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Houston, Texas-based X Factor Fitness introduces a fitness and weight loss program that combines the best parts of summer camp with fitness, diet and team support to help individuals and employees successfully acquire healthy lifestyle habits. XFactor's fitness camp awards prizes and cash to its Houston, TX participants simply for consistently practicing lifestyle habits including fitness and good nutrition. Created by Matt Trudo, BSN, MS and Cooper Clinic and National Association of Sports Medicine (NASM) certified personal trainer and Carol Nave, MS-Counseling and Cooper Clinic certified personal trainer, X Factor's program builds on the five success factors that research shows enable people to successfully acquire healthy lifestyle habits.
XFactor's campers develop personal goals which guide the activities of small three-person fitness teams.
Many health club boot camps, personal trainers, and employers offer reality-TV-inspired weight loss programs which create a stressful and competitive environment among participants. Houston, TX residents face overwhelming amounts of often-conflicting information and advice discourages many people trying to lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle. Weekly half-hour virtual roundtables led by X Factor staff address common questions about conflicting health information, explain which healthy habits matter most, and provide campers with a forum for brainstorming practical tips to help healthy habits stick. Many weight loss programs, personal trainers and boot camps focus on short-term goals like quick weight loss that promptly disappear after the program ends.
X Factor's camp offers weekly prizes and cash awards that motivate campers to create the habits they want for a lifetime. X Factor Fitness Solutions provides corporate and individual health, fitness and wellness programs. Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases.
Summer camp's all grown up and combines fitness, nutrition, incentives, prizes and fun to help folks reach a healthy weight and create healthy habits that will last a lifetime. Participants build healthy habits for a lifetime, resulting in healthy weight maintenance without yo-yo weight loss.
Participants follow a uniform protocol and must adjust their schedules to the convenience of the fitness instructor or limited franchise business hours. Health clubs often rely on preprinted meal plans which are not easily adapted to individual preferences or dietary needs.
Barbecues, cooking demos, special workshops and creative fitness activities allow campers to practice and celebrate their new healthy habits. Special pricing encourages campers to extend their participation to eight weeks, creating even more opportunity to reinforce healthy new habits.

CONTACT OUR PHYSICIANS TODAY First name Last name Email address Phone Message Growth Hormone Therapy Low Testosterone Treatment HGH Therapy Benefits Testosterone Therapy Benefits How to Get HGH & Testosterone What Is Growth Hormone Deficiency What Is Low Testosterone Where Can I Get Testosterone Injections What Are The Benefits Of Testosterone Injections Where Can I Buy HGH Injections What Are The Benefits Of HGH Injections What Is The Cost Of HGH Therapy What Is The Cost Of Testosterone Therapy See Also Hormone Replacement Therapy In Houston TX Hormone Therapy In Houston TX How to get a Low Testosterone Blood Test in Houston TX Human Growth Hormone Doctors in Houston TX Longevity Center In Houston TX Longevity Therapy In Houston TX Low Testosterone Doctors In Houston TX Low Testosterone Treatment in Houston TX Testosterone Blood Test in Houston TX HGH Weight Loss In Houston TX The attention on and interest in HGH weight loss in Houston TX began in earnest nearly a quarter of a century ago, when a landmark 1990 medical study showed that bio-identical HGH injections produced weight loss and muscle gain in patients without their having made any changes in exercise or diet. A family picnic allows them to practice healthy habits in a social setting and include friends and family in the celebration.
Yet in the almost twenty-five years since that initial study, physicians in the US have still not been able to reach consensus among themselves regarding the use of HGH injections for weight loss. With the best home personal trainers at GYMGUYZon your side, you will learn lifelong wellness habits in the comfort of your own house. Located in Houston, TX, these fitness instructors are dedicated to providing their clients with convenient, customized, and transformative workouts. So while injectable HGH can be legitimately prescribed for people who have clinical evidence of growth hormone deficiency, but is not intended for the specific purpose of HGH weight loss where no deficiency exists, this somewhat of a mixed message from the medical establishment has unfortunately caused confusion among adults who are interested in using HGH therapy to correct insufficient growth hormone supply. Adding to the confusion is the fact that weight gain is one of the most obvious symptoms that GH deficient individuals commonly experience.HGH Injections for Weight LossSo does weight gain cause low GH levels, or do low GH levels cause weight gain? That is why people who are legitimately using HGH injections for weight loss will typically have a significant growth hormone deficiency.
The additional body fat accumulation that frequently accompanies hormonal deficiency is not the only obvious symptom that an adult will exhibit.
The doctors affiliated with HGH weight loss clinics in Houston TX will want a full accounting of all of the symptoms that a patient has, such as reduced energy, an underperforming libido, moodiness or mild depression, and slower recovery from illness or injury.
Doctors also need to review the results of a serum IGF-1 blood test, which indicates the amount of growth hormone present in the patient’s system. Before they can ethically and medically prescribe taking human growth hormone to lose weight for any patient, physicians are required to make a verified diagnosis that a clinical GH deficiency exists. Because it is unequivocally illegal for any adult to use or purchase HGH injections without having a valid medical prescription for treatment, every patient should be as forthcoming and cooperative as possible in providing doctors with the critical information they need to make the correct diagnosis and prescribe the appropriate therapeutic protocol.HGH Prescribed for Weight Loss in Houston TexasWhat this all means is that people who have been facing a mid-life struggle with poor muscle tone and excess abdominal fat can use HGH prescribed for weight loss in Houston Texas, providing that their doctor has diagnosed them with adult growth hormone deficiency, a recognized medical disorder. The appropriateness of this approach is reinforced by HGH studies that indicate the best results from this type of hormone replacement therapy are experienced by patients whose GH levels are clinically low when beginning treatment.
Additionally, GYMGUYZ offers unique pre- and post-natal exercise packages, obstacle course training, and kickboxing training. So not only is taking human growth hormone to lose weight not medically advisable for those individuals whose growth hormone supplies are currently in the normal to high-normal range, it is also not going to be nearly as effective.
Yet physicians, biochemists and other medical professionals understand that the only form – to repeat that, the only form – of bio-identical human growth hormone that the human body can process and use is the pharmaceutical-grade, injectable form that is manufactured under strictly controlled laboratory conditions.

