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When celebrities know they have the eyes of millions of young girls looking up to them, how much responsibility should they take for their actions? In the lead up to the wedding many were concerned about Kate’s plummeting weight, reportedly as a result of the high-protein, low-carb Dukan diet. The “thinspirational” women who feature on such sites are usually anorexic models and their stories often have fatal endings rather than successful ones. Kate reportedly weighs 43 kilos which, at a height of 178 centimetres, is scarily small – even more so considering she makes petite women such as Nicole Kidman and Reese Witherspoon look soft in comparison.
There are fears that Kate is following in the unhealthy steps of her mother-in-law since being thrust in the limelight: Princess Diana admitted to suffering from bulimia from the moment she became engaged. Kate is not the only Middleton to have cemented a place on pro-anorexia websites: Pippa too possesses a body those with eating disorders want to emulate, with pictures of the younger sister now popping up alongside the Duchess on these sites.

There was just an article published in one of our celeb rags here about Victoria Beckham being back down to a US size 0 just 8 weeks after giving birth.
Interesting post, particularly as today’s class was focussed on mental illness and eating disorders. I am pretty indifferent to pippa middletons arse and don’t really like it one way or another, but I would like to point out that it is pretty unlikely she is starving herself- she seems pretty aerobically fit, competing in triathlons, half marathons etc all the time. Subscribe to my weekly newsletter featuring bonus workouts, nutritional advice, special offers and more! Health – wikipedia, free encyclopedia, Health is the level of functional or metabolic efficiency of a living organism. Is there a point where they should draw the line being too fat or too thin and, more importantly, should they even care what others think?
Everyone watched intently as Kate, a humble girl next door, married the most desirable man in England and became the Duchess of Cambridge. While most dismissed the weight loss as part of normal bridal routine and even somewhat attributable to stress, she failed to regain the weight post-wedding. To be put on a pedestal by sick young women hunting for tricks to further starve themselves is not a good thing. They do nothing to help these women get better.
Other public figures commonly found on such sites include Victoria Beckham, Kate Moss and the Olsen twins. Personally, I have never understood the hype around Pippa – to me, she seems like a plain-looking girl who wore a tight dress that showed off her bony butt.
There could be a multitude of reasons why she has lost so much weight, or it could just be that she feels an enormous amount of pressure to be thin. It’s almost a lose-lose situation, because if she was any bigger the media would probably start talking about possible baby bumps.

I’m slightly shorter than her, but in the past I would have looked at that number of 43 kilos and beaten myself up for being overweight. Nutrisystem® official site – weight loss diet programs, Lose weight with plans built for your metabolism!
The buzz surrounding Kate has continued relentlessly post-wedding, with millions following the royal couple’s every move. Instead, her weight has continued to fall – so much so that she is now being used as “thinspiration” on pro-anorexia websites. As someone who is always going to be in the public eye, should she feel a greater responsibility towards the young girls worldwide who idolise her? Now my mindset has completely changed: I would never, ever want to be as thin as someone such as Victoria Beckham. Can you imagine — an entire WORLD of people looking at you all the time and judging you?
Or should we just accept that people are always going to scrutinise her weight, whether she be too slim or too heavy? However, I do accept that there may be other reasons for Kate’s weight loss so I will try not to judge her too harshly. There’s too much pressure on women to be thin all the time, even when they are still lying in the hospital bed after giving birth!

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