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All Freeform stands use stainless steel and nickel plated stainless steel to protect the hardware from rusting even in environments like restaurants where water and chemical cleaners are commonplace. From salons and clothing stores to coffeehouses and bike shops, the Freeform stand is right at home.
Check out the Freeform iPad Stand for Square Register hard at work in Roots Coffeehouse North Richland Hills and Highland Village. COMPANY Founded in 1980 and located in the northwest corner of Washington State, Northstar Woodworks is recognized as one of the premier custom door and window shops on the west coast.
Our craft brings together the ancient art of woodworking with 21st century technology to create doors and windows of timeless beauty and contemporary functionality.
As builders of luxury homes and wineries, it is imperative for us to seek out and work with companies that hold our same philosophy toward workmanship, uncompromising quality and commitment to our clients.
Walker Warner Architects aspires to create enduring residential architecture that inspires living with a reverence for craft. NorthStar WoodWorks is professional in approach, cooperative in demeanor, meticulous in detail and dependable in the delivery of their product. This entry was posted in furniture, link and tagged coffee tables, furniture, MTH Woodworks. It’s not always always an easy job finding new and interesting creatives to talk about, a lot of the time you stumble across the same individuals that are doing great things. As you can imagine my bookshelf is overflowing with Japanese books and I always pick out one that even though I can’t read I can still see objects and gain some knowledge through imagery. I found quite a few things that I liked about the pieces, firstly the detailing is incredible as you can see all the handmade marks. Shawn { just my two cents, never owned a B&S but I do own a Craftsman mower with a Honda engine.

Freeform iPad stands use carbon fiber ribs and ultra-strong neodymium magnets to make sure they remain strong through the ups and downs of business.
With the capacity and experience to handle most residential projects, our journey has brought us into some of the finest homes being built today.
We often become involved in the design process and can share with you what our years of fenestration experience has taught us.  Nothing except our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction is etched in stone.
When I first met Frank Chambers of Northstar Woodworks in 1999 it was immediately apparent that we spoke the same language.  Since then, we have worked together consistently on a multitude of diverse projects. In order to succeed, we are in constant search of partners and collaborators that support this vision and goal. I have been continually impressed with their level of professionalism, craftsmanship, detail, artistry, and technique. And their attention to detail is not limited to their product but has always extended into the manner in which they have dealt with me as a customer. One place I’ve always been fascinated by is Japan and Japanese culture, mainly their way of life and also their simplicity in design. I often find the photography that the Japanese use to be fantastic as it offers an insight into the details and the lifestyle element, just like these pictures here today that I’m showcasing. One that struck me as pure genius was this coffee spoon above and below where you can see all the line marks that he’s carved away to make a smooth round shape. The demos cover traditional woodworking without juice (read: hand tools) and some frontier-style woodworking to get the blood flowing the old-fashioned way -– sweat and hard work. Online entry will set you back $9, or if you’re a spur-of-the-moment type it’s $12 at the door.
Protect your iPad and enhance your customer experience with a POS stand like you’ve never seen before.

We began working with Northstar Woodworks in the mid-1990’s and have found a trusted partner in the essential realm of door and window design and construction.
You could possibly match it up to the Scandinavian aesthetic in some ways but the history revolving around a lot of their crafts is extremely inspiring, also, in my opinion, you find that the craftsmen have a very different way of going about things and are extremely dedicated to their craft. These were bundled across from Toki no Kumo, a gallery type shop in Japan that specialises in different handmade objects such as ceramics, lacquerware, glassware, and ironware. I love this sort of thing as it adds character and makes you feel at one with the maker, something I don’t feel all that often anymore. Either way it’s a fun time that costs about the same as a movie and will most likely entertain you all day. Together we have built a lasting relationship that has resulted in many very successful projects.
They also sell some great wooden pieces, in-particular this set by Yoshiyuki Kato blew me away.
Secondly, the different colours in the wood are very beautiful, they give the spoons, plates and homewares that extra lift and makes each one individual and different. One allen wrench, four screws, and about a minute is all it takes to install or remove your iPad 2, 3, or 4 and Square card reader.

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