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How much is a fair price on one of these Yugos imported by Century, used but in good condition (1.5mm receiver)? Yeah some nice battlefield wood furniture would make for a better looking rifle then the black plastic.
This is a point of concern, is this the normal amount of space between receiver and stock when its folded?
Latest CommentsDerrick Woolworth: Thanks for this video - really helped me make a decision to buy. Do what I sometimes do: walk in the store, and show him a printout (or take a smart phone with Internet access) and let him see that $575 is not a reasonable price to pay. For $50 more than the AMD65 I had to go for the Yugo myself. $450 for the underfolder from Centerfire was my breaking point but for $400 & $450 respectively, you can't go wrong either way.
Originally Posted By bigpatvoodoodad: when I inspected the guts of the rifle, there was this strip of thick brown wax-like stuff on the inside of the gas tube.
I've had a couple local shops tell me that it gets harder and harder everyday to keep a small gun shop open. Business profiles contain comprehensive information on contacts, products, services, trade experience and technology.

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I have handled underfolders before, but never to really buy one so trying to determine how much wiggle is normal (If any at all). The yugo paps are real deal imports, they have zastava receivers and yugo barrels and I think they have all matching numbers too.
Hopefully I'll be able to justify spending the money to pick up an AMD to add to the collection in the near future. ALL of the century yugo M70's (and M72's) are made from non-numbers matching parts kits on US made receivers and US made barrels. He wants 575 for it and when I inspected the guts of the rifle, there was this strip of thick brown wax-like stuff on the inside of the gas tube.
Wood Furniture, not plastic last models These have dried up and are gone get one before its too late. Its a luck of the draw with them, some are assembled real well and others are assembled like crap.

The ferrule from the plastic should fit onto the wood by the way, they look like they're the same ferrule. And, I'll end by saying Thank GOD the price gouging is on the downswing. Ha, I already did this at one of my home town shops.
It's a bit heavier than your normal AKs, but the heft absorbs a lot of recoil and it seems easier on the shoulder than the AMD.
Really helpful for disassembly although I wouldn't replace the wood grips on my yugo b1 model.
Geeze better get rid of the M70 too, and I hope everyone else does the same thing. LOL and catch fire?

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