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Logo Concept #1Logo Concept #2cikiyunn1 years agoDear Contest Holder, still need your assistance to better design. Optionally, you can include the "unlimited logo revision" option if you need further design revisions.
O Brother Where Art Thou?On summer break at Universal Studios with the 8th graders of course.
Materials storage not a problem anymore!The old shop had a storage problem (not large enough and mostly still in the weather), so when I have been saying that all our materials are free donations from the cabinet shop, free may not be the best way to describe it.
A scaled down antiqueMaybe you've gotten tired of looking at old project ideas from the past, that I used to inspire my high school classes, but there's still a few choice ones that I believe you might like and there is still a few days before my students show up, so I have a little time left to show a few more.
The Do-Nothing MachinePeople are always giving me weird things made from wood and that's certainly the case for this next project. Once you made the purchase, the designer will send you the logo package file including high-resolution design source file.

Your designer will continue improve the logo based on your instructions until it is perfect.
I don't remember how far back some of these folk art projects go, but this (antiqued) thread holder can even be switched into a pencil holder by taking off the dowels.
I had a chance one time to work a few trades with an antique dealer and picked up a full sized dresser that had a horribly dark finish on it. This is actually a cool idea I never would have previously considered for a middle school project.
When I first started making these 35 years ago, mouse trap cars weren't a new idea, but it was such a cool idea that I had to make one up so my 7th & 8th graders could also start making them. Believe it or not, students find these appealing and want to make them, but they don't usually want to antique them like this example. I looked at maps and noticed only one small dot indicating a town or collection of buildings named on the map like a town in that entire area, so it is from a very rural location that appears to have remained somewhat rural.

DivShare may be holding information (from their free users) hostage until free users agree to purchase their yearly data plan, so I'm going to start posting items directly to here. Every time something gives way, or binds up, the parts are redesigned for a stronger more stable shape and free flowing secure configuration. I would have used hickory on the undercarriage for strength but ended up using oak since it is so much easier to find in the cabinet shop scraps. I already have some students chomping at the bit to start one of these so it has definitely become a carrot.

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