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You can learn more about a variety of the most popular 3D Printers on Amazon’s 3D printer best seller page. Subscribe free to 3D Engineer & download our innovation toolkit to help you create new ideas. Social media is becoming a big part of the property management industry here in New Zealand.
There are several different social media media that are typically in use: Facebook, Linkedin, blogging your own site, Twitter and then YouTube.

YouTube is fast becoming a big part of property management business throughout both Australia and New Zealand.  Feel free to have a browse online to see what some of your competitors are doing and in other cases aren’t doing. Outside the benefits of time saving and shorter turn around with letting stock, you get to promote your business online along with assisting your SEO or internet rankings. You can subscribe to other property management agencies’ YouTube channels for ideas and also to keep a tab on who’s doing what in your market place. There is a privacy setting when you upload videos – if you do not want the general public to see something then ensure you are not uploading content for public use.

Good examples of what you should upload for public viewing include promotional videos, testimonials and properties “to let”. In this mini-series i’ll try to cover the most important spots while Luk builds his iTopie i3!

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youtube building your own shed

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