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September 8, 2015 by Jesse GruberLast time we did a quick little review of Periscope, the newer live video social media app. Anyway, I wanted to go beyond a simple app review and give you some recommendations and suggestions as to how to utilize this new tool in your church or ministry. You may be a church plant meeting in a dance studio like me or have a building on a historical site, in any case, a tour is a great way to introduce your campus to your followers. This could be on a specific topic, like last week’s sermon, or membership questions, or just a general time for questions and answers.
Jesse GruberJesse loves Jesus, his wife, Hannah, his little girl, Evie, his baby boy, Jameson, and everything Android.
It’s still a new and growing audience, but from my experience it tends to be our core audience.
One can stream various aspects of certain programs, outings, trips–like service projects, camps. One can host an interactive time in prayer–taking prayer requests and praying for them on the spot, while facilitating others praying for those requests as well. If you are reading this, I already know that you are just as pressed for time as me and you love to look good. Watchers can send in their own questions that they might have for whoever is being introduced and it can become very interactive. He is on the leadership team at Missio Dei, a church plant in Glassboro, NJ and oversees design and communication there.
I’ve been thinking about possible uses with my creative team over the past month or so. You can get away with a lot more on your personal account than you can from your ministries account. Our main goal has been highlighting different ministries and opportunities for Alabama Baptists to connect with us. For your face or as a make up base, use a light-weight tinted moisturiser to make your skin look soft and fresh.

Always apply the lip cream, preferably tinted with SPF, for a more casual day event and opt for lipstick for more formal occasions.
Last but not the least, if the weather makes your hair really greasy, invest in a good dry shampoo.
I'm here for another epical lesson for all you novice artists, looking to expand your artistic skills! When you're drawing hair, you'll be requiring a few basic techniques in order to achieve nice and clean hair.
I am drawing a simpler version of hair because I don't want to drag my viewer's focus from the composition of the drawing. Lastly, using the rules learned from the previous tip steps, add finishing details to the roots. It’s a great way to show prospective attenders around and introduce your staff to the world!
Periscope would be a great way to send some additional content out in a quick and informal way.
There needs to be an expectation for better and more focused content from the ministry account.
I even did a tour of the church where our annual convention will be in November in a recent broadcast. We have to prep up for play dates, park times, casual mornings with friends, head to school from work and attend kiddie events. It will leave you with more energy to run along with your kids than scampering for that oh-so-perfect lipstick. I've made a tutorial a few days ago that was meant to show you “how to draw long hair”, step by step.
You can stylize long hair with flat and greasy hair by adding no bounce, making the roots seem glued to the scalp. The middle of the scalp should consist of very dark lines and proceeded downwards with lighter lines as it flows to the roots.

Create a perfect or semi perfect circle for the foundation and a smaller curved shape beneath the circle. This part is indeed the critically important aspect, mainly because starting with the upper roots will evaluate where to place the rest of the weave.
Adding lighter and rather thin lines beneath the hairline, stands for the roots that curls into the large bouncy hair locks. During the day, I skip the harsh black liquid eyeliner and opt for a brown-black eye shadow as an eye liner. Now, I haven't really had the time to completely submit this the day I created it, but I hope my long wait pays off in this uber helpful tutorial.
From the root, start with darkened lines for large sections, later detailing in between sections with light lines. Keeping the direction and flow of the hair in a consistent movement, will only emphasize realism and appeal.
It’s a ministry hub with hundreds of moving parts and souls making sure everything runs as smooth as the Spirit allows. The tips require less definition as it can get a bit dirty and unclear when adding dark lines to the tips of the hair. I know that in our church not everyone knows all the people that work behind the scenes day in and day out.
Use a lower-lid liner for your eyes depending on whether it suits your face and the occasion.

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