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The young, enthusiastic team hosted an event in NYC to celebrate Carbon’s launch last week, showing off some Weebly success stories. The improvements to the mobile app come in addition to new themes, a new dashboard, and external app integration for websites on the platform. If you’re interested, you can download the app on the iOS App Store or Google Play Store.
With the October 1 launch of Carbon, the third generation of Weebly, Weebly introduced apps for Android, iOS, and the Apple Watch that let you build your website without ever resorting to a desktop application. The new theme engine is built on Mustache and LESS, giving users flexibility when it comes to making their sites unique. The makers of the Dharma Yoga Wheel, Dov Vargas and Raquel Vamos, basically went from simple lovers of Yoga to managers of a million dollar business in the space of about a year.

Weebly is one of the first website-creation platforms to embrace the move to mobile devices and make apps to bring website building to your phone.
There are very few other apps that do this, and they appear to be either more complicated or not nearly as deep or flexible as Weebly’s new app. He said half of Weebly’s traffic is mobile, so making a drag and drop website editor for smartphone and tablet users just made sense. Sticking with its focus on ease-of-use, Weebly’s Carbon includes an App Center where you can easily add external applications with one click. Christine Guillot, creator and founder of Merchant Method, a training system and company of the same name that helps merchants improve their business strategies, credits Weebly with making things easy for her. Some features are paid, but you can start with the basics and add more as your business grows.

And now that Weebly’s gone mobile, website creators will be able to update their site and check stats on the go.
While the fancy stuff like custom domains, membership registration, digital goods, and inventory management, cost a monthly fee, Weebly’s hosting, drag and drop mobile editing app, and an integrated on-site shopping cart are just a few of the free Web features. One Weebly user, Cyndi Grassman, told us she’ll be able to update her Bad Pickle Tees inventory on the road to shows and so on. And no, Weebly doesn’t ask you for your credit card information to check out the free version for yourself.

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youtube how to build a weebly website

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