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Modern Stanley Planes In Use – YouTubeModern Stanley planes have gotten a bad rap in my opinion.
Retail Casework Manufacturer Expands Its Horizons With …Modern Woodworking May 2005 Retail casework manufacturer expands its horizons with residential semi-custom closet manufacturing. Modern CarpentryModern Carpentry is a colorful, easy-to-understand source of authoritative and up-to-date information on building materials, tools, and construction methods. About Woodworking – Tips For A Perfect FinishLacquer has been used for literally thousands of years to protect woodworking projects. A New Company Culture Of Structured Organization, Work Cells …Modern Woodworking March 2005 A new company culture of structured organization, work cells and reduced inventory replaces an outdated one. Tool Set 316 For modern WoodworkingTool sets Tool set 316 for modern woodworking 56 ULMIA Tool set 316 Another tool set designed to address the most stringent demands of modern woodworking. WNC Parent Camp Guide: Asheville-area Day CampsAsheville Racquet Club offers sports, soccer and tennis camps.
Timber Framing – Wikipedia, The Free EncyclopediaThe methodology comes from making things out of logs and tree trunks without modern high tech saws to cut lumber from the starting material stock. We squeezed into a narrow isle between cubicles and gazed at the magazine spread out on the wall. The key to efficient hand tool use in the shop isto have another woodworker do the work. Matt gave a great demonstration on how he used bench jigs; a plane stop, a saw hook and a shooting board, to work efficiently with small pieces on the boxes on small cabinets he like to make.

On behalf of everyone who attended, I need to thank Matt and Mike and express how much I’m hoping we get to hang out at Fine Woodworking Live.
By Jeff Crissey Although Ace Woodworking, New Bedford, Mass., has been in business for 40 years, the company has experienced a metamorphosis in the last decade.
But any viewer who seeks a masculine role model plagued by no breach of confidence or shortage of testosterone should look elsewhere. A lacquer finish provides a hard, durable, clear finish that does a good job of protecting against water damage. By Brooke Baldwin Wisdom When Jim Wardlaw walked into Collegedale Casework three years ago, he saw the way things had been done there for the last 40 years.
In the break room Matt Kenney began by explaining the history of the magazine and a little about the great Taunton publishing empire that has grown up around it.
Matt & Mike then explained that once the articles are laid out and the draft of the magazine is assembled it is hung on the wall here for all to see. Mike showed us a very cool method of making dovetails using a custom ground table saw blade to make the tails and repeated, accurate hand saw cuts to make the pins.
I know it’ll be a great event, because the guys at Fine Woodworking are a nice bunch.
On February 17, 2012 I was lucky enough to be among a group of Modern Woodworkers to attend a private tour of the Fine Woodworking offices and shop. Everyone is then encouraged to look it over and over for mistakes, incongruities or other errors.

It also houses a 16” jointer and a monster Powermatic planer that probably weighs more than my truck. Due to space restrictions in the magazine, the articles tend to focus on the unique aspects of projects, rather then the fundamentals the projects are based on. The power tool room doesn’t get as many photos, as they try to only show tools that most readers could own.
This room gets its share of photos and it was home to the demonstrations that Matt and Mike provided. We're hoping to make events like this a more frequent occurrence, so hopefully everyone in the MWA will be able to attend one soon. They have regular, occasional articles on fundamentals to supplement the basics left out of project articles.After the talk of how the magazine is built we moved onto the meat of the tour, the workshop. As a staff member, you’re allowed use of the workshops for personal use and by all accounts all the staff does. Mike Pekovich then wrapped up the discussion of the corporate history and structure and we moved into the offices proper.

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