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If a student searched for a€?claviclea€™, for example, a screen shot would be sent to the teacher with an explanation that the word is often used by anorexics seeking pictures of girls with protruding collarbones. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. The festive season contains many hidden health hazards - and BBC News Online has compiled a guide to safe celebration. BBC News Online's step by step plan to guide you through the health minefield that is Christmas. The price of over-indulgence for many is feeling rotten the next day - but there are ways to minimise the damage.
Patients on medication have been warned no to stop taking it so they can drink over Christmas.
Too much drink means many people will have unprotected sex over the festive season, warn experts.

This striking image by photographer Ross Brown explores the scary world inside the head of those with body dysmorphia.
Forever 21 Made Changes To Their Controversial Plus-Size Instagram Account, But Is It Enough? Jonathan Valentine, of software house Impero, said: a€?You hear all these horror stories of children being bullied and then committing suicide.
Amy Louise Paul of Peterborough was traumatised five years ago aged 13 when a Facebook group was set up by pupils who said they wished she was dead. Do you believe (or know) that anorexics see such a drastic difference when looking at themselves?
And when a warning sign is detected, a pop-up alert is displayed on the teachera€™s screen.
It should be a national policy.a€™Teresa Hughes, 44, who previously worked with the police to investigate child grooming online, advises Securus, another child protection software company.

She said: a€?If a child is being bullied, it takes an awful lot for them to say it is happening.
If youa€™ve got monitoring software the victim doesna€™t have to come forward because the teacher sees it.a€?Young people have their own language online and so do adults who choose to groom children. If we understand how people behave online then we can also work out how to protect young people.a€™Anthony Smythe, of BeatBullying, said parents should talk to their children about how they use the internet and make themselves familiar with the technology.

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