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Was reading through some magazines and decided to sum up some of my fave naturally slimming foods. How? Caffeine and the EGCG in tea can help speed up your heart rate, which makes your brain and nervous system run quicker.
I really like how you wrote this post because even though I have read things similar to this , this was just clear and simple and I actually understood it lol. Also as milk contains a lot of saturated fat, it’s safer to recommend low, non fat milk since more than 1200mg is a lot to take in just from food.
Omg I LOVE that you wrote this, it is pretty much my daily diet to a tee and it feels great knowing I am fueling it with the best and cleanest sources I can!! In fact, when I was growing up I remember getting served hot dogs, mac n cheese, pizza, and fried chicken with whole milk every day! Oops sorry for the PE rant but Nisha really brought back memories of school and how I struggled with my weight too when I was in grade school! As a child I was obese and I was very shy and insecure, my fashion sense was terrible too because I hated everything on me.
After I started eating clean and healthy I noticed such a change in my mood and my hair and skin too.
Hi, my name is Cassey Ho and I'm a Pilates Instructor, healthy foodie freak, and the designer of oGorgeous Yoga Bags. Photoset via fitgirlplatanoHere’s my August game plan, in addition to the fitkinibodychallenge.
Photo via jcpenneyCassey Ho of blogilates is a certified fitness instructor and creator of POP Pilates, a Pilates workout that incorporates upbeat music.
Examples of foods that prevent blood sugar spikes are salmon, avocado, olive oil, almonds, and beans. And here’s a cool fact…when you eat these types of foods that don’t spike your blood sugar, they may even slow the digestion and absorption of carbs from other foods that they are eaten with in the same meal.
Every time you eat, your body has to use energy or calories to break down your food and absorb the nutrients.
Also foods high in protein and fiber can help prevent you from overeating because they keep you fuller longer. A cup of green tea or a tsp of cayenne a day can help you burn an extra 10-20 calories a day, but remember, it takes a deficit of 3500 cals to burn off 1 lb of fat!
If you increase your muscle mass, you will burn more calories at rest and throughout the day than if you had less muscle. When you don’t, your body thinks that it is under stress, so your cortisol levels will increase. Eat foods that are high in protein and fiber so that you’re burning more calories simply digesting food. If you want to know EXACTLY what to eat, here’s a copy of my clean eating grocery list.
The animal products she recommends have cholesterol which promotes heart disease, cancer, obesity, diabetes, high cholesterol etc. I want to know how to gain musscle mass on legs?Do i have to use weights?And what should I eat? I’m trying to eat healthy, and I think eat healthy every day, but I tend to over eat healthy stuff since it is so tasty. Hello Cassey, since you said you tried being vegan could you share your story since there are a ton of vegans talking about the way you eat currently. I’m far from being a really clean eater, but since stumbling onto blogilates I have opened my mind (and mouth) on healthy stuff that I used to avoid. Hey Cassey, can you do a post on how to maximize your food intake while still maintain or even losing weight? I just found out about you at the end of January and I started to do your workouts and following your workout calendar since February 1st. Cassey, did you enjoy the McDonald’s or was it totally off putting since you have been eating clean for so long????
Cassey please make the forum on your app available to Google+ users as well as Facebook and Twitter! 4 years ago, I was a younger Cassey who had just moved back to CA from Boston after quitting my job. It was late February and I hired a retired bodybuilder who owned a gym in the area and asked if he could get me bikini competition ready by April. He had me working out for 4 hours a day on top of me teaching my fitness classes because “those didn’t count.” I did weights and cardio with him in the morning for 3 hours and then did my own cardio at home in the evening for 1 hour. During this whole process, I could see my body changing and it was the coolest thing ever to see those Victoria’s Secret ab lines come in! I was lifting super crazy heavy and squatting with two 45 lb plates on the bar until my knees almost felt like they were going to split apart. When I started posting my progress pics on my blog, people were congratulating me for how I looked. As the weeks went by and the days drew nearer and nearer to the competition date, my coach would get stricter and stricter on me.
As cloudy as my head was about 7 weeks into this, even then I knew he was crazy…Lettuce has too many carbs?!!! But I only needed him for a few more days so I thought, whatever, I’m just going to keep taking his advice til the end. 2 days before the competition, he was really concerned with the little bit of fat I still had on my lower belly.
When I got on stage and lined myself up against all the other girls, I suddenly felt like a piece of meat. Now, you would probably think that I was able to nourish myself back to a healthy state of mind and body and get on with life post-bikini competition right?
Well this is the part that I’ve been avoiding telling you for the past 4 years because I am so ashamed of the sick mentality I had afterwards.
