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Eioi?iaoey i?i onoaiiaeo e caiaio nenoai ioiieaiey.Aaeuiua ?aeiiaiaaoee io iiuoiuo niaoeaeenoia. First of all, few woodworkers veneer boards nowadays as they can buy them already veneered with lots of different dimensions and types of wood like ash, birch, oak etcetera.Also we barely veneer plywood but just mdf or chipboard.

I need to bond the veneer right away and ive done some Hot Iron work and it does well on a wood sub straight., however some repairs i make i have to use a body filler to do a repair such as major 90 degree curves, i call a waterfall. I found also on veneers the wood does creep ,especially paper backed and after a nice finish , 6 months down the road the finish cracks, mostly with lacquers.

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woodworkweb.com woodworking video

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