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Latest research which was published in Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics  on September 19 concluded that significant reduction in blood pressure will occur in those people who stick to the DASH diet (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension).  Researchers found that African Americans are less likely to stick with DASHdiet in comparison to whites possibly due to “culturally sensitive” diets. This study was conducted on 144 sedentary overweight or obese adults who were suffering from blood pressure at Duke University.
Researchers found that African Americans were far less likely to take DASH diet when compared with whites under similar conditions. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
Imagine my utter shock and excitement when, a couple weeks ago, the Diet Coke Company contacted me and said it was their 29th birthday on July 29th.  Well, my goodness!
It’s a custom made Diet Coke Birthday mini-fridge!!!!  (and how utterly amazing is that offset logo all over it? I saw them giving these away on their twitter for their birthday and I was trying so hard to win. Kids should eat more fat and less sugar, says the Alliance for Natural Health International (ANH-Intl). Lead author of the Food4Kids guidelines, Robert Verkerk, said he and the ANH-Intl believe the government low-fat guidelines are out of step with recent nutritional science. Imagine doing a study and finding that smokers get way less lung cancer, and the more they smoke the less lung cancer they get.
9 Comments1murrayJanuary 27 2This may be just correlation; however, it contrasts to studies showing that "standard" advice has beneficial effects. Another consideration is that this is Holland, so the dairy fat was likely from grass-fed cows (making the milk higher in conjugated linoleic acid, vitamin A, etc.) and the cheese was likely high in Gouda.
2Lori MillerJanuary 27 8So we have the French paradox, the Swiss paradox, the Inuit paradox, the Masai paradox, the Rosetto paradox, and now the Dutch paradox.

Congratulations to every single person who has helped implement this monumental change, unbinding and untangling science, and setting desperate people free to enjoy good health naturally, without pharmaceuticals and torture diets.
I hope you and Diet Coke will be very happy together for a long, long time You deserve something awesome. If I had known it was that cute and well- stocked, I would have taken it straight to my home instead of into your garage. I am a die hard fountain Coke fan so Mickey D’s is my go to place and now they are only a buck!
A new Dutch study followed 36,000 people and tried to find a connection between the amount of saturated fat they ate and the risk of heart disease. The bacteria used to make Gouda produce high amounts of vitamin K2 (the animal form of vitamin K), which activates proteins to remove calcium build-up from soft tissues, such as artery walls.
And they're driving a freight train that's just starting to pick up speed on it's way down hill! Our results are at best preliminary, please someone else find a way to get better data to verify it because we couldn't.
Following this he began lecturing and writing about his discoveries.Mucusless Diet Healing System BasicsEhret’s basic philosophy was that every disease is related to a mucus-clogged system that is the result of the accumulation of undigested and unnatural food substances, commencing in childhood. So one would expect that it would on average be the people less concerned with their health who ate more saturated fat. This suggests the correlation to saturated fats could indeed just be correlation, on the basis that it is the milk and bacteria quality that affects the results. I have gone two days without my buddy aka diet coke… major separation anxiety and headaches. I have cut back to one a day just so I can set a better example but like you, our love can not be broken ?? I am beyond jealous of your fridge but totally think you deserve it after seeing this adorable post.

He believed that vitality depends on removing these obstructions.Ehret stated that there is only one cause of disease which is overeating and eating the wrong kind of food. Because it’s almost impossible to get a result like this if saturated fat was really dangerous. So the "health-oriented" bias that tends to confirm standard advice (since people generally more concerned about health tend to follow that advice) would go in the opposite direction. Perhaps more careful examination of the fatty acid correlations in the study could answer these questions. Which is strange, because I don’t know many men who openly admit to liking Diet Coke.
He thought that fruit was the perfect food and along with some green leafy vegetables was all that was required in order to attain optimal health.Ehret devised a mucus-free transition diet for dieters who would like to follow his approach in order to reagin their health and vitality, but find the strict diet too limiting, he actually warns dieters against sudden dietary changes because this can lead to an excessive release of toxins that the body will not be able to eliminate effectively. This lowers the probability that the dose-dependent correlation of more saturated fat (mostly dairy, it appears) is mere correlation to an otherwise healthier lifestyle.
He recommended two meals daily that should be based primarily on fresh fruit and vegetables, cooked or raw as well as small amounts of raw nuts. Ehret was convinced that fasting is the key to attaining optimal health and recommended starting his program with a two or three day fast. He also advocated undertaking longer fasts of up to forty days once the dieter has gone through the transition diet.

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