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Casual sectional sofa featuring lots of puffy cushions to sink in and enjoy blissful sitting experience.
This L-shaped sofa with chaise and classic roll armrests features solid, laminate wooden frame and removable sleep cover, available in many colors. This sectional sofa is a functional element that brings the simple, but also luxury style into the living room. Paidge 2-Piece Sectional #westelm - chaise can be put on the left, comes in tons of fabrics!
I needed a place where I could get away from the noise and activity of the home to be surrounded by things that inspired me. So last year I transformed my tiny boring office from what was actually more like a storage room to a happy colorful space for creative dreaming. I adore my beloved Anthro curtains, framing the large window where I look outside to dream every day. I smile at the special reminders of things I love scattered throughout the room, each holding a memory or a laugh. I especially love seeing the chandelier in my office and now my yellow chair just down the hall from my kitchen every day.

For my privacy notice and full disclosure of blog policies, advertising, copyright, sponsored links, and trademarks, please see my blog policy page! Turn any guest room into a stylish and relaxing escape with design inspiration from our designers and experts.
The roomy galley boasts a custom molded, one piece counter top, dry food locker and overhead cup storage.
It's an upgrade from the leather castoff couch in their old house, and the canvas cushions and L-shape allow for comfy TV watching. I love the colours (especially the wall) and the button chairs and new yellow chair are perfect for your space. The different colored pieces makes them unique and very different than the “normal same color all over” type of wood floor!
Kolor A›ciany jest pomalowany na BM Arrow Wood, poduszka z czerwonym koralem jest z Belle Escape, turkusowe akcenty sA… z Z Gallerie. The skipper will find the familiar traditional pedestal steering station with a 40 inch stainless wheel. And a room where my girls and I could shut the door, hang out together, laugh really loud, listen to girlie music, light good smelling candles, and dream a little bit bigger.

We all deserve that, whether it is a corner of a room or a an entire office or creative space!
Three cedar lined hanging lockers and three huge double berths allow plenty of room for crew and overnight guests.
A room where we could eat ice cream behind closed doors, and not have to share it with the boys of the house. The oversize anchor locker comes with a standard electric windlass and new heavier anchor roller. Large two speed primary and secondary winches allow crew members to adjust sail trim single-handed. At the end of the day, the skipper will appreciate the standard Dutchman mainsail containment system. This uncommonly large compartment provides plenty of storage space, as well as hot water shower and seat.

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yellow storage room escape walkthrough neodots

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