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This is the time of year when millions thousands a crapload of people you and your best friends Betty and Veronica make resolutions and promises, some of them involving blood, toil, tears and sweat (quick, history buffs, who said this?)!
Speaking of my imaginary twin, she wrote an excellent piece on this very topic (wow, what a coincidence)! There’s no debate about whether exercise is healthy and beneficial – so why do we often find little to no motivation to get out to the track, gym or pool? Revel in and relish the sensation of a great workout, or waking up feeling a few pounds lighter: the feelings of satisfaction will motivate you even further. Choosing role models and mentors to look to for inspiration and advice is going to be invaluable in helping you to reach your goals faster and more successfully. If you can find someone who has already done what you want to do, or who has achieved more than you think you want to right now (your goals may change when you start to realize what you are truly capable of!) then you should find out as much about them as you can. This applies equally to other areas of life such as career, travel plans, relationships, starting your own business or reaching out and helping others. In my ‘Tips from the Pros’ posts I would like to share with you some inspiration and advice from successful people in different areas of the fitness, motivation and sporting worlds.
What this post aims to do is to give you a head start with that and to provide some inspiration that you can take away with you RIGHT NOW and use in your journey towards your ideal body. Nicky is awesome, so friendly and lovely and everyone should visit her website – I have found out so much knowledge from there and connected with others on the forums too. Nicky has actually left a comment on my personal fitness blog one day, which was one of my most exciting days and something that really inspired me at the time when I was just starting out with my goals. I really love the sentiment behind this and I truly believe it too – fitness should be a lifestyle.
Now Sue is really inspirational because of all the other people she has helped to get their best body. For this post she told me she would like to share this quote, which is her favourite at the moment and I think it just says it all really.
She had such a great year last year after winning the oxygen covergirl competition at the end of 2009. She gave me a fantastic response and I am really happy to be able to include this for you today – I am sure almost everyone can find something here to motivate themselves TODAY! Kristen told me that she has these quotes on post-its around her home and that she lives by these.
Well done Bridget, it’s great to have people you look up to who help motivate and inspire you!
This Season of Determination is quickly followed by the Season of Broken Dreams, as resolutions go out the door faster than old eggnog (an evil holiday beverage).
Make it More Fun–If you hate running, why promise yourself you’ll start a running program?

Allow Yourself Opportunities for Mastery–Find activities you can do that allow you to become good at something. Avoid Comparisons–Face it, you will never be the person you were in college or your wedding (unless they were in your very recent past). Make sure to choose something that you actually enjoy – it will guarantee that you show up more often. Notice the changes in your mood and body that your positive lifestyle changes have brought about. Find out if they have a blog or a website or even an autobiography that you can read which may give you some insight into their motivation and how they got to where they are now. This is one of the tips that I have found come up again and again in my research of motivation and success. I believe that by learning from successful role models we will greatly improve our own chances of success. I have contacted 5 of the most beautiful women in the fitness industry and asked them personally for some quotes and motivational words that I can share with you on this site. I look at their pictures when I need a reason not to eat a creme egg (mmmmmm) and I read about their successes and times when they are more human (yes they really are!). I found out a lot about preparing for my photoshoot from info on this site – useful stuff! This quote from Nicky is truly inspirational because in it she comes across as human and someone to relate to. She was just like so many people – frustrated, dieting, exercising but never getting the results she wanted and therefore just getting more and more down on herself.
She is a pro figure competitor so she is pretty famous and has a lot of commitments writing columns for magazines, interviews, photoshoots, advertisements and even advertorials! One thing which I love about being fit is the confidence that it gives us in all areas of our lives. I am currently looking for more ‘pros’ to ask for quotes and I would love your input on what YOU would like to read!
For example, if you hate push-ups, why beat yourself up that you cannot do a flying push-up (maybe I’ll post video of this someday)? It is a technique which works and a technique that can be applied successfully to your fitness motivation. Knowing that they have been through it all before me and that they are happy and living fantastic and fulfilling lives spurs me on to push harder to get to where I want to be and to be leading the life of my dreams too!
She also has a really great website and I have just signed up to get regular updates, which I am really excited about.
Some even think that if they don’t lose 20 pounds in a month, then they are a failure.

If you can accept that, you will have a much higher chance of getting the body you have always wanted. That was until one day she decided that she was going to challenge herself to 12 weeks of really trying.
I know that as I have become fitter I have definitely felt empowered to do more in my life and to reach higher in my goals.
As I mention in our Womensradio  radio broadcast on this topic, if you love to dance to Led Zeppelin, that’s what will be fun for you. Comparing yourself to your distant past is like asking for a date with disappointment (yes, I know him. This is a great thing to do if you have a fitness mentor with a subscriber list as it means you might just get an inspirational email on one of the days when you were just going to ‘forget’ about being healthy! This mentality is largely due to all of the advertisements and commercials about fast weight loss diets or getting the perfect body in 4 weeks.
Many people have too short of a mentality and think that all they have to do is workout for 3 months and they will have the perfect body for the rest of their life.
I have written to her a few times and she always replies to me and says things that really do make me feel like I can achieve anything I want to! Set yourself up for success by naming and writing down the steps it will take to get you where you want to be. Who cares if everyone else loves boot camp if your thing is boogie-ing down to disco classics?
Many people have fallen into this quick results train of thinking and have forgotten that anything worthwhile will take time and persistence.
And comparing yourself to how you should be in some never-quite-there future doesn’t work either. Work out regularly and you will see changes in your body, but it won’t happen overnight. Then do something that is more than yesterday and you’ll have a good basis for comparison.
They’re all either better-looking (darn your parents for those imperfect genes) or worse-looking (that’s just mean), so stop it right now!

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