Guys, for a year and a half after my bikini competition I had a form of an eating disorder, some form of extreme orthorexia – the eating disorder of being obsessed with eating healthy food. I kept restricting my food the way I had when I was on the bikini competition diet except now I had a little hot sauce again. This process was so terrible because I was gaining weight before your eyes on YouTube, on the blog, on Instagram.
Because of the pressure from social media and the pressure on myself, I tried to restrict even more. That’s also when I realized that I needed to eat for my energy, for nourishment, for happiness, and not for my looks.
I am so happy to say that 4 years after my Bikini competition, I’ve healed myself by loving myself and respecting myself again. As a fitness instructor in the public eye, I know why I felt so pressured to look like every other fitness model out there. It’s been PROVEN that people who diet by restricting foods usually gain all their weight back and even more. At my best, I had pretty lines on stomach, but even at my lowest weight, I still thought I was fat.
Can people stop judging each other by how much they weigh or how they look and start respecting people for who they are and what they do?
Like seriously, does having more 6 packs in the world make it a better place or does having more environmental scientists help us save our world for future generations?
I don’t usually post on sites like this, but I have to say thank you for opening up about and bringing awareness to this stigmatized mental illness. It’s no wonder you felt horrible during that time, not only the low calorie thing, but you were eating practically no fat.
While reading this I finally realize that I’ve been losing weight for all the wrong reasons.
If anybody is reading this blog post because they are thinking that they also want to compete (don’t compete in bikini, it is the stupidest and least rewarding category and has stupid required poses), shop around for a coach. I was doing some pretty great workouts when a friend in LMWL posted her #blogilates challenge. Confused Cobra :) This will BURN your triceps, perk up your chest, and strengthen your lower back. Also…remember how I was telling you about the epic 12 Week New Body Makeover Meal Plan I was prepping for you guys? If you ate white bread for 12 weeks and stayed under 1000 calories everyday versus eating lean protein and veggies at about 1800-2000 calories a day, your body would look sooooooo different!

Thin with very little energy on the bread diet…muscular, strong, and full of energy on the clean eating diet.
So that’s why I spent a lot of time developing this 12 Week New Body Makeover Meal Plan with certified nutritionists. Also, to celebrate and make this 12 week journey easier for you…I have a surprise for you! I kept a diary throughout my Bikini Competition prep and it truly is what kept me honest and strict to my diet. I always say, your diet is about 70-80% of the way you look and the last bits are working out and genetics. The chemical capsaicin in peppers which gives them their spicy bite, contributes to speeding up your heart rate. Studies have found that having a combo of caffeine and EGCG 3x a day can help you burn an extra 80 cals a day at rest. Acquiring began is the challenging part but after you get the hold of it, you won’t even notice that you are going through a fat reduction system. I am a nutrition major and a healthy diet for ANY individual (including athletes) should consist in 55-65% carbs, 10-15% protein and 25-30% fat of you total calories per day.
Another study shows that some nutrients like vitamin D, potassium, magnesium and lactose helps retain calcium while protein, phosphorus and sodium promote calcium excretion.
It’s ahhhh-mazing because the greek yogurt when used in stirfry context tastes like sour cream!!! Thanks for putting this in one spot and explaining in detail why these food are so good for weight loss. This story is special because I actually met the beautiful Nisha at the Blogilates NYC Meetup.
Anyway…without further adieu…please give a warm welcome to your fellow POPster, Nisha from NYC! I’ve been following Blogilates for a year now and honestly it is the best thing I have ever done. It’s weird though because I was a dancer and did gymnastics on the weekends, yet was obese. I also noticed that when you LOVE food like me, eating clean just makes you appreciate food so much more and then you enjoy it even more, especially the YOLO meals! They are high in protein, fat, and or fiber and get digested MUCH slower, so they won’t cause a sharp spike in blood sugar – this is literally the sugar in your blood. Because protein is made up of amino acids held together by peptide bonds which are VERY STRONG. BUT remember, you can’t lose weight if you eat too many calories, even if they are good calories.
These foods do help, but you’ve also got to incorporate exercise too if you wanna really change your body.
I have been following you for five years now and you are an inspiration and your videos are wonderful.
I have been watching your videos for sometime now and you have been a great fitness inspiration to me. Just like they do in Asian medicine; it is much more common the to treat complaints with spices instead of synthetic and chemical medicine.
I have just finished doing a small but uber effective I am still shaking even after my shower. I literally eat it every day but i have always had (around 200gr white bread every day + what ever is lunch or dinner) but I am strong-skinny and feel good.
I love these little lists of good food I can follow – although I can sometimes be bad at overeating the clean stuff, when I’ve made a big batch it can be hard to resist! I like that you caveat the inclusion with fat burning foods with the fact that you have to burn more than you eat, and focus on whole, balances meals to effectively burn fat.
