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The diet is designed to be heart healthy and centers around foods that have been found to lower blood pressure. This article is not intended for medical advice and should be used for educational purposes only. Submit your information below to subscribe to the mailing list for our newsletter - The Beat.
Hang up a written note about your goal in a visible place, and then take immediate action to follow through with it. It is also a good time to talk with your doctor about a healthy weight loss program that will fit your individual needs.

Find other ways to deal with your emotions, such as journal writing, taking a bubble bath or reading.
Therefore, diet plays an extremely important role in keep you healthy and keeping your blood pressure under good control.  There are two levels of the DASH diet for sodium intake.
Three diets were compared: a regular American diet, a regular American diet plus more fruits and vegetables, and the DASH diet. You can review those before you go and try to make a healthier choice if you must eat on the run. The higher level is 2300mg daily and the lower level is 1500mg daily.  To put this in perspective, the average American eats between 3,000-4,000mg of sodium a day.

The results showed significant reductions in blood pressure in about 2 weeks with the most success coming from the DASH diet.
The second study compared the diets but with different levels of sodium intake (3300 mg, 2300mg, and 1500mg).

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