces needed to make an awesome project! An exciting, new woodworking kit will be addressed and delivered directly to your child about every six weeks. Each kit includes all the pre-cut wood your child needs to complete each project from start to finish, including all the necessary nails and fasteners. Your child will discover that actively building something out of solid wood with their own two hands can be more fun than passively sitting in front of a video screen. Denis then demonstrated the process of turning these Christmas Ornaments and minature turned Birdhouse Ornaments. They are always needed and Hearth Place is running short so please do what you can to help out.
If there are any other types of contests you would like to see, please let Don McFarland know. And the instructions show each step of the construction in clear, up-close photos, so little or no adult assistance will be needed.
This could open up a whole new world of creative activities that will build valuable skills for a lifetime.
If you win, you must agree that whoever wins that draw, will put a new item in the box within the following two weeks (please do not let other people know what is in the box).

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