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Give your rating: Whether you eat at home or eat outside, the food you eat for lunch plays an important role as it is the mid day meal. I’ve been packing my own lunch since high school, back then I would bring the same thing every single day. If you have all the right items ready to go in the fridge or pantry, it makes packing a lunch a no-brainer. Fiona HeathJanuary 5, 2015 at 4:04 AMPerfect timing for this post with it being day one post Christmas.
Sure it’s easy to fall back on prepackaged foods and fun character-themed snacks, but if you can, there are some easy ways to try and make lunches look more appealing using nutritious ingredients! 10 Tips for Celebrating When Your Baby Turns ONE!April 1, 2016, 3 Comments on 10 Tips for Celebrating When Your Baby Turns ONE! Most schools are trying hard to upgrade their lunch programs and offer the best food they can. Control - Do you ever wait in the lunch line only to find when you get to the front that you don't like what they're serving? Variety - It doesn't hurt to cave in and enjoy the occasional serving of pizza and hot dogs. Energy - If you have a big game or activity after school, plan a lunch and snacks that combine lean proteins with carbohydrates to give you lasting energy and keep you going through the late afternoon. Money - Pack healthy snacks so you don't feel tempted to step off campus for a fast-food lunch, or hit the vending machine or corner store for chocolate and a soda! Whether you pack or eat in the cafeteria, the most important fact is that you make healthy choices! Wrong choices may make you feel heavy and sleepy post lunch.Your lunch holds lots of importance as it can have both physical and mental benefits.
By packing your own lunch for school or for work you’ll be heading in the right direction to achieving those goals.

Parents are thinking about sending the kids back to school and planning for the year ahead.
And yes,I know it can seem like  a chore to have to plan and do the extra little things, just to get them to eat… BUT with a little planning and persistence, it’s doable! Purchase baggies in fun colors and stuff them with fresh veggies like celery and carrot sticks. But if you're eating these foods all the time, your body probably feels ready for a change. After your breakfast, the food that you eat for your lunch energises you by stabilising your blood sugar levels which play a very important role in building up focus to do your work.Lean Healthy Breakfast Ideas To Get SlimOf course, the right choices of food matters a lot.
I don’t know about you, but the amount of money I waste on buying my lunch is incredible.
Well, sure in that preparation the subject, idea and chore of what to feed, pack and give to the kids food-wise is in that equation.
I do distinctly recall sifting through my lunch every day, picking out the treats, string cheese and juice…rather than eating the sandwich and healthier options my Mom would put in there for me.
And, with kids they can be picky eaters, so trying to be creative, yet healthy can be a bit of a challenge.
If sandwich bread isn’t getting much play, try tortillas or pita bread as an alternative. You would want foods that activate your metabolism and renew your energy-levels.There are some best foods to eat for lunch for energy.
I decided to be lazy my first couple of days back to work and bought a few healthy pre-packaged salads from Trader Joes. My boys aren’t quite school age yet, but packing snacks and a lunch are a must every time we head out the door. If your energy levels dip post lunch, you tend to consume too much of caffeine to keep yourself 'up' and energetic.The best options would always be fresh fruits and vegetables in the form of salads and juices.

I started religiously packing lunches a couple years ago when I realized how much I was spending on eating out alone.
But are there any healthy foods to eat for lunch which also taste good?20 Unhealthy Breakfast Choices To AvoidYes, there are many tasty as well as healthy options.
Not only that, even though I thought I was eating healthy, when I looked into the nutritional details on websites, I realized it wasn't really healthy! It is better to keep your lunch that way because if you get bored of your food, you might gradually gravitate towards, junk foods and coffee.So, let us discuss about the best foods for lunch at work.
It is very tasty on the tongue due to the spices and when consumed with rice, it is filling and healthy too. One of the things I do every Sunday though is grill up a few chicken breasts and chop up some veggies. On their own, they're good little snacks throughout the day, but they can really be turned into anything!
You can get your proteins from the dal, vitamins and minerals from the vegetables in the dal and carbs from the rice. Palak dal along with 3 pulka rotis can be the healthiest way to nourish yourself in the afternoon. Add a few vegetables to your eggs and enjoy a meal that contains protein, vitamins and minerals too.

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