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The Lexington Arts and Crafts Society Woodworkers Guild has made a call for entries for a juried Woodworking Show coming up in March. The Lexington Arts and Crafts Society is a non-profit organization located on Waltham Street.
We'd like to send A GREAT BIG THANK YOU to are audience as well as all the exhibitors who participated in the 2016 Woodworking Show season!
Build A Workshop On Wheels and you'll gain 44 square feet of drawer space in only 8 square feet of floor area. Jim has been a woodworker for over 30 years and a contributing craftsman and educator for WOOD Magazine since 1997.
Chuck Bender has built period furniture designs for some of the finest homes and collections in the country. Glen Huey has nearly thirty years of woodworking experience, and focuses on 18th- and early 19th-century furniture designs. Bradley McCalister brings a comfortable style of education to the seminars that he has developed teaching and demonstrating as a professional woodturner. Bob Settich is a seasoned woodworker and author who has written five books and hundreds of articles for woodworking magazines including Fine Woodworking, WOOD, Shop Notes, Workbench, and Woodcraft.
Growing up in Wainfleet, Ontario Ethan was surrounded on all sides by the woodworking industry. Barry Gross is an artist and author who puts the fun back into turning by making it approachable and enjoyable.
The Woodworking Shows has lined up a bunch of the best woodworking presenters in the country, and along with a great line-up of tool vendors the season has, and will continue to be a blockbuster event! I know there are lots of folks who wonder why they should attend a woodworking tool show when there is plentiful information about tools and woodworking methods readily available on the web. But he also would like to take trips to musuems to take a look at and learn about historically signficant furniture.
Tommy also said that in terms of the technique, he would cover both handtool and powertool based techniques.
I can't wait to see the show but more importantly I hope Tommy gets the time to find his legs. David Marks had some interesting projects but I felt like the show came and went so fast I can’t provide any comments. Perhaps it is a case of “when the student is ready the teacher will appear”, but for me his podcasts, videos (dvds) and forum have really “clicked” with me. I’m hopeful that the production staff will infuse the success elements they had with Norm with the energy and passion of Tommy to create a long running show we can all enjoy. RalphBarker writes: I for one (and, an old one at that) hope the new show finds sponsors and is a success.
For me, ANY woodworking show is better than yet another 3-hour self-help marathon, or a ten-part mini-series on the history of the shovel. Bkmkoa1 writes: Like many of you out there, The New Yankee Workshop was one of the shows that we all have grown to love. When I first saw at this web site that they were looking into producing a new woodworking show, Great!!!! You are right Tommy is rough around the edges, but you know what he deserves a shot, Tommy just needs a scraper to take away those rough edges, he needs to slow down and be a little more patient, and I tell you what get ready for a great ride with Tommy!!! LimboP writes: I’m sorry to double post here and I realize I’m off topic, but I’m on a roll so please forgive me. LimboP writes: I watched Tommy's webcast on the bombay chest and found it to be very painful. Larrythewoodguy writes: I consider myself an average woodworker and like to watch anything to do with woodworking . He's a great beleiver in the power of the individual to push their limits beyond the safe zone and he proudly airs his screw ups and fixes when he gets over his head. Yeah, I agree Tommy is rough around the edges, sure he seems a little unprepared and forgets some names of tools while he is on camera. Whenever we leave beginning woodworkers to work alone in the shop, it’s a fair bet that when we return to check up on them, they’re working on the floor.
We’ve got at least five workbenches in our shop – not counting the three assembly tables – but the new people always seem to prefer the wide expanse of our concrete slab more than the benches. The real beauty of this bench (besides getting you off the floor) is that it can be completed using tools you likely already have in your shop.
The easiest way to make clean mortises using your drill press is to first drill a series of overlapping holes. In a nutshell, here’s how the bench goes together: The top is made from four pieces of Baltic birch plywood that are laminated together with a pine “skirt” glued around the edge. When we first went to the lumberyard, it seemed like a good idea to buy 4 x 4 posts for the legs. After picking through the mound of knotty 4 x 4s, we decided to instead make the legs by ripping a 2 x 8 and gluing up the legs to the thickness we needed. Crosscut and rip the parts you need for the base of the bench and the skirt that goes around the top. You know, it’s not often I get to use an anvil in my woodworking projects, but it was the perfect thing for gluing the top.
Now park everything in your shop that’s heavy but movable (motors, anvils, 5-gallon buckets of water) in the middle of the top.
Chris is a contributing editor to Popular Woodworking Magazine and the publisher at Lost Art Press. Christopher Schwarz has helped many of us solve some pretty frustrating problems over the years. If you were to rank woodworking projects by degree of difficulty, chairs would be at the top of the list.
At the Lie-Nielsen event here at our shop last week, Chuck Bender tracked me down and told me that a reader had arrived with his version of a Blacker House arm chair. One of the interesting things about this project is the fact that it is the first piece of furniture made by the builder. The chair was a project for his school, and in addition to building something he also needed to do research, document the process and write a detailed report. It’s easy to be cynical about the future in general and the future of woodworking in particular, until you meet folks like Jalen and his dad.

