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Self-possessed it looks like you get to complete the cooking sideline to commence the commencement rigid of cutting boards.
To begin screening messages select the assembly country style bench plans that you wishing to impose from the.
The problem as far as i can see is making the guide rail what ever it is run level so you dont need to keep checking both ends every time you move it . If we actually start to get somewhere with this idea then i will build it to see if it works . I've done a very quick sketch but the idea is that a square base is fitted to your circular saw which can fit into the carriage in two positions one with the blade vertical and able to slide vertically and the other with the blade horizontal and fixed in the carriage. The carriage has wheels to run between two guide rails, two at the bottom spread as wide as practical for stability and a single one at the top to guide the top of the carriage.
The guide rails are possibly best made from angle iron with grooved wheels running on the edge of the angle. Well there was a lightweight CNC router called the ShopBot a few years back which used the same sort of cable drive to haul a gantry around and that did work.
In reference to Bob's idea, the angle is a winner on cost, but the grooved bearings are silly money. Patrick shows the construction of the machine step by step in his videos, the linear bearings being constructed in video #1.
Linears - they are dust-proof and guaranteed to last for hundreds of thousands of operation cycles. Ah, sorry for the confusion, I realise now that you are referring to linear slide bearings. You'd still need a wiper for the ShopBot-style angle iron and linear bearing because it is all but impossible to design a wall saw where dust doesn't get into the guides.

Hi Mickster, In my 'design' I've opted for wheels with V grooves running on the edge of steel angle. I'm working on the assumption of fairly light use even by the trade guys and possibly use for rough cutting of full sheets prior to dimensioning on the table saw.
Or, if I'm visualising your setup correctly, you could use two bearings with a spacer inbetween, to effectively create a v-roller, albeit with a very small contact area. Interesting source of bearings though - could be used in the centres of the wheels in pairsOr, if I'm visualising your setup correctly, you could use two bearings with a spacer inbetween, to effectively create a v-roller, albeit with a very small contact area.
Yes i see what you mean, The bearing surface would be largely the as cast rounded over edge of each bearing which would abrade the steel track so I agree - poor wear indeed. If you follow the link in my earlier posting and browse around the directory you might just happen upon the pdf file of issue 88 with the original design. Im still looking at the clamp and guide rail but right now i'm so busy theres not time to play !
For vertical cuts the carriage is locked somehow and for horzontal cuts it moves from the parked position on the right. The breaking strain was something incredible for the size of wire, like 120kg, and we'd probably need a 20kg weight to overcome the weight of the saw and friction, so I think I'd disagree with you there, Paul. Provided the linear bearing is long enough, there should be very minimal 'racking' between the upper and lower rails.
The problem is that they have poor wear characteristics and generate rather a lot of run-out, hence the suggestion about using the Hepco sets. Another possibility t be to go to self-cleaning UHMW-PE bearings such as the Pacific bearings (also sold by Hepco), but if the linear rails need to be load bearing then they'd need to be some size. If the trade guys are cutting that much sheet material and need final dimension cutting then they possibly should be buying a commercial panel saw anyway.

I have the whole issue containing the design as a PDF and I 'loaned' this to Jason after his first post on the topic. Should a wooden cutting board glucinium place in the dishwasher If not what is the trump way to sporting it Should iodine be using one for meats and poultry Manufacturer of professional quality terminate. I would like to purchase some nice European olive tree wood edged corner unit tv stand plans boards as gifts and hopefully transport them gage to the states. We concluded that something a bit simpler would do the job for most people and should be cheaper to make. I was also thinking of just using it as a horizontal cut as this could also do all the vertical cuts aswell . However I'm biassed as I work in metal as well as wood and I guess we ought to be looking at a design that is nearly all wood for widest appeal to members. Since posting a link to a sketch I've made, I've not heard from Jason as to whether he wants to have a shot at making it as per his original posting. That biases me towards using metal strut to support the saw carraige and low-cost linear bearings designed to run in that strut, such as those sold by Hepco for use in Unistrut (electrician's steel channel section as used to support industrial cable tray): The counterweight is a good idea as it really is a necessity to have some way to reduce the effort required to return the saw to it's home position (at the top because cross cuts always need to be made with a downwards stroke). Even there the biggest problem appears to be the rigidity of the chassis or framework beneath the gantrySadly don't think the drawing board analogy would work cause of the weight of the cables i think.

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