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Where did you have it: This great little corner depanneur or convenient store which doubles as a diner.
Okara Courage Burger — Rated the number one meat-replacement product in Eating Well Magazine’s Veggie Burger Challenge: “One product, a SoyBoy patty called the Okara Courage Burger, did stand out from the rest. To my surprise and absolute amazement, it looked like meat and tasted juicy and meaty…a few times I found myself asking my lunching partner if she thought it was meat…were my eyes and taste buds deceiving me?

I couldn’t believe it, the color, the texture, the flavor, the juiciness…and then when I asked if they were made in house I was surprised YET AGAIN!
Made from organic tofu, they are all-natural, low in fat, wheat and dairy free, with a great mild flavor and smooth texture — plus there is no cholesterol and only 105 calories per dog.
It is run by a group of young people some might refer to as hipsters but they will most likely deny it all the way home.

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