Jalen’s chair is entered in a competition with other projects from students that use the same curriculum as his school. Let me add dittos to Bob’s comments about what a good job your parents must be doing. Sommerfeld products - sawmill creek woodworking community, I attended the sommerset nj show with my fatherinlaw, and we always sit in on a few of the sommerfeld demos.
Advice on spraying polyurethane - woodworking talk, I am completely fed up with brushing polyurethane.
A bunch of little rabbit turds banding together usually just makes one bigger piece of crap.
The event called Branching Out will take place from March 13th thru the 25th at the society’s Parsons Gallery in Lexington, MA .
Consisting of nine independent guilds for different disciplines, the organization hosts regularly scheduled showings, fundraisers and meetings.
Woodcraft of Woburn is the event’s sponsor and there are prizes for the winners in various categories.
The planning for next season is underway and we'll be announcing the schedule as soon as it's available. If you're looking to learn how to create your own one of a kind pen make sure to catch Barry's seminars happening daily at every Woodworking Show. On top of that, you'll also add an 8 square foot workbench and stow tools in a 9 cubic foot upper cabinet. He has been contributing editor for Fine Woodworking since 2002, where he is a frequent writer of tool-test articles and a road warrior for The Woodworking Shows. He shares his woodworking knowledge as a teacher, writer, editor and video host in addition to being a master craftsman for thirty years. He is an editor, author and writer who has the ability to turn complicated techniques into easy to follow steps. Much of Ron's woodworking knowledge comes from his progression through a formal apprenticeship to attain the rank of Master.
With a tool inventor as a father it's no surprise that he naturally became sensitive to the needs of woodworkers. Chisel, from his days hosting a series of web videos first at Bob Villa's website and currently at his own website.
He mentioned that what he'd like to do is have other woodworkers come along with him to the museum and that they would get something like a behind-the-scenes look at the furniture and perhaps even get to meet with the curator or other expert to discuss a particular piece or a particular design aspect (like a ball and claw foot).
He is partial to period furniture, but would love to follow the history of American furniture from the colonial period right through the most avante-garde contermpary makers. He added that like many woodworkers, he makes use of both in his work and believes that both have a place in the shop. Tommy is an incredibly talented craftsman that has a passion for teaching and getting people involved in woodworking. Norm’s show was great, but when he built a project that required tools that were out of my price or space range well that’s when my interest was lost. I did learn from watching Norm but at that time much of what he was teaching was probably lost on my lack of skill and understanding. I travel a lot with my job and don't really get much shop time; however, I appreciate each minute.
I think it's misguided to attempt to compare the proposed show to New Yankee or any other show, simply because they share a basic topic.
While he did not exude the energy that Tommy has, Norm was a great teacher and I am sure a bulk of us would agree we learned a lot (I sure did). There is so much content on the web why would you want to tune into a PBS program that will be pre-empted every time they go on their begging for dollars routine. There is no question that he is a very talented artist, but seems to lack the skills to be a good teacher. Norm's early shows and techniques were questionable at best but people stuck with him, Tommy deserves the same chance.
If you’re low on clamps, you can use 5-gallon buckets of water (they are quite heavy) in the middle, the four cauls discussed in the article and C-clamps along the edges. And I’ve been striving to make each one more versatile, rock solid, inexpensive and quick to build than the last. If you go all the way with the finger joints, your best bet is to lay out and cut the joint on one member and then use that joint to lay out your cut lines on its mate.
And that 24 hours includes everything, too, including the two hours we spent picking out the wood and sawing it to rough length on a dolly in the parking lot of Home Depot.
For this project, your must-have tools include a table saw, a drill press, a corded drill and some basic hand tools.
Then go back and clean up the waste between these holes several times until the bit can slide left to right in the mortise without stopping.
On the bench’s pine base, the end rails are joined to the legs using pegged mortise-and-tenon joints.
But when we got there (and later called around to other lumberyards in the city) we discovered that the only 4 x 4s available in yellow pine were #2 common, which has more knots than the #1 pine (also sold as “prime” or “top choice” in some yards). Squirt a sizable amount onto one piece of plywood and spread the adhesive until you’ve got a thin and even film. Clamp four or so cauls (a clamping aid) across the width of the top to put even more pressure in the middle.
They aren’t like boxes or tables with nice square corners and predictable sizes of component parts – everything on a chair is odd.
When Chuck told me who the maker was, I was surprised because I had been reading about this project online on the Greene & Greene group on Yahoo! Jalen’s dad, Jeff, provided guidance and use of his shop and tools, but stepped back and let the kid do the work.
You’ll  need to do some research, seek some advice and separate the wheat from the chaff in the answers you receive. The deadline for entry in February 29th and the entry form can be found here on the society’s website. If you would like to show your stuff at the Branching Out woodworking show you need to act fast as the deadline for entry is rapidly approaching! Both will serve him well as the host of new woodworking show being produced by WGBH in Boston.

