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Update 21st October 2013:Frontier Natural Products have changed the flavor and the color of the cherry flavor because they wanted to get rid of the possible GMO-suspect ingredients. It was difficult to calculate nutrition information for this drink, because the manufacturers of the flavors didn’t provide much information. Since this is meant to be an imitation of Dr Pepper, any variation makes it something else.
40 drops vanilla stevia and 2 tablespoons organic heavy cream for Vanilla Egg Cream. This is so heavenly that it would deserve a blog post of its own! I also tried the drink with combination of cola stevia and orange flavor, but the drink wasn’t palatable, I hardly could drink it.
My passion is to develop innovative, truly healthy gluten-free, sugar-free low-carb recipes which are simple and easy to make.

Visit Low-Carb, So Simple store to find the best and healthiest low-carb products that I use regularly! After checking the ingredient list of a can of Diet Dr Pepper I was wondering if there are any healthy ways to make it myself. It was surprisingly easy and simple to develop, the flavor became great and authentic by itself. The most important thing is to mix the ingredients gently enough, because the drink spews very easily. Just drop the cola stevia and pour the cherry flavor into the glass and fill with soda water. It gave a nice flavor when added to plain soda water, but I couldn’t really think it as replacement for real cola. I remembered the bottle of cola stevia and was wondering if I could make my own, healthy version of Dr Pepper.

However, I expect this drink contains only a trace of carbs as well as other macronutrients. I also tried with 50 drops cola stevia, but that tasted too much stevia, with licorice-like aftertaste. I also tried with freshly squeezed orange juice and cola stevia, and the drink tasted okay, but somehow a bit too bland.
Well, I had that one can of real Diet Dr Pepper for reference, which helped in comparing and adjusting my own version.

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