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New york store locations – rockler, Shop for woodworking tools, plans, finishing and hardware online at rockler woodworking and hardware. In any case - we were chuffed, we put together the pop-up store, there was a massive party of mostly younger, hipper people than myself, and now the pop-up is open to the general public.
We don't know how long the pop-up will be up - certainly for the next month - and they are open on weekends too. In many cases, an invention is so deceptively simple that perhaps, to a layperson, it is a stretch to believe that the concept could be successfully patented.
This type of wooden plane with an adjustable sole is uncommon, although some user-made examples have been observed. It is interesting that Cole's original concept for a flexible sole was replicated some 20+ years later, and then for more than 100 years it was the standard for a flexible-sole mechanism for circle planes. The nature of my invention, consists in an improvement in the construction of the plane, by which I am enabled to curve the face of the plane either concave or convex, and regulate the face of the said plane so as to plane various curves with the same plane. In operating this plane, the face plate (c) is set to the desired curve, by pushing the pieces (d) down, these are then confined in their places, by a screw (e) upon the ends of the plane as represented.
The adjustable metallic spring plate, secured to the face of the plane for the purpose of planing with one plane, various curves either concave or convex, substantially as herein described and set forth. Craft supplies, craft cds and tools for card making and, Welcome to crafter’s companion sara davies (nee johnson) graduated from the university of york management school with first class honours. The wood-shop, the woodworkers online tool store, There are lots of side beads (moulding planes) on the market; two of them can be seen here.

The pop-up has limited inventory of all the Gramercy Products, a few of the more popular books, and our totes and t-shirts. Many of us remember the marketing craze associated with the Pet Rock™ in the '70s, but it took more than 30 years for the name to be registered and trademarked. Cole of New York, New York, sought with patent #5,620, dated June 6, 1848, to modify a hand-planing device to plane a convex or concave shape as well as plane surfaces.
In practice, most users who were required to cut specific radii, external or internal, would have either made or altered an existing wooden plane or used a spokeshave. Orr has been a collector, user and student of woodworking and metalworking tools and practices for more than 40 years. To the face thus prepared I attach a plate of metal (c), at the center, the length and width of the plane; at the center there is a slot cut across through which the edge of the cutting iron may pass.
It will be seen that concave and convex surfaces can be planed by this instrument, and that it can be adjusted to any desired curve, as set forth and described above.
However on further questioning Nepenthes New York, whose signature brand is Engineered Garments, explained that our tool sensibilities, high end, traditional, US made & etc. They are also stocking a very high end t-shirt, printed on one of their shirts using a unique design we created for them. At each end of the plate (c) there is a slide (d) connected, which passes up against the front and back of the plane, beneath a plate of brass, space being left sufficient to allow it to pass up and down.
The display includes some of the tools and jigs we use for making our saws and hammers, something we have never displayed before.

New York, NY (between 8th and 9th avenues, near both Penn Station and Times Square, on the uptown side of the street, fairly near 8th Avenue.
They, along with boatbuilders, worked on curved surfaces and most used purpose-built tools. There is unfortunately no way for you to test the tools, but remember we we have a money back guarantee on everything we sell. While in this case it was only the name that was trademarked, it is not unreasonable to think that in the future other areas could be exploited and regulated. Even for someone such as myself, whose wife buys most of my clothing, it's a real pleasure poking around their flagship store.
The premise of the patent shown here is something that any tradesperson or hobbyist would have naturally discovered and perhaps acted upon. Only with the advent of mass-produced adjustable-sole metal planes by 1870 did planes of this type appear with greater frequency. It's a small store, the brand "Engineered Garments" is only distributed in a few limited boutiques in the US and abroad, but it's pretty obvious when you look at their stuff that there is a real difference in the quality of their clothing and what is generally available in even a better department store. In no way is this a comment on the inventor; he saw the opportunity and reacted with swiftness.

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woodworking tools york pa hours

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