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As difficult as some days were, I am absolutely HAPPY with my results and so glad I did the diet. I took some before and after pics of myself, but I chose the wrong outfit to show how much I have changed. My FAVORITE progress pics are the ones of my stomach, which is odd because I hate looking at my stomach. I will definitely be keeping gluten, added sugar, and caffeine out of my diet as much as possible.

I will have my "cheat meals" on occasion, but I am confident that by staying away from gluten, sugar and caffeine, I will be able to keep seeing results!!!
If you are interested in trying the Dr Oz Diet out for yourself, check out my post HERE so you can print off the shopping list and recipes for the diet. Lady LuckJanuary 29, 2014 at 10:10 AMSo proud of you for kicking this diet in the butt!What a great loss for you!
I thought it was hard to breath just because of the number on the scale, I now believe that it was because of the foods I was eating.

Sure, I will have coffee again, but I am enjoying this feeling so much, I just don't want to right now!

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