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Try out Our 6 Week Slim Down and I WILL DO EVERYTHING IN MY POWER TO HELP YOU ACHIEVE YOUR FITNESS GOALS! I bet of all the fitness sites you have checked out… you have not seen a website like this! Alright GUYS AND GALS… in today’s world, we are busier than EVER! And more and more, women keep packing on more and more priorities. Has it been a while since you stepped out of the box, took a break from the hectic rat race, and tried something different to change your life? I’ll tell you what, if you are currently in that 92% and have been talking about starting a program but haven’t yet… then I got the cure for you! Yes… Go ahead and put in your full name and email. That will add you to my FREE Buns and Guns email list. So even if you do not join our Buns and Guns Challenge, you will at least be starting off on the right foot with a MONTH of easy to read and motivating fitness and nutrition tips in your email box – EVERYDAY!
So if you haven’t subscribed to my email list already, click here and get the FREE 101 Days of Fitness & Nutrition Tips and a $100 worth of FREE gifts! Just a Business Model – Many Gyms are getting smart in forming a system to sell cheap memberships to a large enough market and hope that you forget about it (oh yeah and they have pizza every and bagels). NO DIRECTION – Going to the gym without active goals is like trying to cook a meal without the recipe… just because you have the ingredients, doesn’t mean the food is going to come out good!

Before you do a single workout with us, I’m going to personally interview you, create a personalized portfolio for you, and go over what benefits you are seeking to gain. The Buns and Guns 6 Week Challenge caters to Men and Women looking for a change… whether you are looking to lose a few pounds, shed many pounds, gain cardio, get tone, improve energy levels, improve health, or just have fun – I can help you… and you can count on me being there to help you every step of the way. It is also during this interview that we go over your current eating habits.Then we go over what foods you like and dislike. Did I say measurements and body fat percentage? Yes I did, during your initial interview, we also do a physical assessment. So six weeks later, we do all the same measurements and fitness tests again and…   GET READY TO MAKE YOURSELF A TESTIMONIAL!!!!
By the way, as a member of our Buns and Guns 6 Week Challenge… YOU WILL ALWAYS GET THESE TIPS EVERYDAY! After a month, all the cool machines and weights at the gym are no longer so cool or neat… there are only so many ways to climb a stair master or run on a treadmill… it is LAME… and you are paying money for it!
What is the portfolio? Every participant in my Buns and Guns Challenge has different long and short term goals. From there, depending on your weight, body fat percentage, measurements, and other factors, I develop aCUSTOMIZED MEAL PLAN just for you! Remember, it is not a “Diet” but a new lifestyle that you can keep for the rest of your life!
I take your weight, measurements, height, and use calipers to measure your body fat percentage. Can you remember the last time someone told you, “I will do everything in my power to help you…”?

And don’t worry, all the email addresses are kept private and you can remove yourself at anytime. Sorry if I’m being too bold… but I get frustrated thinking about all my clients who used to be stuck in the pit of hopelessness and despair that diets and gyms can create for people desperately trying to lose weight.
Then we do a series of basic physical tests, like how many push-ups you can do in a minute, how many sit-ups you can do in a minute, etc…. Many people either have NEVER heard that phrase from someone – or haven’t heard it in a while…               Hi, my name is Emmett, I’M HERE TO SAY IT LOUD TO YOU! Come on… don’t feel bad, we have all tried diets… we have all searched for the magic diet that will make us lose weight, look great, and feel fantastic… instead we lose two or three pounds, feel sluggish, and feel not so fantastic… then crash and gain the weight right back… and end up feeling worse than before we started the diet.
All of this goes into the portfolio – so that we are on the same page and can work together more efficiently.If you ask most gyms for your “portfolio” – all they probably have is a folder with your contract in it! Nothing is worse than eating that first piece of junk food after trying a failed diet… Diets don’t work because eating is something you have to be comfortable with. “Diet” is too temporary… when you are eating normal… you don’t tell your friends “I’m on a diet…” Correct? When you tell your friends you are “on a diet” it is usually brought up like bad news…“Sorry Sally, I can’t eat that, I’m on a diet…” What I’m going to do is make your “normal” eating healthier – introduce you to a NEW permanent LIFESTYLE… that you will LOVE!

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