Tommy is a great furniture maker, but he knows that there are others who are better than him, especially when it comes to speciality tasks like carving and marquetry.
The idea is that the experts could explain techniques, discuss design, or exlpore the history of a particular style, technique, or design element. He would also like to explore non-traditional techniques and tools, like CNC fabrication which is now being used creatively by small shops and individual furniture makers. We need a woodworking show that shows how to do woodworking on small projects with tools that are in the reach of everyone.
Although some older feathers may be ruffled by Tommy's youth and exuberance, those qualities may well appeal to a younger crowd and accomplish something similar to what Norm did in the past. There are many websites out there right now that have great tips and detailed info to make us all better woodworkers. I live in the DC area and every single time they go telethon the woodworking block disappears for a month. When I started woodworking I had my grandfather’s fully outfitted bench, but my first few projects were built on the floor of our back porch, my assemblies propped up on a couple 4 x 4s. If you have a jointer and planer, the project will go faster because you can easily dress your lumber to size and eliminate any bowing or warping. The end assemblies attach to the front and back rails using an unglued mortise-and-tenon joint with big old bench bolts – it’s quite similar to a bed in construction.
Now glue up and clamp the parts for the legs and get out your clamp collection and some buckets (yes, buckets) to glue up the top. We glued it up one layer at a time to keep things under control and to ensure we could eliminate as many gaps as possible. Place the plywood’s mating piece on top and drive in four nails near the edges to keep everything aligned as you clamp it down.
If you were then to rank chairs by degree of difficulty, those produced in the workshop of Peter and John Hall for the homes designed by Charles and Henry Greene would be at the top of that list.
Fortunately, Jalen Waggoner of Frankfort, Ind., had the determination to ignore that kind of advice and forged ahead. This is the work of an extraordinary kid, and when a young man is willing to take this kind of risk, ask for help and act on it, produce excellent work and present it in meaningful words and pictures, a lot of the credit has to go to the family that raised him. You’ll need to stretch yourself and risk wasting some time and material without any guarantee of success. 2015 illinois art and craft shows in chicago, rockford, This illinois craft show schedule is constantly updated and features a list of the biggest and best craft shows in illinois including indoor art fairs, christmas.
His work has appeared in Design Book Six and Design Book Seven, and his shop was featured in The Workshop by Taunton Press. Tommy and WGBH, the public television station in Boston, plan to make a new woodworking show. I know first hand that he is a great woodworker and his personality is well-suited for television (to say the least). Tommy would like viewers to learn about the entire craft and if that means they learn it from someone other than Tommy, then so be it. Tommy would also like to give audience members a chance to participate by inviting on screen to try their hands at the technique being taught. It's a shame that people can't get past the fact that he has a personality and a sense of humor.
The type of woodworking that’s needed is the one that develops skills that can be used on those big projects when needed. To test my theory, Assistant Editor Kara Gebhart and I built this bench with a $180 budget and just 24 hours of working time in the shop. Jalen can do that kind of thing because he is at an age where anything is possible; he just turned 14 a few months ago. I have zero complaints about it so far, it handles my finish nailers and brad nailers just fine.. Projects like sawhorses, tool storage cabinets, workbenches, router tables, and small book cases.
If all the lads or organizations I mentioned in my previous post could come together and form a consortium or network everyone would win!
Fine Woodworking should be the leader in starting an internet TV network dedicated to woodworkers.
If you’re wondering how long this took, the project started last summer, and he has about 170 hours into it so far. I’m grateful that a 14-year-old talked his dad into loading his chair into the car and taking it for a road trip last Friday, and that my original assessment was dead wrong.
Using tools like a jigsaw, hand planes, drills, circular saw, table saw, router, and chisels.
The economics of such a network wouldn’t be at all different from how cable networks operate right now.
He can do it and if his show has the right chemistry and the right structure, it could be phenomenal!He needs a Russ Morash to pull this off. The upside is that with everyone joining together, advertising costs would be shared and each site would reach a larger audience than they ever could on their own. As someone who spent 30 years in the TV biz, this whole thing reminds me of the emergence of cable into the broadcast arena. I spent 30 years in the TV biz and a lot of that time was spent as the marketing director for one of the most successful cable networks in the country. Woodworking Show In Collinsville Il Sommerfeld products - sawmill creek woodworking community, I attended the sommerset nj show with my fatherinlaw, andRead More.. That and a $1.00 will get you a cheap cup of coffee, but I do know that Tommy would be better off dropping the dinosaur and developing his own brand with a good producer and better production value. Imagine an online network that had Mark Spagnola, David Marks, Tommy MacDonald, Charles Neil, Gary Rogowski, John White and any one else you could imagine all on demand for one subscription price. If anyone is interested in starting the ball rolling, I would love to be a part of history in the making!
Do many of you really feel you are more qualified to pick a host than the executives at WGBH?

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