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This just in… Fine Woodworking just received word that the New Yankee Workshop is ending after 21 seasons on PBS according to Patrick Ramirez, a spokesperson for WGBH Boston. Woodworking TV 2.0If you thought woodworking TV died with the retirement of the New Yankee Workshop, think again. But, if this news is getting you down, it’s not too late to see this woodworking icon up close and personal in just a few days. And, New Yankee plan fans can continue to buy projects plans at the New Yankee Web site as well as order DVDs, find Q&As, etc. So, now audience, back to you… what are your thoughts on the New Yankee's retirement? If the show were presented as a sustained, continuous webinar, it would be possible to reinvent "the show" (I'd surmise that it would be at least a complete reboot of the show and more likely a relaunch) with far lower levels of financial underwriting than would be necessary for television distribution.
PBS you need to continue this as there are a lot of us out there that watch Norm and enjoy this hobby. We can only hope for a Brett Favre like return(s) or maybe pbs can show the series from the first to the last episode.
01191943 writes: Always looked forward to seeing Norm in that dream workshop, but I suppose this is the result of the suits on the TV networks that think it is time for young blood to reach their intended audience, BIG mistake, I would far rather watch Norm who has the years of experience and knowledge that comes with working with wood. Rvette writes: Norm, I join everyone else in saying how sorry I am that your show cannot continue. Find hundreds of detailed woodworking plans for new yankee workshop woodworking projects woodworking works to help with your furniture projects, and video instructions that walk you step-by-step through the woodworking process with detailed blueprints and plans.
Norm Abram, of New Yankee Workshop, builds a garage workshop in this 2 part episode of New Yankee Workshop. PART I - ROUTERS 101 All things routers in this 2 part series presented by Norm Abram of The New Yankee Workshop. PART 2 Norm Abram (New Yankee Workshop) builds a garage workshop in this 2 part episode of New Yankee Workshop.

Therefore you’re thinking you want to teach woodworking Woodworking fundament be antiophthalmic factor play and hearty hobbyhorse but it can also be quite a frustrating workbench plans new yankee workshop. Patch observance The New Yankee Workshop one evening while eating then off I went to the bookstore to pick up the first NYW book which included the plans for.
Woodworking Plans Extending Table 16" table saw extension kit by peachtree woodworking, Tight for space?
Woodworking Equipment Nz Macma machinery : new zealand woodworking machinery, Importers and manufacturers of quality woodworking machinery located in auckland, new zealand. Fine Woodworking featured host Norm Abram on the cover twice, once in 2008 when the series celebrated its 20th anniversary. FW published a profile on Abram in 1993 (FWW #99) and more recently Abram wrote an article about crafting your dream kitchen in 2008 (FWW #196). I have done woodwork since I was a child and enjoyed Norm and the New Yankee Workshop weekly show.
It's a light weight, yet sturdy, assembly table that is easily raised up on casters to move around the shop as necessary. Although he does get some help finishing the projects, Norm does the wood working all by himself. Norm puts an end to this common viewer lament when he shows how to turn an average garage bay into a great home workshop.
The design is from a 2009 issue of woodworkers Journal and I really like the sliding dovetail support leg.
Tutorial starts at the very basics of set up, types and uses winding through using a router table and making raised panel doors. Relieve workshop plans fresh yankee Download the best rated plans woodwork projects country wall shelf. The staff at The novel Yank Workshop is committed to providing excellent Continue to check back for next weeks program & newly specials.

In Norm Stories, a former editor at Fine Woodworking, recounts how Abram got him into woodworking after an appearance at Good Morning America.
Norm knew what to do,how to do it, and when to do it.Saturday mornings are not the same without NYW! The mechanism for the caster assembly was borrowed from a nearby scenic shop where mobility is essential.
Sometimes that?s not easy, so Norm finally decided to enlist the help of some workers who never show up for work late, never get tired, andare willing to work until the job is done.
Near projects shown on The New Yankee Workshop has angstrom unit corresponding measured drawing with entirely the dimensions you leave need to build a replication of Norm’s. Thank you for subscribing to my chanel friends perform not forget to tell your friends about it. Also with the table, Norm creates a storage cart for his collection of woodworker's clamps. Note: This is a complete step by step of the build, detailing each step of the construction.
I rarely learn anything of value from this old house but the techniques I have learned from Yankee are numerous and invaluable. So often I have been confronted with a woodworking dilemma in my woodworking hobby that you have solved for me.
One quickly purchased the newly Yankee-Doodle Workshop contrive Book and started to build a workbench based on the plans in that book workbench plans new yankee workshop. I would also like to know who took the show off so we could lobby for a return--or at least re-run the shows again.

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