This explains why I’ve lost so much more fat on my belly and regained definition lately! So your weighy may stay the same or it might increase but thats because the muscle is densier! It’s also very delicious when topped with some raw coconut nectar or maple syrup and a dash of cinnamon. Until five months ago i was addicted to fast food, OMG, but now i hope that never coming back, because now i feel wonderfull.
There’s been something I’ve neglected talking about for about 4 years because I didn’t want to admit to myself that I had a problem. That’s about 2 lbs a week, which they say is very healthy and safe, so I was proud of myself. But butt however, didn’t really get much bigger no matter how much squat jumps, stairs, stairmaster routines, or heavy squats I did. Because, the less water you have in your body, the less space there is between your skin and your muscle. Wait, why was I putting myself in this position to be physically judged against other girls based solely on the size of my waist, the roundness of my butt, the perkiness of my boobs? I cramped so hard and had to curl into fetal position in the car for a couple hours before I could walk again.
Some people even throw up after starving for so long that once they eat something, their stomachs completely reject it. I didn’t want to have anything to do with any type of fruit because I thought they had too many carbs and sugars. I thought it would always be there for me and that all I would need to focus on were my looks so that the public wouldn’t judge me so much any more. But it was that moment when I was filming “Flat Stomach Fat Melter” that I knew I had to get back to working out.
It was literally THE WORST not being able to think and hating life for the sake of 6 pack abs, that well, never even came. And you know how tough my core workouts are! The video showed a bunch of women who were asked if they wanted to be weighed by their body weight or weighed by something else. And I don’t care what size your butt is, your butt workouts are great and I love them! I excercised a lot; I ran 30 mins 6 days per week and ate very little, avoiding the excess of calories. I was always a fan of pilates and yoga so when she challenged me to try it for a week, I took her up on it.
A very beautiful move that will not only empower you but will also give your AMAZING core strength. Like a workout plan, it is important to make sure you change up the food once in a while so you can stay happy and healthy mentally and physically.
Sometimes tracking your food and your activities gets daunting, messy, and you end up hating the whole process. I collaborated with the wonderful Kim from Arthlete to create the perfect look and feel of our journal to make sure you feel inspired and motivated to KEEP GOING no matter what challenges you’re facing. I did not receive my 12wk plan :-( How do I go about getting it since it was on the receipt but not in my shipment??? Cassidy did speak about creating a grocery list for our 12 Week New Body Makeover Meal Plan and Challenge in her 5 Ways to Lose Weight vid…so I’m wondering if she made the list since December 1st is around the corner!!!
I tried several of you healthy recipes and it is just sooo delicious ^_^ I’ve printed out the beginner workout calendar and now also the november calendar and I’m training like a beast!!
Low leptin levels equal faster metabolisms, meaning you’re able to burn fat more quickly than people with higher leptin levels.
Drinking ice cold water can also help you burn a few more calories than drinking room temp.
At the University of Tennessee, researchers found that dieters who consumed between 1,200 and 1,300 milligrams (mg) of calcium a day lost 2x as much weight as dieters getting less calcium. Individuals who are desperate to shed excess fat are in reality having risky actions in purchase to attain their ambitions by skipping foods and functioning out like there’s no tomorrow. A high protein diet helps you maintain your weight but these diets have a lot of kidney complications among other health issues. Regardless of the amount we take in our body, calcium retention and the strength of bones may depend much more on other things we eat together with it. However, if I’m having a stirfry for lunch and dinner, how much cous cous should + greek yogurt should I be eating a day? I mean, I worked out a lot doing long-distance running and rugby etc but I ate like there was no tomorrow and drank several pints of milk a day but never gained in weight (except for muscle!) but I did eat a lot of raw vegetables and oats etc so maybe it’s something I’m gonna have to return to! My biggest issue was the food, I always thought people had to diet to lose weight and I hated the idea.

Just because you did the 1000 squat challenge, does not mean you can go ahead and stuff your face with a burger, fries, and a coke! When you eat sweets or refined carbs like white bread and donuts, your blood sugar levels rise so rapidly that your hormones go out of whack. I am overeating my healthy foods since it is so tasty and because of that I am gaining weight.
Everyday I am making small changes in my life to be healthier mentally and physically your videos and positivity make me so inspired! I swear by the right balance of fat, protein, and carbs, and eating small meals as often as I need to avoid blood pressure crashes and binges! I am making small changes as I go, I need to make sure that I am sticking with it, so small changes work for me.
Fellow Popsters, if you see this, please try to spread the word on the app about letting Google+ users join and maybe Cassey will notice! I was reading a bunch of blogs about weight lifting and discovered this community of girls who did Bikini Competitions. I loved it so much when the women were lead to the scale, they decided to put their textbooks, diplomas, and their backpacks on the scale. I also wanted to thank you because after over 7 years of dealing with an eating disorder, your videos were the first exercise I was able to do after becoming a healthy weight for the first time ever this year. I always envied your strength and respected you for that, not for how you look or your physique. I think it’s really important that people like you, influential and beautiful have the strength to tell their bad experience and trauma imposed on their bodies.
