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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Our High Pressure Laminate Router Table Tops have been newly redesigned with a dual-track miter slot in the table, and a whiter, brighter finish for improved visibility. I knew surfacing the oak was going to be a pain in the butt as it has been sitting for years and years collecting dust.
I used a cheepo bench plane to remove most of the junk material before I ran It through my planer. 15 minutes or so of elbow grease later I was left with a chunk of oak with some pretty decent grain. After drilling the holes in the first frame piece I tried to slip it into place and test for fit when I noticed a lip in the front rail preventing me from putting it in.
Having the frame clamped in place I was able to get final measurements for the formica insert. By subscribing to the RSS feed you will be notified when new entries are posted on this blog. DISCLAIMER: Any posts on LJ are posted by individuals acting in their own right and do not necessarily reflect the views of LJ. While visiting the in-laws during Christmas I was able to snag a few boards out of the loft of their barn.
The first thing I did was cut off a usable section to to start milling it down for my frame. I did not want to cut it down to final length as I was still unsure at this stage how I would actually assemble the frame.

The wing is attached to the saw with 3 bolts and to the rails with one bolt on front and back.
If I were to redo the entire process I would have built the box completely first then drilled out the mounting locations. It was right about here that I decided to use pocket hole screws to attach the top to the frame.
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I can assure you the plane is in better shape after seeing this board than it was the day I got it. My original plan was to rip my frame pieces out of this but after looking at the stamped steel wing I knew the pieces needed to be closer to 2” for bolting area.
However, I built the frame in place as the top would interfere with the 3 bolts to the saw. With all the pieces pre-drilled and ready to go I removed the remaining pieces off the saw and assembled the wing on my bench. I decided I wouldn’t cut any holes in the tops until I made up my mind for what to put in them. Every kitchen today comes with a double bowl sink which is slightly larger than the size of most extension wings. I later cut a groove in the front frame piece just the same as one would cut a drawer bottom slot. They are way too long for the job but I figured I would use them and not spend any money on hardware.

I was then able to mark from the underside where I needed to rout out some room for the bolt heads. The Post Forming machine then shapes the laminate to the profile of workpiece by applying required pressure on the forming rail. To save some measuring I clamped the old wing to the new frame piece to mark the holes to drill.
When attaching the top to the frame I shot 2 brads on either side of the screw from the rail into the top and then screwed it in place.
I asked if they had any free sink hole cutouts and was able to leave with a piece of Ebony Granite Formica that matches the Porter-Cable saw great as well as a few other matching scraps I could use to make a fence down the road.
The brads will prevent the screws from lifting the adjacent piece as pocket hole screws are prone to doing without being properly clamped. So now I had my materials for free, reclaimed red oak and a free piece of cut off laminate. I am definitely putting a router in but am undecided on if I want to build a router lift or buy one.

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woodworking laminate table legs 07

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