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I built my folding work bench using a solid core door blank ( pretty cheap if you can find one that is messed up on the face or edges) some door hinges attached to the wall and for legs I used 1" black pipe that screws into the bases attached to the bottom side of the door. In that case he could just park outside, keep all his stuff where its at, and let her park inside.
Some hinges and a couple of 2x4s - the legs attach under the front with some allthread and wing nuts.
My concerns were not to let the hinges support much when it was in the 'down and pounding' position, and to try and consider the best way to carry force down from the surface to the floor. The angled support goes all the way to the edge of the bench in the posted plans, but not in mine.
I'm considering using two of the Harbor Freight 13 drawer tool boxes as bases for a workbench. Whenever you get a big-ticket item from HF, do a quick Google search and you can almost always dig up a 20% off coupon that you can print out and bring with you. I could weld a frame together, add some accuride slides, but have not found any decent drawers. I got them to honor the price that they have listed for the middle of the month and I used the 25%coupon today. Great minds talk about ideas, average minds talk about events, small minds talk about people. 7) On the parking side, I've got a table I use to hold my router -- and sometimes for cutting with the miter saw. 9) And speaking of out of the way, I've also recently put in a hydraulic lift table, which comes up to the height of the other benches and can function as one, in a pinch. A bit OT, but it looks like you've got the same Hobart cover and the same "Deluxe" welding cabinet from Northern that I've got. I just got my setup, so I can't evaluate, but I liked the deluxe cabinet better than some of the others.

I have nothing remarkable bench-wise, but I plan t build a heavy topped steel fabricating bench some time when my new 'shop is done. A bit like this one in construction, with storage and stuff underneath, welder maybe, but four inner castors that are out of the way.. I've decided to use some gift cards I received for and build myself a new workbench for out in the garage.
When I needed more space in the garage and scaled back on wood working projects, I gave the bench to a neighbor.
I built a bench out of plywood and 2 x 4s I used it for over 30 years in a commercial trans. While my big bench currently holds my 3-in-1 sheet metal machine (1200 pounds), I built it to serve as a general workbench or assembly table, once I build a custom metal bench for the machine.
Recently purchased some new tools and currently reorganizing The Aerodrome Studio, my metalworking studio in a 2-car garage, where I build riveting projects.
The wheels came in handy when rolling it out into the driveway to work on in nice weather, and also when my neighbor towed it home with his 3-wheeler. This bench is designed to hold just about any size or shape of workpiece at whatever angle you need.
You are currently viewing our boards as a guest which gives you limited access to view most discussions and access our other features. You could park outside, keep your toolchest and workbench inside and occasionally put your car inside when you work on it.
With all the metal work I do I didnt think it would be a good idea to have the vises mounted directly to the boxes . Receiver tubing in the corners for mounting tools (planishing hammer, shrinkers, beverly shear, vise, etc).
The poster might not have seen other threads, if he gets one idea that helps someone it's worth it.

By joining our free community you will have access to post topics, communicate privately with other members (PM), respond to polls, upload content and access many other special features. Make the top slightly larger than the boxes so if you spill something on the top, it doesn't run down the front of the boxes into the drawers.
If you want to go a little over kill, just use lag bolts to bolt the legs onto the cross members. The leg vise works in conjunction with a sliding board jack to hold even large boards on edge for work with a hand plane. For the swivel I used Door hinges bolted to the table top and to another 2x4 that I lagged to the wall.
This massive, solid-wood bench will absorb the forces of any hand-tool operation without a wobble or a shake.
If you have any problems with the registration process or your account login, please contact contact us. For the Legs I also used 2x4's that were bolted to the outer sides of the table with locking nuts allowing them to swivel. There is always give and take in a relationship but messin with a man's garage is unacceptable!
I was thinking something that attaches to the wall with legs that also fold, then folds up or down to get it out of the way. It wouldn't have to stand up to rebuilding big blocks but I'd like it to be better than a board on sawhorses.

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