I met you on your book tour last year and told you I’d discovered you through a lifestyle group I joined, Live More Weigh Less. You’d be surprised at how quickly calories can add up which totally sabotages your diet. As long as you’re working out with weight (body weight counts too as in with Pilates) then you are fueling your body with what it needs to get stronger!
The second and third phases will help your body to continue leaning out while still providing food variety and all the nourishment you will need to get through your workouts. And just so you know, I will be doing the 12 Week New Body Makeover Challenge with you too.
How can I get all the videos and passwords and meal plans of they’re already posted somewhere. Start replacing some of the foods in your diet with the ones below to start melting that fat away.
A study in the 80s found that eating 1 spicy meal can boost your metabolism by up to 25% which the increase in calorie burn lasting up to 3 hours after. It’s good to keep your insulin levels down because once you get a spike in insulin production (like after eating candy) your body starts thinking it needs to store fat. In another word, no matter how beneficial a food is, it’s of no use without the balanced diet. She kept thanking and thanking me for helping her, but I didn’t realize how young she was and the steps she calculated to transform her life.
My life and the way I feel has completely changed and I just want to thank Cassey so much, without her being with me every step of this journey I would never have made it. You have been doing an amazing job and I just can’t wait to see where this journey takes me.
It really makes me feel bad to know that even though I don?t eat processed food, fast food… I might me ruining it. I now bake everything I used to deep-fry, since my husband and son are major fans of fried chicken, porkchops, and fish. I’ve been hearing a lot about spices and how beneficial they are for you lately, so I know I need to add more to my daily meals.
Sometimes I would sneak 2 pills and hope that the extra calories wouldn’t show on the scale.
And who knows if I ever will…but I can bet you that my ab strength can out-crunch a lot of people who have 6 packs. Because if so, you need to refocus that energy on something else if you want your new body to last. It is essential to beat the marketting and true propaganda that guide our ideal into a superficial and morbid quest.
Right now I’m concerned of what I have been through (I wasnt concious, I thought that I still had to lose some weight) and I started eating more varied and exercising less.
It is important to note that you need a good balance of carbs, fats, and protein to function optimally as a human being so don’t disregard any of these macronutrients. You will probably be eating more than you have (volume wise), feeling full, and feeling awesome. I would really appreciate anyone’s help on how to get all this info and begin MY journey ASAP!!!! Another recent study found that eating spicy snacks and drinking coffee throughout the day can help you burn an extra 1000 calories a day! In Denmark, scientists discovered that subbing protein in for 20% of one’s carb intake can help boost calorie burn by 5% a day. French scientists found that by replacing 6g of fat with 6g of fish oil, you can boost your metabolism and lose about 2lbs in 12 weeks. I hope that viewers who study my evaluation on the Fat Loss Aspect would learn that shedding excess weight can be accomplished without having jeopardizing their properly-getting.
I stuck to it because of her positive attitude and how she is just so cheerful, motivational, inspirational, and just amazing. Cassey’s support of all the Popsters means the world to me, she is just so inspirational! Do you think that the sugar in the honey will affect my results or do you think it’s ok? Eating a plant based diet low in fat and cholesterol (animal products) is the safest and Best way to be healthy and LEAN for life.
I haven’t heard a complaint from either of them, so it’s a win-win situation for all of us! In fact, I would often disregard how I was actually feeling just so I could get to my goal. They looked at me with their huge eyelashes, big hair, bright nails, and huge boobs and asked, “Who’s your trainer!!??
This diet casey is promoting will help you loose weight but you will gain it all back from binging.
SEVERAL friends are, I think, in extreme food to lose weight and it hurts me that they impose such a tyranny that does not bring them happiness.
I love the ideas you give on there and because I’m fully engaged with my body and her needs now, I like to use your recipes as jumping off points. Perhaps a few more glances, envious or desirable but not for the real reasons and their inner being. In reality, I stressed out about only eating 1600 calories a day and worked out to make up for more calories. I would berate myself if I went over and constantly deny myself the things I really enjoyed. Messing up your metabolism by eating this starvation diet trains your body to become a fat storer.
It’s hard to admit but I will look for other ways to make peace with myself and my image. Fortunately for me, my mother who is dietetitienne, allways saved me from the extreme, because the priority remains healthy, and I’ve always been thanks to her. When I joined LMWL, the first step was to stop weighing yourself, stop keeping track of what your eating, and start eating more whole foods.
Casey may seem like a nice girl but her diet advice is not healthy and is not backed up my science.

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