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Contractor BAM Construction was supposed to hand the keys to the attraction to Bristol City Council in April, but the work was reportedly not up to the council's standards, leading to four months of delays.
The museum a€“ which has been funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund (A?11.3m), the city council, Renaissance South West and The Museums, Libraries and Archives Council a€“ will tell the citya€™s history from ancient times to the present.
Now that job is finished I have made a start on the shed workshop which is at the rear of the shed. The workshop is a feature of most Midland railway roundhouses and was used to repair the small Midland railway locos up until grouping and continued to do so through LMS days - although by then major jobs went to the works. The workshop at Bristol was a 4 bay version - I have only found one photo taken inside showing a Sentinel - either 47190 or 47191 - these engines were used on the Avonside branch as were the L&Y Pugs. During the post war II period the Workshop carried out minor repair work but latterly had a wheel lathe so that wheels sets removed on the wheel drop could be rolled into the workshop for turning.
I have added an internal wall to the building as I have since discovered there was a seperate smith's shop at the roundhouse end of the buidling. Interesting, the doors look like French windows, and don't look large enough to admit a loco.
As far as I know when the Sentinel's went to Barrow Road for maintenance they had their chains were removed and were marshalled within one of the good trains (presumably to Westerleigh?). With regards to 51202 I believe it was only at Radstock for a limited period (3 months?) in 1952, I am unaware that it visited prior or post to this visit. I can't quite make out the steps which Kempenfelt mentions**, but in my (fairly extensive) experience of heavy engineering workshops, access to manned overhead cranes was always by scary looking vertical ladders rather than steps. Hopefully house re-painting won't be required for a while, so we've got you back modelling?
I'd certainly interested in seeing that photo of the Sentinel in transit, if you do manage to track it down.
I agree it would be an unusual set of steps for the crane, I guess there's the possibility that the crane was nolonger in use and that they'd used the beam to mount mezanine? These files are stored on your computer and help remember your login name, display name and the site content that you have already read or contributed to.
To confirm your understanding and acceptance of this please click on OK to continue using the site. Something a little different on the blog today, although very interesting and of course I still manage to sneak in some pretty flowers for you!

Working for yourself I think it is so easy to get engrossed in the running of the weddings, which is great as they are my passion and I love nothing more than beautifully preparing and delivering a happy couples flowers on their big day.
I was inspired as soon as I set foot in the building, a space called Brixton East, in Brixton where everyone commented what a cool place this would be for a florist workshop! Alongside the social media information which was presented in an articulate, informative yet simple and easy to understand way, I came away having met some great florists who I swapped stories with and exchanged experiences which again added to the relevant nature of the course, knowing that we were all in the same boat!
Behind the scenes at The Rose Shed, flower inspiration, real life weddings, and general ramblings of a Somerset florist.
Built to a high specification, our Garden Workshops are amongst the highest quality Garden Buildings you will find for the price, every aspect of our Garden Workshops are designed with quality and value in mind. All of Sheds Direct products are fully T&G construction (including floor, wall and roof) we do not use sheet or composite materials! I've just had a 16ft by 10ft workshop put in and to say that I am over the moon wouldn't be doing justice to the high quality build, or to the A1 service I received.
You will note I have made two sets of doors open and intend to make them operational - these are on bays 2 & 4.
The small (loco) turntables are an interesting operational issue in combination with the operational doors (French windows, as someone put it). Perhaps the Midland railway was more thoughtful in this respect - but I doubt it! Steps would normally only be provided where regular access - such as a mezanine floor - was required. I seem to spend all my spare time hospital visiting, so layout progress has virually stopped.
Must say, the top landing looks about level with the crane track, so perhaps they were for crane access after all?
However, I think it is so important to address your business and your journey and focus on where you are going next. From the beautiful floral plates from Anthropolgie that we ate our lunch off of to the thoughtful goody bags filled with ribbon and stunning vases from Serax and LSA. Thank you to Rona and Fiona who have both inspired me so much and made me look at my business in a fresh and exciting way, it is amazing what a day out of the workshop can do… bring on those autumnal October weddings and the on going floral journey at The Rose Shed. It was such a pleasure to spend time with you at the workshop and I’m thrilled that you enjoyed the day. Like you I really appreciated the time away from normal life to think things through – the only downside is my To Do list is now much longer.

It came a long way from Yorkshire to Buckinghamshire but our research in comparing the specifications to those from other companies was well worth while. If you have any doubts about what your getting do not worry , the build quality of the structure is exceptional. On re-reading my entry I've changed my mind as I suspect that these steps were in fact access to the overhead crane, the track of which being evident in the right hand corner of the picture. Again I believe 51202 was chosen due to the restrictions on the running line at Tyning Arch and the fact that 51202 sported a cut down cab. I know there are motorised wagons to replicate "fly shunting", but are you going to have self propelled wheel-sets going for turning???
It was there for much of the 30s, going to Derby in 1937 and returning to Bath (for Radstock in 1938).
As a self employed florist social media has become very important to me and my business as a way of connecting with the outside world and sharing my floral work, therefore as soon as I read about this workshop I knew it would be so relevant and interesting I signed up!
Lunch was amazing: wholesome, healthy, tasty and it looked so pretty and colourful with viola flowers on the cakes and nasturtium flowers on the salad created for us by Maddie Hatton. I was concerned over an Internet order but there was no need to be compared to my local suppliers Sheds • • • Direct offer a far superior product and I would order another shed from Kevin tomorrow if I needed to. In 1939-41 it was at Gloucester, thereafter it was mostly at Radstock though appears to have been moved around quite a bit. It was this attention to detail that added so much more to the day in making this a fun and inspiring place to learn. It was seen at Burton in 1948 and returned to Barrow Road in October 1952 to replace 47190. By which time, of course it was numbered 51202, so this may include the period you refer to. It was apparently adapted to fit under Tyning Arch, presumably in 1931, but the sources I have seen only mention a shorter chimney, not cab modifications.

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