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Bioperene, is known to increase digestion and aid in the absorption of the vital nutrients your body requires.
Coleus Forskohlli, is a plant (from the mint family) that has been used in Southeast Asia, India, and Thailand for the treatment of stomach cramps and heart ailments. Guggul, a plant extract from India, this herb has been called the most powerful natural cholesterol lowering compound.
Lipolide-SC, this is also a plant extract that is said to increase your body’s ability to burn fat and increase your energy levels.
Thermodiamine, this substance is also known to increase your body’s efficiency in burning fat.
Although I probably don’t have to mention this, you should always consult your doctor before starting any kind of weight loss program or supplement. I’ve been taking Apidexin now for a couple of days, I have not yet had any side-effects except my mood. I have lost 33 pounds so far and am working on losing another 10 so I am ordering another bottle.
So that’s Apidexin, they say you should lose somewhere between 4 to 7 pounds you first week but remember without a healthy eating plan and a regular exercise routine your results will probably be mediocre at best.
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Using the HCG Weight Loss Program from Diet Doc Weight Loss, these people had amazing results! I ask Desiree so many questions, she always got back in touch with me within 24 hours sometimes within 1 hour. I have to admit when I read Kevin Trudeau’s book and he said when he went on this diet he did not exercise since I am not into formal exercise Other than mopping,vacuuming and general housework I have not exercised.
Hello to all, I am really new at this, today is day 9 for me and I am happy to share that I have lost 11 lbs. Some say that it will help slow the spread of certain types of cancer, has helped improve heart rate blood flow, helped people suffering from asthma, and lung diseases. It has properties similar to fish oils, helps promote skin tone, and is said to have positive affects for your thyroid which is gland that to a large degree effects how much you weigh. From as far back as Roman times (Salvia Sclarea) has been used as a seasoning, an essential oil, an eyewash, and a remedy to combat the effects of menopause.

It does this by affecting your body temperature which causes an increase in how much energy your body burns.
Apidexin has been known to affect some people’s heart rate and blood pressure, if you have a problem in either of these areas make sure you talk to your doctor first before starting the Apidexin supplement program.
Which my husband and other friends and family have said that I seem happier and less stressed.
This is GREAT as I had a 4 day stall….I cheated BIG TIME at a family party which held my back but my results are still awesome!!! I have been trying to lose weight for 10 years and had little success I always figured I was just one of those people born to be overweight.
One of the things she said was to get a pregnancy test kit and test the drops from the health food store to be sure I was getting HCG and not just vitamins and herbs. If I had not had Desiree’s support all along the way this past 46 days would have been so much harder!
I would take that statement with a grain of salt, the makers of these types of diet supplements always want to hype their products as the next miracle drug for weight loss. These things are manufactured to help your diet program be more efficient, they are not designed to replace a good diet program. Normally found in many high energy drinks, it is supposed to be gentler on the stomach than just a regular caffeine. The nausea can be controlled by drinking more water before you take your capsules, the insomnia can be handled by not taking Apidexin in the evenings, the headaches should go away as your body adjusts to the pills. I mean, lets face it, losing weight isn’t that difficult, but you have to work at it. My jeans were starting to feel more and more uncomfortable on me because I have been eating really crappy lately. According to the book I have to be off hcg for 3 weeks before I can start back and finish my weight loss and reach my goal. But Desiree has the gift of encouragement and she really wants to see others free from obesity she has seen first hand what a killer it can be.
I printed your charts and calendar [this is from The Naked Truth] last week ready to start this round out right.

Eating right, having a regular exercise routine, and watching what you drink are the only proven methods for long-term weight loss and a healthier life. This supplement needs to be taken twice a day, 30 minutes before breakfast and 30 minutes before lunch. What I was looking for in Apidexin was something that would help suppress my appetite and it did that for me. But I finally decided to do something about it and I took the DetoxuFree for the first three days along with the Apidexin.
I was truly afraid that taking the drops would cause me to lose what little butt and hips I had.
My diet was simple; I bought a calorie book, wrote down what I ate, increased my water intake,and tried to exercise by walking my dogs after work.
I haven’t noticed much side effects except my boyfriend just told me last night that I have been having more energy to stay up late.
Instead of eating 4 slices of pizza, I ate 1 piece with a salad, if I wanted a hamburger, I left off the cheese and had baked chips instead of fries. I am ashamed to say that I have spent thousands of dollars on liposuction, only to find out that it doesn’t respond well to localized stubborn fat. There were actually days when I couldn’t reach my 500 calories because I felt so full.
I switched from eating candy to eating fruit (watermelon, peaches, plums) or instead of eating Blue Bell ice cream I had Blue Bell Sherbet. Now I realize that I am still losing inches even if the scale is creeping at .5 lbs every two days.
I also ate a lot of his homemade salsa which contained a seasoning packet filled with sugar and starch. My regret with R1 is that I didn’t take my measurement prior to starting my load days.

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