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Together, the major project combined with my overall performance of exams, an overall mark of 90 was achieved. First reason is that it was until I actually sat down at the desk I noticed it was really tall.
I did woodwork in year 11 and 12 last year and if you are looking for high marks you need to do complicated joints such as dovetails and mitre joints and not the simple butt joint. Karen's Treasures is victimization Pinterest an online pinboard to collect and easy woodwork projects for kids.

Has to be something decent size and not too easy, was thinking a coffee table or something, who knows.
At the start of my project, I knew I wanted to go to uni and I had an interest in IT previously so instantly I started designing a study desk. I made a storage box with a lid with dovetails and i got a pretty high mark, Higher than my friend who built a desk.
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The outside come up cool ideas for outside crafts that will save the kids Discover cool crafts and more on easy woodwork projects for kids.

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year 7 woodwork projects ideas

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