To learn more about receiving a free fitness assessment and free personal training session, call (713) 360-3255 today, and get ready for the gym to come to you!Also, don’t forget to follow GYMGUYZ on Facebook to receive exercise and wellness tips for strength training and total-body workouts.
So clearly, anything that is being promoted online or anywhere else as an HGH-boosting supplement is not going to be effective for HGH weight loss in Houston TX or anything else of a therapeutic nature. It is unfortunate that the increased interest in legitimate, medically indicated hormone replacement therapy has spawned a huge new marketplace comprised of ineffective imposters and bogus claims.
However, consumers need to be alerted to the existence of these opportunistic products that profess to be the best HGH for weight loss so that they can save themselves time, money and aggravation when all they want is authentic, effective HGH therapy to increase their inadequate growth hormone levels and eliminate their undesirable symptoms.HGH Weight Loss Clinics in Houston TXThe physician supervised programs available through the Kingsberg Medical HGH weight loss clinics in Houston TX can commence upon the review and evaluation of a patient’s physical condition, test results and health history. This has been medically accepted as the safe and suitable procedure for prescribing a human growth hormone replacement program for individuals who have the symptoms of GH deficiency. The Kingsberg Medical physicians know that it is important for patients who will be self-administering their prescribed HGH injections for weight loss to understand that it is a medical procedure based in medical science.
As such, it is essential for the patient’s hormone levels to be periodically monitored by the doctor in charge of their treatment program and it is critical to follow the therapeutic protocol exactly as prescribed. Recent advances in treatment have produced prescription HGH injections that are virtually painless, using very tiny needles and are easy for the patient to self-administer daily. Doctors who specialize in HGH therapy realize that the best HGH for weight loss that any patient can use is the one method that fits easily into their lifestyle and also delivers the expected benefits.Taking Human Growth Hormone to Lose WeightDoctor directed hormone replacement programs have had decades to establish their effectiveness and taking human growth hormone to lose weight has been shown to result in an amazing physical transformation.
How it works biologically is by decreasing the body’s use of glucose and increasing its fat burning for fuel. Individuals who have used, or who intend to use even a moderate exercise routine will find that they achieve greater results as their GH levels become replenished and HGH prescribed for weight loss in Houston Texas also helps to keep blood glucose normalized which provides for increased stamina.
For individuals who have been really struggling with symptomatic growth hormone deficiency, there is a very large upside to using a doctor supervised HGH replacement program. The health benefits of maintaining hormonal balance throughout adulthood are undeniably significant and using a treatment program of HGH prescribed for weight loss additionally eliminates the many health risks associated with obesity.
HGH therapy can be a win-win situation for overweight adults who have a clinical GH deficiency.

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