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Before going on the sugar free diet I was the heaviest I had ever been at 66kgs and feeling very unhappy in myself and my body. I heard about Alexia and The Sugar Free Diet Recipes through friends and had seen and read lots about the sugar free diet it on the internet. If I could tell anyone thinking about going on the sugar free diet, one thing it would be is that the first 3 weeks are very hard.
I documented my own sugar free journey and shared it with thousands of people through 14 Australian newspapers! Probably the biggest concern I had when I first quit smoking, other than the raging cravings, was the potential for weight gain. OVERWEIGHT man shed more than two stone and gained an eye-popping six-pack after banishing Coca-Cola from his diet.
Old age dementia runs in my family, and I figure aspartame can’t be that nice a thing for your brain. And when you sign up, you'll also receive my FREE ebook The Best of Reality Check, with my 20 favourite columns from my 12 years of writing. Join over 23,000 people who receive my monthly marriage newsletter--and get a FREE COPY of my eBook, 36 Tips to Bring Sexy Back to Your Marriage.
Also, I personally love a little frozen juice concentrate (orange or grape are my favorites) in sparkling water. But I have to tell you that my mind first went another direction when I saw the post title.
Jason Ellis recently posted…Can Christian Marriage Counseling Save or Strengthen your Marriage? FIND out how much exercise you’ll have to do after indulging in tasty snacks from Starbucks, McDonald’s or Subway. I had just got back from living in Canada for 6 months and I needed something to help me get rid of the weight I had put on and most of all something that actually works!
I decided to give it a go because I had seen what wonders it had done for others and I figured I had nothing to lose – other than weight!!!
A lot of people have this problem, mainly due to the fact that cigarettes can act as an appetite suppressant.

Watch What You Are Eating – Taking more calories in than you are burning is going to cause you to gain weight, period.
Join A Support Group – Having understanding people around you that can support and cheer you on is important. This week, I shared about quitting diet soda (specifically Diet Pepsi)–and how I plan to make it stick. My cousin, who has never ingested anything bad into her body in her life, suggested that I replace my Diet Pepsi with lemon and Perrier. If you go for three days without taking more than a small dessert at a time, let yourself buy a new lipstick. Misery thrives in a vacuum, so this New Year’s, fill up that vacuum with things that help you, not hurt you. Every Friday I send out my weekly blog roundup--with my Friday opinion piece--and lots that happened on Facebook and Pinterest, too.
I tried to find some superconcentrate stuff at the grocery store the other day, and all they had was stuff with aspartame. One big reason was the caffeine makes me nutty and its hard to find caffeine free diet out and about.
It can also cause fatigue, stress and other emotional issues that can make you want to eat to compensate for. There is no magic chemical that forces it to happen, so gaining weight after quitting is almost certainly due to replacing cigarettes with food. Not only is it a way of maintaining your health, but it is a surefire way to manage your weight. You are less likely to turn to food if you have a way to release your tension, stress and feelings.
He now owns his own gym and has become a fitness champion at two competitions.He now wants to help show others that they can change their lifestyles too. Diet Pepsi dances on your tongue, especially when you take that first sip after the ice is added (I really need to reach for that Perrier again). I thought I was weak because I was always replacing addictions with something else, but you’re right – if I planned ahead it could be a great and necessary thing!

It isn’t unusual for the average smoker to gain five or more pounds (sometimes a lot more) when they give those cigarettes up. Whether you choose to do it with a group of friends, or you join an online quitting group like Reddit’s Stop Smoking, it is incredibly helpful to have a listening ear. But I’ve stocked up anyway, along with a new water cooler and some juices, because I need something. Start exercising (if you don’t already, and your doc has cleared it), and establish a routine. You will be amazed by how quickly your lungs will heal during this process, increasing your stamina. The recipes are all very manageable which is great because I know not everyone is a wiz in the kitchen! Make sure to put in everything you are eating, so you know whether you need to cut back or not.
If nothing else, it will help you to push away cravings and decrease the stress that comes along with kicking the habit.
Besides, you might find yourself drinking more due to the stress, and alcohol is full of sugars and calories. Then when you get to the day you set for quitting, you will be more prepared for everything that comes along with it.
You can set your goals to maintain your current weight if you need to, or to lose weight if that is another goal you have. By replacing it with water, my skin is clearer, I have more energy, I sleep better and just feel healthier in general.

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