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Simple CarbQuik Waffles   Print This is a simple waffle recipe that is made with low-carb CarbQuik!
If you can have apples and pumpkin you can certainly have strawberry waffles while pursuing your low carb lifestyle… right? Over the years, a few people have submitted recipes with the words "best" or "greatest" in the title. My kids love these with strawberry preserves, which of course, turns the recipe into peanut butter and jelly waffles in their minds. Pre-race breakfast for marathons is a banana and Naturally More sandwich on my favorite bread made in my sandwich maker with a mocha. I blame Grandma D’s driving for the bad photo (or the fact that it was 5:00 am and I was not feeling well).
Along the way during the race I had a packet of watermelon GU Chomps at mile 13 and then a GU gel Octane blueberry pomegranate flavor around mile 21.
At the aid stations they offer a lot of electrolyte drinks, but my stomach doesn’t really like too much of that while I’m running. Later in the day I snacked on a few Trader Joe’s honey wheat pretzels and had one of these protein bars. We used our Easiest Boxed Cake Recipe trick, but this time subbed in some pumpkin instead of the applesauce. They’re even great without the frosting, but sometimes you just have to go all out and put the jarred stuff on there. Now I need some Flat Kitty Friday pictures for our Flat Kitty peanut butter par-tay tomorrow. Ashley- I had to come up with a red velvet cupcake that I didn’t feel too guilty about eating. I like to see what people eat too because it gives me meal ideas Those cupcakes sound delish!

Instead of using applesauce and subbing for the pumpkin mix, does it come out tasting like pumpkin or is that just to keep the moisture and what not? Karen over at Living Low Carb One Day at a Time has a great recipe for Paleo Pumpkin Waffles you are sure to love! has a great recipe for a low carb cinnamon roll waffle that you are sure to drool over!
I like to see what everyone eats (I’m nosy like that) so here’s a quick peak into what I ate before and after my marathon Sunday.
This time I mixed in some broccoli, mushrooms, onion and tomatoes into the sauce and topped it with a little fat free feta. Smallest dessert I’ve ever had (yes, that’s a bite size one, not the fun size, even smaller- just silly). If I’m only running a half I ditch the one slice of bread or forgo the bread and just go with a banana and peanut butter.
Sorry no pictures.That would have just been silly to stop and take a picture during the race. When I’m doing long training runs on my own I always drink Ultima, but during races I usually go for water with my GU. I found them at Costco and got them because they’re around 200 calories and have very little sugar. I’ll also just go ahead and speak for Andrew and the boys also, because they way we went through those cupcakes I think they were impressed too. Email me or post your pictures on my Facebook page with a link or recipe or whatever you want to share!!! I told Andrew last night that I wanted waffles and he actually went on eBay to try and find a cast iron waffle maker for the stove (because that won’t be messy at all!) Maybe he should just take me out for breakfast I love seeing what people eat before, during and after a race. I'm a marathon running, fitness instructing, kitchen experimenting, busy working mom of twin boys living life's journey one day, one race and one bite at a time.

These delicious chocolate hazelnut protein waffles by Carolyn at All Day I Dream About Food certainly more than fit the bill for a meal you whole family will love!
You know I love my spice, but after my little incident with America’s Finest City Half Marathon, I try to lay off the crushed red pepper the night before a big race. This time I added some chia sprinkles to the inside of my sandwich (because I have this newly found chia addiction thanks to GNC).
I gave the banana to Grandma D as as “thank you for getting up at the crack of dawn to drive me to my race” gift.
I had to snap this picture really quick because Andrew (and an episode of The Office) was waiting for me in the other room. Your kids are going to grow up thinking marathons are a usual thing and will eventually think everyone else is a wuss. While you are at Carolyn’s site be sure to check out her vacation pics on the recipe page! Antipasto salad (I don’t eat any of the meat) with this dressing and two ginormous slices of vegetarian pizza from our favorite local pizza place Filippi’s.
Recipe, favorite treat, favorite way to eat peanut butter, favorite brand, whatever your heart desires. Ok not really…but they are going to be proud of their ubber strong Mommy when they are old enough to understand all this! The best by far are Supreme Protein bars (I order those frequently from All Star Health for the best price), but these do the trick.
Just dice up some fresh strawberries on or in any of the plain waffles mentioned above and then put a bit of this sugar-free delightful berry syrup over the top!

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