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This weeks testers are Shannon and Rob, two of our favorite Canadians from Ottawa, Ontario.
Whether you are the cooker or the tester, I encourage you to get your bus tubs ready and head to the grocery store to stock up on the needed ingredients to complete this plan.
They chose a great alternative breakfast option, 2 hearty slow cooker meals, some tasty skewers, an awesome salad and PIZZA!!!
This great looking couple chose 6 amazing recipes, including chicken, beef, pork and seafood options.
Kaitlin has chosen 6 great recipes for this week including 2 breakfast dishes, an appetizer, 2 hearty slow cooker options and some tasty meatballs.
Rachel chose 6 great options for this weeks meal plan including 2 chicken dishes, 2 beef dishes, a lamb dish with some tasty sides and a dessert.
Amy chose some great recipes for us this week including 2 hearty slow cooker meals, 2 Asain inspired dishes, a quick and easy mexican steak dish and a flavor packed lasagna.
She chose an awesome array of tasty meals from Pastel de Papa and Garden Veggie Ragout, to Thai Chicken Soup and Asian Style Shrimp.
David and Katie did a great job of choosing 6 tasty recipes for you this week including two hearty protein and carb dishes, a seafood dish, two vegetable side dishes and a pizza option. This weeks tester is Glenda Reynolds, along with her husband, Charlie, and her Mom, from New Hamphire.
She also attended the original Culinary Adventure, had Nick to her home for a Culinary Crash Course, and helped at The CrossFit Games last year.
I do not have any tester feedback this week, but Jamie did choose some great recipes for all of you to try.
Step One:You will use our on-line form to tell us a little about your child, including what foods he or she will eat and what foods to leave out of the plan. Step Two:Your child's profile will be reviewed by a Certified Kid's Nutrition Specialist who will build a meal plan that is customized for your child.
The meal schedule below is flexible and can be adjustedto meet your child's scheduling needs.

Right now, you are not where you need to be and are being mislead by useless shakes, magic weightloss pills and"diet foods". We'll personally show you everything you need to do - What to eat, When to eat it, EXACTLY how much of each food should be on your plate. This is a rare opportunity to have a personalised diet plan created for you based on your lifestyle and your goals. Once you send me your regular updates, I will make tweaks and changes to make sure you are constantly hitting your short term goals and setting you new targets.
And if in the unlikely event that you do fall off the wagon I will be there to get you back on track again.
I've personally been through almost every diet there is and I know what does and doesnt work. Using the simple tried and tested techniques I'll apply to your food plan, you'll see jaw dropping changes just like I did on my own personal journey from out of shape, tired and unhappy to ripped, full of energy and happy again in just a matter of months. I have also helped many friends, family and clients achieve results they thought were impossible too. 3 Once you submit your details, I'll get to work on creating your personalised food plan to help you achieve your goals. And I'm not going to let price be the reason for you not achieving the body of your dreams. My meal plans are 100% customized to your specific needs, wants and goals and I'll walk you by the hand to make sure you're guaranteed success in your 12 weeks.
So if you're ready to smash through barriers, become a 10x healthier, fitter version of yourself by using my scientifically designed custom 12 week meal plan that fits your lifestyle, simply click here to order now.
After you do that, I'll email you in touch with my short questionnaire that will allow me to create your customised plan. All of our diet plans have been hand-crafted by a registered dietian to meet individual and custom goals.Weather you are looking to lose weight, for a diet that's high in calcium or one that's designed exclusively for triathlon competitors, it's our goal to have a diet plan that's been crafted to meet your unique situation. Iron Diets is a weight loss and diet site featuring free week long diets and meal plans created by registered dietitians and nutritionists.

When it comes to convenience and results, no one beats our nutrition formula for meal planning. They made 6 great choices for all of you this week including 2 slow cooker receipes, a breakfast dish, an appetizer, lasagna and cookies. Even with his large numbers, only 2 of the members prepped this week’s meal plan for all of us. These two Culinary Ninjas spent some time making a great deposit into their Paleo Bank Accounts with these 6 amazing choices for this weeks meal plan.
This weeks plan includes 2 slow cooker meals, 3 main dishes and 2 sides. MEAL PLAN TESTERS!!! I've spent thousands in my education and learning from some of the best known health experts in the world like Dr Eric Seranno, Charles Poliquin, Phil Richards, Dr John Berardi, Phil Learny and more. If you are looking for a diet plan to meet your goals then you have come to the right place. Having the experience with both weight loss and sports conditioning, our nutritionists have designed a dynamic, customized diet program guaranteed to help you reach you goals and gain results which will exceed expectations. While Shannon shared that she does the majority of the actual cooking, Rob participates by being a great taste tester. I work with hundreds of people every week, so I know what's possible for normal 9-5 people.
If at the end of your 12-week plan you are not happy with your results (and you have followed our simple guidelines) I will refund you NO QUESTIONS ASKED. We offer a free Paleo Nick t-shirt, spice mix and 10 free Ice Age Meals upon completion of your test week.

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