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The durable and contemporary design of the Duramax 00614 4'x8' Sidemate Shed makes it an easy choice when looking for backyard storage needs.
The Duramax 00111 and 00114 Duramate Shed is the answer to maintenance-free outdoor storage for unique backyards and urban communities. The Duramax 00311 Duramate Shed is the simple solution to your maintenance-free outdoor storage needs and is perfect for your backyard. The DuraMax 10.5'W x 8'D WestChester vinyl storage shed features double walled panels and a steel structure roof support that provides superior strength and usability. The versatile Duramax 00214 Woodbridge Shed is 10' wide giving you a perfect shed for storing your bikes, mowers and even some boats. Shed Town USA is the premier resource for Wood Outdoor Storage Sheds, Duramax Vinyl Storage Sheds, Arrow and Duramax Metal Storage Sheds, Suncast Garden Sheds, Lifetime Vinyl Storage Sheds, Vinyl Garages, Portable Sheds, & Shelters, Greenhouses, Cedar Sheds and other outdoor products.

We strive to give all of our customers the highest quality storage sheds, shelters and outdoor products for the lowest possible price.
Please feel free to browse our Lifetime and Duramax sheds and other outdoor products and contact us with any questions or comments.
Constructed of durable all-weather vinyl in Sandy Beige which eliminates the need for painting, treating or maintenance.
Each unit includes a dark green molded floor, a 72" high interior and a double-wide door set. Each unit includes a dark green molded floor, a 72" high interior and a doublewide door set.
At 8' wide and with just over 6' in height it's designed to fit your yard and budget without compromising quality.

At 8' wide and designed to fit your budget without compromising quality, it has a wall height to keep harmony with your neighbors.
The wall columns are reinforced with a solid metal structure making it stronger as well as easy to hang shelves or garden tools.
All products are shipped for free to you directly from the manufacturer, including those from Lifetime and Duramax.

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yardmate shed prices canberra

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